How To Delete Transaction History of Cash App?

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Wondering why Cash App history disappeared? Well, the matter of history disappearing on Cash App is quite a rare occurrence. And ideally, it should not happen.

I bet most of you must know how to check transaction history on a Cash App. But, what if ask- how to delete Cash App transactions history? Got confused? Not an issue! After reading this quick but helpful article, your confusion will not remain the same. So, let’s get started.


Cash App transaction history refers to the past activity of users. It involves everything such as past successful and failed transfers, purchases, recurring payments, and cash withdrawals. It means, whatever a Cash App user does, it gets saved in the history of the Cash App which comes as a great help to understand and calculate the expenses at the end of the month.

Now I am coming to your question. Can you delete your transaction history on Cash App? The answer is no. You can’t delete your past Cash App payments. Why? Well, there are many reasons. Let’s understand them in the next section.


Can I delete my Cash App transaction history?


Let’s not forget that Square Cash App is a digital payment app. It means all types of payments and transactions that one can do on a Cash App wallet are saved in the payment history. In other words, we can say that Cash App activity is created automatically leaving no room for human interference. Therefore, it is not possible to clear the past Cash App activity. All of your old Cash App payments always remain the same with their date, time, and status in the records.


If the truth is told, not only the Square Cash App but also all other payments apps and even the banks don’t allow the users to clear or edit any or all past payments. The same thing happens on Cash App. Due to security-related concerns and to maintain transparency Square has designed Cash App in such a way that the past transaction and payments could not be changed, removed, or edited.


If there is something that you can change in your Cash App transaction history that is the status of the payment from pending to canceled. These are steps:


  • Open Cash App on your phone.
  • Tap the “activity” tab and get into your Cash App activity section.
  • Now scroll down to find the payment which is pending.
  • Get into the payment and make sure the status is pending.
  • After that long-press the three-dot icon and select “Cancel”.
  • Now your selected payment with “pending” status will be “canceled”.


Beware of fake Cash App transaction history screenshot


If someone tells you that he/she can delete or clear the Cash App payments and claims to show you the updated Cash App transaction history then you must be careful. Why? Because it might be a scam and you can be the next target. Be informed that nowadays there are plenty of apps and websites which claim to be prominent Cash App transaction editors. But, in reality, they are nothing but just scammers. Under the pretext of helping you to delete your particular Cash App payments, they steal confidential information along with money. So, I recommend you to be careful against such so-called fake Cash App payment screenshot creating services.   


Cash App history disappeared – Why?


Wondering why Cash App history disappeared? Well, the matter of history disappearing on Cash App is quite a rare occurrence. And ideally, it should not happen. If you have ever made payments using Cash App but the Cash App activity section is coming blank then it might be a result of a technical failure. Make sure your internet connection is strong enough. Plus, in this case, to fix the issue, your decision to update the Cash App mobile application can be the logical one. If nothing helped out then feel free to contact the Cash App customer service.  


How to delete a Cash App account?


Deleting a Cash App account is not recommendable in the first place. More specifically, it is not recommendable at all if you can’t delete an old Cash App transaction history. Why? Because once you delete your Cash App account, it couldn’t be retained. So be considerate before deleting a Cash App account. If you are determined to delete your Cash App account permanently, you can follow these steps:


  • Open Cash App and get into your profile section.
  • Now scroll the way down and select “Support”.
  • After that from the drop-down menu select “Account Settings”.
  • Then find and select “Close Account”.
  • Finally, enter the last four digits of your linked card and then tap the confirm button to request the account deletion.


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