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Today is only the 16th day of the first lunar month. Although the New Year is over, the flow of people on this main road

Today is only the 16th day of the first lunar month. Although the New Year is over, the flow of people on this main road connecting Nanxian County and the capital has not yet returned to its busiest time, so there are few pedestrians on this main road, and the distance between cars is also very far. After seeing that no one noticed him, the car was relieved to turn into the woods on the side road and continue to go deep until it turned into a blurred shadow before stopping. Then the two drivers first lifted something out of the car and threw it to the ground, then dropped a smaller thing and drove back, crossing with Princess Qichang's motorcade. Miss The driver was a middle-aged man with an ordinary appearance and a cotton-padded jacket, but it seemed that he was not cold at all when he moved freely. Stop the car, Xiao Cui, go and have a look. Don't let someone do something bad while the snow is not melting. "Yes, Miss." Just now that car this furtive appearance behind the seven long princess and his party have long seen in the eyes, now is still at the foot of the son of heaven, as the royal family, it is also appropriate to care about it. Ruxi! With an exclamation of surprise, Xiao Cui immediately rushed in to check, reached out her hand to probe Ruxi's breath, and then ran back out, shouting as she ran, "Miss, it's Ruxi, seriously injured." "What?!" Seven long princess frightened, hurriedly beckoned his men, "go quickly and carry it back.". Be careful. Several men in the prime of life immediately got out of the carriage behind them and ran to the woods with Xiao Cui,iron nail machine, who was in the front. She has to confirm Ruxi's injuries first. Just when Ruxi had already appeared in Xiao Cui's line of sight and was about to be able to touch Ruxi. Suddenly hearing the wind behind her head, Xiao Cui's first reaction was to jump to the side to avoid the attack from behind. A strange man in white. This is Xiao Cui's first impression. But when she questioned the drug. Only to find that the man did not pay attention to her at all, but went straight to Ruxi. Look at his movements. He also wanted to take Ruxi away. Don't touch her! Small Cui a clear rebuke, catch up, lift a leg to kick, stop that man's hand to extend to such as Xi. Xiaocui's leg skills should be very strong. Because the man quickly withdrew his hand and glanced at Xiao Cui at the same time. The cold breath made Xiao Cui feel as if she had been poured from her head by ice water, but she did not flinch. But it is also this delay, behind the support of the people also arrived, Qi Qi rushed to the man in white, and successfully attracted his attention, and small Cui took the opportunity to take away such as Xi. Ruxi had no good skin all over her body. Little Cui held her head and was afraid that her legs would fall apart. She held her waist and was afraid that Ruxi's head would fall off her neck. Without help, Xiao Cui could not succeed in bringing Ruxi back to the carriage alone. Hurry up and get rid of him. Ruxi is very dangerous. Little Cui gave up her plan to bring Ruxi back alone and joined the battle circle outside. After hearing Xiao Cui's words, High Speed Nail Making Machine ,nail manufacturing machine, the man in white, who had been fighting more than one enemy with his bare hands, suddenly stepped up his offensive and made more ruthless moves, as if to kill people. The other side's sudden change of tactics made it difficult for Xiao Cui to cope with them all of a sudden, and there were loopholes in the dense battle circle, which made the man in white closer and closer to Ruxi's position. Yue Yeming! A woman's voice sounded outside the battle circle again, and it was Princess Qichang who came over. The movement of the man in white did not stop at all, and he continued to step up his attack. After successfully shooting a man, he finally grabbed Ruxi's side, knelt down, and held Ruxi in his arms as carefully as holding a nearly broken porcelain doll. His eyes were full of heartache and anger. As soon as he hugged Ruxi, all the other people's attacks stopped, and no one wanted to let Ruxi, who had already stepped into the gate of death with one foot that could be seen clearly, be hurt again. Stop, Yue Yeming, you can't take her away. Princess Qichang came up from behind and met Yue Yeming face to face. But the man in white, who was replaced by Princess Qichang as Yue Yeming, did not look at Princess Qichang at all, but looked for a way to retreat. Yue Yeming, I can recognize you even if you change your face. Your martial arts can't deceive me. I don't care what kind of relationship you have with Ruxi, but you can't take her away now. With a gesture from Princess Qichang, her men came up again and surrounded the man in white. But the man in white didn't care at all. He looked at Princess Qichang disdainfully and was about to leave with flying skills. "Kong You!" Seeing that the other side looked impatient, Princess Qichang called out a name in a hurry, and finally succeeded in attracting the attention of the other side, stopped and turned to look at the princess. Kong You is the master of poison medicine in Jianghu. I know him. Only he can cure Ruxi. Seven long princess is eager to explain, hoping to gain the trust of the other side, so that Ruxi can be delivered to her. But the man just frowned and wasn't going to believe it. Have you been to the Yunlai Inn in Cheongju? The shopkeeper Youbo is Kong You. As soon as Princess Qichang gritted her teeth and stamped her feet, she finally told a secret and confessed the identity of Youbo. The man in white holding Ruxi opened his eyes wide in an instant. "Is Youbo Kong You?" "Yes, Uncle You is Kong You. I haven't heard anything about Kong You in Jianghu these years because he came to the inn to be the shopkeeper." The seven princesses stepped forward carefully and held out their hands to the man. Give me Ruxi. I'll take her back to Cheongju. She's hurt like this. Only Kong You can save her. Otherwise, even if she saves her life, she will be ruined. The man in white hesitated for a moment, glanced at Ruxi, who had lost consciousness in his arms, and then looked at Princess Qichang, as if he believed it, but he hugged Ruxi back a few steps. Why don't you come with me and we'll go back to Cheongju together? Ruxi can't put it off any longer. The attitude of the man in white finally appeared to loosen, if the shopkeeper of Yunlai Inn is really Kong You, then Ruxi's chances of surviving and recovering will be great. Hurry up and go without further delay. The seven long princesses knew that there was no problem after observing their words and expressions. They waved their hands to their men,Iron Nail Making Machine, and the encirclement immediately dispersed. The man in white held Ruxi in his arms and strode to the carriage of the main road. The seven long princesses followed closely beside her, while the others protected her. Xiao Cui took a few steps and turned back, picked up a dress on the ground and chased after her. 3shardware.com

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