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When he was wondering, he saw a white hand like jade lifting the curtain of blue cloth with fine surface, and a

When he was wondering, he saw a white hand like jade lifting the curtain of blue cloth with fine surface, and a young man with beautiful eyes came out with a smile. His eyes swept over him, and suddenly a chill ran up from the soles of his feet, just like a bucket of ice water in winter, and the whole heart was cool. Evil, why did you come out? Princess Xiangyi pointed at him, with some fear in her voice. The song is silent, Princess Xiangyi is really a good dog courage, but the word "evil" is really in line with that person. "Do you want to die?" The boy said disdainfully as he leaned against the door frame. Princess Xiangyi lowered her eyebrows and said, "I'm just looking for my cousin. I didn't do anything to you. And I brought Sister Qu here." At this point, Princess Xiangyi looked back worriedly, fearing that she would be frightened. Standing softly and weakly in the cold wind, the chilly spring breeze lifted her clothes and clung to her slender body, making her more and more weak. Princess Xiangyi felt that she was frightened and shivering, and immediately regretted it. Don't scare her. Princess Xiangyi is very loyal and authentic. She knew that two-faced people could not be tolerated in the world, and if they were known by the world, she did not know how to be afraid. Also thanks to Shuyi big long princess love grandson,Urinal Manual Flush Valve, everywhere to help cover up, just did not let the world know the secret of Zhenguogong prince. Ji Lin didn't even bother to give her alms out of the corner of his eye, so he walked up to Qu and pulled her away. She looked back at Princess Xiangyi, her eyes were moist, and she felt even more sorry. She silently said to her, "I'll go to save you later." Then she hurried into the warm pavilion to look for reinforcements. She did not know how she had been bullied by evil spirits. She was very clever to be pulled to a warm side hall by him. When she entered the room, she hurried away from him. Do what? I'm not going to eat you. He said nicely,Time Delay Tap, glancing at her, and then said, "After another year, you still haven't grown up much." Qu Qi: = dish =! The watch thought she didn't know what it meant and wanted to bite him to death! "Come and sit with me for a while." He waved to her like a cat or a dog. Qu Lian dawdled over and said, "Do you promise not to touch anything?" "Oh.." He looked at her and drawled. "No hands?"? How about I move my mouth? Seeing him playing hooligans with such a handsome face, he was so stressed that he sat down next to him and couldn't help asking, "How did you become like this again?" Who let him be stimulated again today? After a year of observation and exploration, Qu has roughly found out the law of the transformation of his two personalities. The main personality is the gentle and kind first personality. Usually, this personality appears more, while the second personality appears less. It usually appears at night. If it appears at other times, it may be stimulated by something. Therefore, she can guess that the main personality should be stimulated by something today, so that the second personality appears. Although he had not come into contact with psychopaths with dual personalities, Self-closing Faucet ,Stainless Steel Shower Tray, he also felt that other people were not as stable as Ji Rin, and that the two personalities were interoperable, transformed without a trace of disharmony, and even knew how to disguise. This is also the reason why he has never been seen through by outsiders for so many years. I had a headache after drinking a little wine just now. He propped up his head and tunneled freely. After listening, he looked at him carefully, his face was as white as jade, without the slightest drunkenness, and he did not know if it was really the headache caused by drinking that led to his personality change. She took it to heart and smiled. "Would you like me to give you a massage?"? It relieves headaches. "Will you?" He looked suspiciously at her soft, boneless hands, then reached for them and pinched them, feeling that he could break them with a little more force. "Of course, otherwise would I say that?" Then he added, "If I give you a massage, do you promise not to touch your hands?" "As much as possible." He looks like an old man. Qu Yu put up with it. Let him sit on a black lacquer armchair, bend around his back, take off the gorgeous crown of gold inlaid with rubies on his head, a long hair falling, black and shiny, touch it with your hand, and find that it is still very soft and smooth, some incredible. Thin fingers inserted into the black hair, slowly massaging each other's scalp, so that the young man sitting in the armchair slowly closed his eyes, the pain gradually eased, and finally only peaceful. After massaging for two quarters of an hour, he was finally exhausted and stopped shaking his limp fingers. Why don't you continue? He opened his eyes and looked back at her. The black hair slipped down to his cheeks, making his face more and more white and clean, and the black and white color made him look like an indescribable magic color, like a suddenly changed person, adding an indescribable gorgeous color. "Qu was stunned, and then he had to admit that the young man's appearance was really natural, and few people could match it." Tired He stretched out his hand to show him. It's useless. He said rudely, but pulled her in front of him, and then clung to her hands and massaged her fingers. Qu was greatly frightened until he looked dangerously over and stood with a low eyebrow to massage him. For a moment, both of them did not speak, and the atmosphere was inexplicably warm. Qu Lian peeped at him, she stood, he sat, and from her point of view he could see his slightly drooping eyelids, as well as his long and thick eyelashes, like two small brushes, covering his beautiful eyes. I have something to ask you. Qu Qi swallowed his saliva with some difficulty. What's the matter? His voice was lazy,Flush valve price, giving people a feeling of indifference, and he wanted to kill him directly. It's about my sister. Then he told him his suspicions. When he heard this, he let go of her hand and held her in his arms. He stiffened again and was held obediently by him. cnkexin.com

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