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Yes, I took the China Automobile Company bus from Man Kam To to Kowloon at 12:20 at noon. At 8 o'clock

Yes, I took the China Automobile Company bus from Man Kam To to Kowloon at 12:20 at noon. At 8 o'clock the next morning, I suddenly received a phone call from Xiao Liu saying that Lao Hu had an accident and was in a hurry to return to Wenjindu by bus. "Which bus is it?" "It was about 10:20." "Can you give us proof?" "Yes." Zhu Meifeng opened the purple bag, took out the passport book from it, and handed it to Officer Ogawa. Inside the plastic envelope of the passport, there are two bus tickets. Ogawa took a glance at it, which was a bus ticket to and from Wenjindu in Shenzhen and Prince Edward Station in Kowloon, Hong Kong, and handed it to his partner. Officer Yao took out his pen and wrote down the date and time printed on the ticket. Officer Ogawa opened the inside pages of the passport book and examined them carefully. The blue triangle seal of entry and exit is stamped on it, and the time is clear. He and Officer Yao looked at each other knowingly. Officer Ogawa returned the passport to Zhu Meifeng. Thank you for the information you have given us. "You're welcome." The two officers got up, took their leave and got into the Jetta police car. It seems that the'alibi 'provided by Zhu Meifeng is true. Officer Yao said. "Really impeccable," Ogawa police officer seems to be pondering something, right hand ignition engine said: "However, the timing is too coincidental. Have you noticed? The woman's reaction seemed to be very calm. "I don't think it's just calm, it's more like." Indifference. Officer Ogawa said. Indifference? "Yes, apathy.". Where is the next target? "Look for Zhou Zhengxing." Good! Vice General Manager Zhou. Officer Ogawa stepped on the accelerator and the police car sped toward Shennan East Road. Dihao Real Estate Building. The blue glass walls of the twenty-four-story building reflected the colorful rosy clouds. Officer Ogawa and Officer Yao Li walked quickly into the hall. The two men showed their credentials to the doorman and went into the elevator. President's office on the 24th floor. Ying received the two police officers in the secretarial room in the outer room and made black tea politely and thoughtfully. We're looking for Vice General Manager Zhou for some information. Officer Ogawa explained the purpose of his visit. General Manager Zhou is on a business trip. "General Manager Zhou is on a business trip?" Ogawa was greatly surprised. Where did you go? Officer Yao asked. Ying picked up the red phone on the desk and dialed the inside line: "Ah Mui, do you know where General Manager Zhou went on a business trip?"? Oh,jujube seed powder, oh, I see, thank you, nothing.. "General Manager Zhou went to Shanghai on this morning's flight." She answered. Ogawa and Yao Li were surprised. A Ying added: "General Manager Zhou's secretary said that it was a temporary decision for General Manager Zhou to go to Shanghai. He left in a hurry. It was probably a business activity, but he didn't know who he was meeting with." "Can you get in touch with him now?" "I'll try." Ying dialed Zhou Zhengxing's mobile phone number and got through, but no one answered. A stylized female voice came out of the receiver: "Your call has been forwarded to voice mail.." 。 Ogawa and Yao Li looked at each other. Yao Li made a gesture helplessly. He won't abscond, will he? Officer Ogawa whispered to Yao Li. "No, isn't that a confession without a fight?" Yao Li shook her head. "Well," Officer Ogawa said to Ah Ying, phycocyanin spirulina ,ghana seed extract, "please continue to contact Vice General Manager Zhou. If there is any response and news from him, please inform us immediately." "All right, we'll cooperate." Ying raised a pair of bright eyes, which showed a touch of sadness. There was a faint shadow around her eyelid. Yao Li thought that this woman must be very sad for Hu Guohao's death. Are you all right during this period of time? She asked sympathetically. It's not good, people are unstable, and there are a lot of rumors outside. Ying seems a little depressed. A captain who commanded an unswerving aircraft carrier suddenly fell dead, and the thrilling chaos on the deck of this giant ship can be imagined, not to mention the fact that the leader died a little unclear. Perhaps no one can say, stranded in the stormy waves of the aircraft carrier will sail to where? "What else can I do for you, officers?" Ying asked. Oh, thank you! Officer Ogawa thanked her for her kindness. Is Zhong Tao here? "Yes, I am receiving customers." Zhong Tao's office is across the corridor, and the door is unclosed. Where is the customer? "General Manager Lu of Shenzhen Development Bank seems to have come to pursue the repayment of the loan.". As soon as General Manager Hu died, they urged him to come! There was dissatisfaction in Ah Ying's words. Officer Ogawa raised his wrist and looked at his watch. 5:20. Let's wait. ” "There are newspapers here." Ying handed over some special zone newspapers and pushed the door to go out. Thank you Yao Li said. They stayed in the office in silence, and Yao Li casually turned over the newspaper. Time goes by in seconds. Suddenly, there seemed to be the sound of the harmonica curling up from nearby, and the melody of the harmonica seemed to have been heard somewhere. Although it could not be named, it had a quiet and even sad charm. Ogawa looked around and found no sound source. Do you hear the piano? He asked Yao Li in a low voice. Yao Li shook her head. Officer Ogawa looked puzzled. About twenty minutes later, the door of the assistant president's office opened. Zhong Tao sent two middle-aged men in suits and leather shoes out, and the fat man walking behind him looked arrogant. "Please don't worry, General Manager Lu," said Zhong Tao, who is neither humble nor pushy. "When General Manager Zhou comes back, I will tell him your opinion." "Not later than the middle of next month." The fat man made a gesture. You can rest assured. Zhong Tao answered. Sending the bank manager to the elevator entrance, Zhong Tao turned back and saw Xiao Chuan and Yao Li waiting for him at the door. Assistant Zhong, we want to talk to you. Officer Ogawa said. Please sit inside. Zhong Tao welcomed the two police officers into the room. The assistant president's office is small but compact and well-equipped, with a black computer keyboard and the latest LCD screen on the desk. The guest just now was. "To collect debts." Zhong Tao said without any taboo, while making Mai's instant coffee for the two police officers, while tidying up the information on the table,saw palmetto extract, "As soon as General Manager Hu died, the image of Dihao was naturally hit, and the bank was afraid that the loan would become a bad debt." "How much did Dihao borrow?" Officer Ogawa asked curiously. prius-biotech.com

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