Yin Xiao Xi -- Yiye Qingchen

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And Tan Yichen, basically since the summer vacation, two people occasionally talk on the phone, but every

And Tan Yichen, basically since the summer vacation, two people occasionally talk on the phone, but every night there will be his text messages, sometimes simple greetings, sometimes talking about the pleasure he met, sometimes a word, or even a single word "good night." Click in, two lines of words: "Think of your smile, think tomorrow will be a good day." Staring at the final full stop, Ye Xiao smiled faintly. His mind is delicate enough to always read her mind when they are together, and now that they are separated from each other, they have succeeded in making her laugh when she reads text messages. Take a picture of your smiling self and send it to him with the following words: "May you have a good day." Well, there is such a person, holding himself in the palm of his hand, thousands of care, thousands of love, unconsciously let me have a strange palpitation. Water in the Spring and Autumn Period, towns in the Tang and Song Dynasties, buildings in the Ming and Qing Dynasties, and modern people. I've seen this most appropriate summary before. Coming out of the hotel in the morning, there was a little light rain. Stepping into the long corridor shed without wet shoes, slanting on the log, regardless of color or shape, it gave people a warm and simple feeling. Most of the people in the town walked through the old streets and alleys, crossed many arch bridges and came to teahouses or snack bars, eating breakfast and drinking tea-Ye Xiao walked for a while, ordered a bowl of wonton and ate a dumpling in a small shop on the road. Horse head wall,fenugreek saponins, beauty leaning, high step edge, Guanyin pocket, all bring modern people to the ancient times where stories happened. Touching these scenes, they vividly depict scenes in your mind. In Xitang, you can hardly find the upturned eaves on the roof, just like the people who live quietly and comfortably here. Because of the extended eaves of the houses above the second floor, people in the old houses facing each other can open the windows and have a heart-to-heart talk, put bamboo poles together, cool clothes and dry quilts. This is the city's people can not imagine the harmony,gynostemma pentaphyllum leaf extract, the distance between people will be how far, and how close, Ye Xiao was immediately attracted by the two women on the second floor who talked in their own window in a sweet dialect. She didn't see their faces clearly, but the picture made her yearn for them. Row upon row of Ming and Qing buildings and the crisscrossing rivers are interesting, and the casual alleys between the houses are also a landscape of Xitang. There are roughly three kinds of differences, "street lane", "water lane" and "accompanying lane" with roof in the big house. Ye Xiao loves Qiantong Street and the water lane of Houtong River most. Go straight from the ancient street, go straight, go to the river, all the way from bustling to serene. Water is the most spiritual, wash away the lead and become plain, very inexplicably you will not put the original worries of those things in a very high position. The stone steps of the river port, looking at the reflection in the water, it is a clear self, only when people return to their true nature, will they clear away the fog, see their hearts, and really follow their hearts. After staying in Xitang for two days, I hitchhiked to Wuzhen, which was full of fields all the way. This is my grandmother's hometown. I came here with the old man when I was a child, glucosamine sulfate and chondroitin sulfate ,carnosic acid price, but I don't remember much about the appearance of the water village at that time. A few years ago, after Grandma died of illness, Grandpa took her back to Wuzhen and buried her in the land where she was born. She was born to be a woman like water, and even if she followed her grandfather to the north, she did not erase the unique spirituality of women in the water village. Be in harmony with Grandpa, overcome hardness with softness-Grandma is always her original self, and does not need to become stronger in order to overcome hardness. That time, I didn't have the leisure to stroll around. Everything was managed by my grandmother's sister and aunt's family. The old man's children all went to the outside world, but my aunt stayed behind, and the place where she had lived all her life could not be erased. He inquired all the way and visited his residence along the path paved with bluestone slabs. Aunt "saw Ye Xiao, the old man saw clearly, hurried up to pull her to the house.". Lying in bed at night, turned on the machine, jumped out of Tan Yichen's several text messages, woke up, and waited until dawn without his message. My aunt came to wake her up and saw that she was not in good spirits, so she asked her not to go out and rest at home for a day. Ye Xiao really had no interest in going out, so he followed his aunt to talk in the yard, and the century-old house became more popular. When Ye Xiao came, it was the "Heaven Festival". On the sixth day of the sixth lunar month, it was the hot summer sun. Wuzhen has a saying that "on the sixth day of the sixth lunar month, duck eggs are cooked in the sun". My aunt said that it was really a good time to be exposed to insects and mildew. She took the quilts, clothes and books to the yard to be exposed to the sun. Legend has it that Zhao Huan, Emperor Zhenzong, elaborately made up a dream story, which later generations found boring, so they moved up the traditional "Book Exposure Day" on the seventh day of the seventh month, reading people drying books, monks and nuns drying scriptures in temples, and ordinary people drying clothes. At the end of the day, my aunt also saw her absence of mind, but it was not broken. What is love, aunt? Your grandmother asked me, too. Love, no one can say exactly what it is in words, it's up to you to understand, people have to try to love and be loved. When it hasn't come yet, don't worry, someone will come to hold your hand someday. When it has come, don't run away, cherish the person now, so that you won't regret it later. Leave Ye Xiao alone in the yard. Life is only a few decades, the laugh on the laugh, the cry on the cry, the love to love, how simple the truth is, but the authorities are confused. Miss his appearance, miss his love, miss his voice, even the drunk breath on the phone. Why do we fall in love with a person? Is it his identity, his words, his actions, or his eyes, or because he is him. There is no such thing as falling in love. And Tan Yichen, first he went forward, he stepped back. Slowly, start in place. People are always between active and passive, missing something that should not be missed. She should step out, if love is always a person to pay, he will be worn down to fatigue, until tired of it. Instinctively,lycopene for skin, she didn't want him to. He gathered his clothes and went back to his room. More than twenty missed calls from Tan Yichen were dialed, and immediately someone answered: "Xiao Xiao?" "Who is it if not me?!" Listening to Tan Yichen's voice of concern, his mind stirred. prius-biotech.com

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