Airspeed star marks

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A powerful golden red light, two kilometers in diameter, shot out from below, sweeping through the air, and the

A powerful golden red light, two kilometers in diameter, shot out from below, sweeping through the air, and the unusually hot air rushed directly into the demon legion. Wherever they passed, the green demons could not even erupt the green mucus, and their bodies vaporized in an instant. Even the six gray demons that had previously been controlled by the sky mark turned into a pile of coke in the hot energy sweep. More than twenty thousand demons, under the baptism of the golden red light, were only swept away in a moment, and more than eighty percent of the demons were completely swept away. Such a strong attack, even the mark of the sky are stunned, he is very clear, even if their full resistance, it is impossible to carry such an intensity of the attack, this, this in the end is what energy? From the azimuth point of view, it is not sent by the warships in the God-class fleet, and it is impossible for the warships to send out attack energy waves with a diameter of two kilometers! Suddenly, the sky mark clearly felt a burst of heat in his body, his skin suddenly turned red, and the hot air around him suddenly poured into his body at the moment before it disappeared. Tian Hen was startled and shouted angrily, "Earth Fire,plastic pallet containers, what are you doing?"? Do you want me to assimilate you, too? The voice of the Earth Fire Dragon, which had not appeared for a long time, sounded, "Sky Mark.". Don't get me wrong, I'm absorbing that energy! That is highly pure solar energy, which does not absorb white. Don't you want to save your little girlfriend? The fire energy he needs can be provided when I absorb more of this solar energy. The red light became more powerful, and the Earth Fire Dragon unceremoniously radiated its ability to the limit, absorbing a large amount of residual solar energy in the air through the body of the sky mark,collapsible pallet box, and then gathering it in its right arm. After listening to its words, the sky mark moved in the heart. Remembering the situation when Xuemei died, he let the Vulcan Dragon absorb it. At this time, the God class fleet artillery fire, Naraku has already held a belly gas, how can you let go of this opportunity to beat up the underdog? Under the bombardment of artillery fire, the remaining green magic servants were swept clean. Now, there are only blue and purple magic, and there are more than three hundred blue demons left. The entire legion of demons has basically been crushed. A white shadow suddenly appeared behind the blue demons, all the blue demons seemed to feel something, immediately stopped the attack, quickly fled to the distance, the white figure took the place of the blue demons, like arrows rushed to the blue and purple magic. Close to, purple magic and blue blue are clearly seen, drum spill pallet ,plastic pallet price, it is also a devil, but, although it looks like other demons, but it does not look so ferocious, because its body is completely like white jade, the luster of the set off than the gray devil on a larger body floating to, two front paws erect. Cross before the chop, cross-like white light with a twisted track, suddenly cut to the blue and purple magic. Four golden soldiers rushed out at the same time, four golden sword gas to meet the white devil's attack, with a loud noise, four golden soldiers were blown back thousands of meters, and the white devil's body just paused, once again to the blue and purple magic. Lan Lan snorted coldly, his big bright eyes were full of fighting spirit, and his figure flashed up to meet him. The realm of the water God. In the voice of Jiao, the blue brilliance filled the space of thousands of square meters like waves. As soon as the white devil rushed into the space, the speed was obviously reduced a lot. Pointing to the front of the staff, the white light hit the white demon like an electric shock. The white demon seemed to be afraid of the energy of the water God. It suddenly stopped rushing forward. It opened its mouth and spewed out a white mist. The mist condensed like substance and wrapped around the light of the water God. Lan Lan clearly felt that her energy had dropped sharply. She was startled and quickly waved her hand to split three giant ice picks. Although her ability to use ice was far inferior to that of Zihuan, the hard and huge ice picks still had a strong impact. The white demon actually gave a gloomy laugh and said, "It's the energy of Aram. Isn't he dead yet?"? Unfortunately, such energy has no effect on me. The front paws split, and the blue ice pick suddenly turned into a piece of ice powder. At its level, it already belongs to the category of higher intelligent creatures. Four golden warriors rushed up again, summoning four people at the same time is already the limit of blue, they staggered, advance and retreat, with the speed of light directly to the white devil. Blue eyes shine, the white devil's contempt for her has aroused the anger in her heart, floating forward, in the hands of the staff of Aramus into an unusual white light, behind her, a huge image of Aramus looming, in anger, she has burst out of her strongest ability. In the face of the Golden Warrior's entanglement, the white demon looked very impatient. Two hard front paws sealed the chop of the Golden Sword. Just as he wanted to destroy one or two of them, he felt the breath of fear. Six green eyes flashed with surprise. The huge body suddenly retreated, two wings closed in front of him, and the white breath full of death surged out to block the blue attack. The staff of Aram suddenly became a hundred times as huge, and it hit the white devil's wings heavily, spattering green blood and making a big hole in its wings. But by this time, Lan Lan had consumed too much ability, so the use of the staff of Aramus had exceeded the range she could bear. As soon as her body slowed down, the staff of Aramus regained its two-meter-long form. All this just happened in a flash of lightning, the white devil in the roar of pain, suddenly felt a trace of cold breath, purple magic appeared beside it without warning, the blue light suddenly burst out, the spear of the ice goddess in his hand flew out, aiming at the place where the white devil's wings were broken. The blue light flashed away,collapsible bulk containers, coming out from behind the white demon, and the blow that condensed all the energy of the purple illusion passed directly through its body under the powerful penetrating power of the spear of the goddess of ice and snow. The broken wound was frozen in an instant, and the white devil had been badly hurt.

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