Zhong Tian Wen said she wanted to proclaim herself emperor.

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Also do not know when this small county can restore calm? Those people have been making trouble here, and their

Also do not know when this small county can restore calm? Those people have been making trouble here, and their business is not doing well. Found the dog officer. Here it is. I don't know who shouted that the rebels were all mad. They rushed up one after another, as if there was a fairyland in front of them. The little girl watched helplessly as a slightly fat man was dragged out, shouting and struggling, and was cut into mud by countless people. "Wow" Under the shock of the mind, the little girl had not had time to cry out, the young man rushed up and covered her mouth. Little jade, be obedient, don't make a noise, now is not the time to cry. In a trance, the little girl sobbed and shed tears. Drop after drop, like a broken pearl. The young man was so anxious that he dared not even put down his hand. In fact, he was afraid that the sound would spread to the madmen and bring disaster to his family. The young girl was so frightened that she cried and fell asleep. That's nothing. The most terrible thing is that I had a high fever in the middle of the night, which made the whole family sleepless all night. Fortunately, by this time the rebels had left, and the streets were now safer. Otherwise, the family would not dare to go out overnight to ask the doctor to take a good look at their daughter. In such a dangerous situation,lutein eye complex, the doctor did not want to make a house call. But for the sake of silver and pleading, he finally agreed. In fact, little her is actually no big deal, that is, too frightened. Fortunately, she usually has a good constitution, so just take a few pills and don't worry too much. The next day her fever subsided,turmeric extract powder, and she got up early in the morning to drink a bowl of gruel and eat two vegetarian steamed buns. But when she recalled what happened yesterday, she cried out in fear again. Hearing her daughter's intermittent complaints, parents do not know how to comfort her. What they can do is to accompany their daughter and let her cry at ease. At noon, it seemed that the danger had gone, and the deserted streets were once again lively. Only fewer people came out, less than 1/10 of the past. Many shops are not open and are still closed to thank customers. Little her father went out to inquire about the news, surprised to learn that the county master was killed. Not only that, the grain in the warehouse was also robbed. Someone went over to have a look, and there was not even a bean left in it. Everyone was shocked to hear that the county magistrate had been killed. What about patrol? Where did the patrol go? "There are more than 400 people under the three inspectors, but not one of them has appeared, right?" "According to a classmate of my brother-in-law's father-in-law's son, all the inspectors have been killed." "Impossible. How could a man with a knife and leather armor be killed?" "They were indeed killed, stesweet stevia ,naringenin price, and none of them were left, otherwise the mud legs would not have rushed to the county town." "How was the inspector killed?" What else can I do? He was beaten to death with a random stick! "What?" "Don't believe it. What's the use of more than 400 people when thousands of people rush up?" "My God, what are we going to do?" "Salad." "Not good, not good, the sword and armor in the warehouse are gone." "Who took it?" "Who did this?" "Don't ask, no one knows." "Did you take the mud legs?" "Impossible, they did not find the armory, only the granary, and took all the grain." "Then who took it?" “……” In fact, the elusive person who stole all the weapons was none other than Yun Qingliu. Last night, she secretly contacted dozens of strong young men and women and asked them to do one thing for herself. Most people are excited when they hear such words, only a small number of people have some speculation and anxiety. Yun Qingliu added, "Don't worry, there won't be any danger.". Even if there is danger, I am in front of you, and you are just bringing me something. So simple? Everyone was relieved. Just who can tell them? What they want to take is actually weapons. With all the rebels outside, there were no guards at the armory. Yun Qingliu broke open the door and asked the young men and women to help him move these things out. Seeing someone hesitating, she said, "Think about what you promised me. Don't miss it." The man who had hesitated immediately made up his mind and went out quickly with his things in his arms. This is just a small county town, and there are not many things in the armory. Scattered dozens of sets, looks very pitiful. But this is also normal, the big head is in the patrol. They usually use some weapons, so there is not much stock here. Returning to the village overnight, Yun Qingliu said to the crowd with a smile, "Don't say anything, or you will all die.". You must understand that the court will not spare anyone who steals weapons. Of course, if you have what I have, that's another story. Look, this is your reward. Each of you has two bolts of white linen. Take it and go! Already on the pirate ship, what else can we do now? They put down their weapons in silence and left the place with white linen in silence. Yun Qingliu tidied up and hid in another place. After that, as if nothing had happened, he lay in bed and fell asleep. Early the next morning, a group of people did not say anything, how did not ask, continue to live their own plain life. Soon after, the village chief, who felt that the situation had subsided, sent someone out to inquire about the news. Only then did they discover that all the people in the rebellious villages had run away, leaving no one behind. As for where he went,ghana seed extract, who knows? After the time of a wick of incense, Yun Qingliu found that some people in the village ran out, and only in the evening did they run back with big bags and small bags. prius-biotech.com

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