The misfortune of rebirth

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"An Xun, I just heard yesterday that the warehouse fire a few days ago burned down the goods of your company.

"An Xun, I just heard yesterday that the warehouse fire a few days ago burned down the goods of your company. I heard that a lot of money was lost. Does it matter?" The girl was one step behind Anxun Limanman, and when she walked down the stream of people, she opened her mouth with concern. Recently, there are more and more people in the class who care about Anxun, and Li Manman always feels that there is a suspicion of ingratiation. An Xun did not look back, always so cold and warm, turned a corner: "It should be all right, I do not know." "Really, well, but your company is so big, a mere fire certainly does not cause any impact, and now there are generally insurance companies that can compensate, so you don't have to worry too much!" Girls, keep up the good work. Which eye can you see that I'm worried? I just took behavioral psychology. Study hard. An Xun continues to move forward: "Well, perhaps, who knows." Um. Girls can't go on, always feel that since Qing Zixuan moved away, Anxun is getting colder and colder to them. In other words, she could even find out the records of Qing Zixuan's surfing the Internet. Would she have known that they had scolded her in the QQ group before? The girl thought nervously and was bumped into the shoulder by her classmates behind her. All right, don't stick your hot face to your cold ass. Don't you see that people don't want to talk to you? Later, the girl spoke very directly, "People are different now, listen to my cousin, Anxun may soon be engaged." The schoolgirl before is very amazed: "Engaged, just big one?" "Yes,wholesale plastic pallet, if you find a good family, you can marry first!" Later, the girl Nu Nu mouth, "but people want to take a large dowry to marry into the rich and powerful family, of course, disdain to make friends with us." Said the girl seems to be still angry: "And their own home things are so careless, cold-blooded!" " "I can hear you." As a result, the whispered slander just fell, and suddenly a faint female voice came from the crowd in front of him, cold and cold. The schoolmate who was walking nearby heard what the girl said just now and thought she was too gossipy. As a result,plastic pallet box, she was suddenly caught by the client. At that time, many people looked back, the girl who spoke ill of her was nervous, and stepped on a section of stairs unsteadily. If it weren't for the students around her, she almost jumped down! Silence around two seconds, burst into laughter, ha ha, have the courage to speak ill of people, no courage to recognize, really boring! In the midst of laughter, the girl was so embarrassed that her face turned red and white. In front of her, Li Manman hooked Anxun and did not hold back a laugh. Anxun glanced at her and reached out to pinch her nose. The two girls played for a while and did not look back. Behind him, on the stairs, the same class followed the crowd out, Yan Yize saw Anxun's back far away, watching the light green flash at the corner of the stairs on the first floor, disappeared in front of him. An Xun this is not such and person contend for the personality of the opposite, expose a classmate in public today … No matter how he looked at it, plastic bulk containers ,wholesale plastic pallet, he thought she was in a very good mood today. Good enough to be like a prank, holding Li Manman's smile, bright and warm than the spring sunshine, heartless, let him feel disappointed. Now he can only meet her every Saturday during his internship and see her get along with him calmly and without avoiding suspicion. She is very professional and talented. She smiles when she meets people. Everyone in the criminal investigation team of Wuling District likes her very much. And he, for her, may be the most passer-by in that group of people, see to say hello, turn around and forget. An Xun and Li Manman walked out of the teaching building, laughing and laughing, of course, regardless of anyone's melancholy. During this period of time, Anxun was in a good mood, and Li Manman's mood also recovered a lot. When they got together, the topic became less and less nutritious. They talked and laughed through the forest path full of spring. Girls of this age, without makeup, were young and pressing. Wherever they went, it was a bright scenery. By the side of the path, the two boys looked at it for a moment, and one of them sighed with emotion: "Our Anxun is really bigger and bigger." That tone said how familiar, in fact, he is not a big public security. After the comment was published, his companion did not respond for a long time. The boy slanted his head and looked at his brother's slightly wrinkled eyebrows: "Tut, you didn't look at Anxun. Are you looking at Li Erman's children's shoes?" What Li Erman? Lin Shuang glanced at him with displeasure. "It's Li Erman.". ” "Oh, yes, Li Erman, doubleman ~ It's not good for you to do this. You have a girlfriend and you still miss the little girl. What is this called? What you can't eat is always the most delicious?"? ~” The boy took Lin Shuang's shoulder, and they walked in the opposite direction. He shook his head with a smile: "Actually, when the girl went out to play with you for a meal, she had to go Dutch with you. I could see that most of them couldn't catch up with her." "Manman is a good girl." The boy sighed, and Lin Shuang frowned more deeply. Sister, it's no use for you to tell me that you are a good girl now. Let's go! —— The next day, Saturday, a whole week had passed since the fire at Hamaguchi Pier. After trying all the methods, An Jianbang was finally driven to a desperate situation. That evening, with the address Lin Yue gave him, he carried a suitcase to the old city, turned around the alleys like chicken intestines, and finally found the red gate marked 1777 Qingshui Street. At that time, the sun was setting, and the Parthenocissus tricuspidata, which almost submerged the iron gate, was dyed golden green. The doorplate on the wall was rusty, and everything around it was noisy and plain. Dressed in a formal suit, standing in front of the gate, An Jianbang was sweating as if he had been fished out of the water. His legs were trembling. After a long time, he reached out and rang the bell under the doorplate. No.1777, Qingshui Street, the largest underground bank in Linjiang, the other party explicitly requested that the lender come alone tonight. Lin Yue told him that this underground bank is very reliable, that the interest period will never be changed at will, abide by morality, because this bank belongs to the underworld organization of Linjiang-Yixin! When he first heard these two words, An Jianbang was so shocked that he almost suffocated, but at this moment, with the same feeling, he stood at the door of the bank, under the sunset,mobile garbage bin, almost hard to breathe. With a crash, the next moment the small window on the door suddenly opened. "Code." The face of a man with a cold face appeared behind the small door in an instant. A pair of big eyes like a copper bell looked down. An Jianbang jumped down. He hugged his purse hurriedly: "Boneless fish, code boneless fish!" 。

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