Psychic Movie Queen: Reborn National Goddess

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Here Qiao Xia ran is still in the canteen and classmates in the meal, a class, three girls can not help but say that Xia ran surrounded

Here Qiao Xia ran is still in the canteen and classmates in the meal, a class, three girls can not help but say that Xia ran surrounded, invited her to go to the canteen to eat. Because of that dance show, completely shocked the three girls, just like Xia Ran as their goddess! Qiao Xiaran was not familiar with them, but when he saw three pairs of bright eyes, he agreed with a smile. Yes, let's go together. Very gentle, there is no superior appearance, several girls cheered to follow together to the canteen. The canteen was almost twice as noisy as usual, no doubt because I heard that there was a super beautiful transfer student in the art class. Huo Xiaoning and Bi Xia hold their own mobile phones in their hands, and the screen shows the beautiful photos of Qiao Xia Ran. Looking at the eager eyes of the people around me, my heart became more and more itchy. If the beauty of Xia Ran Goddess is posted on the Internet, it will definitely cause a lot of gimmicks. It's so lucky to be so close to the goddess! "Oh, my Xia Ran Goddess's picture has been posted on the Internet. Look, look, this popularity is simply not too ferocious!"! The latter few were completely left behind. Zhao Mei still holds a spoon in one hand, but her eyes are reluctant to leave the screen of her mobile phone. What? Let me see where it is! Bi Xia could not hold back,Precision Welded pipes, turned sideways and grabbed her cell phone, "Really, looking for the goddess of beauty, our goddess Xia Ran ranked first, as expected, they are all people with vision!" Bi Xia smiled with an exaggerated face. Xia Ran saw the post on Weibo, which seemed to be a photo taken secretly when she first came to Kyoto in the mall. Now the network is developed,Cold Drawn Tubes, and the information spreads very fast. Qiao Xia ran took the mobile phone, from beginning to end began to read the comments, whether positive or negative, the expression has been elegant and indifferent, without the slightest change. Being a star is nothing more than taking everything in stride. Isn't there a saying that is very popular in the entertainment circle? If you want to wear a crown, you must bear its weight. It's kind of interesting. Looking at Qiao Xia ran gracefully spit out these four words, the other three people immediately looked at each other, and sure enough, the goddess is the goddess, this kind of God level person and other people's reaction is not the same. Huo Xiaoning has quickly pulled his tablet out of his schoolbag and moved his wrist: "Sisters, work." The other two took the hint and immediately put on the Weibo vest. The slender fingers are touching flexibly on the screen. 49. No Chapter 49 expand the ranks of fans. Qiao Xiaran raised his eyebrows and said, "What are you doing?" "Of course, it's for my Goddess Joe to expand the fan base!" Bi Xia grinned with adoration in her eyes. "Goddess Joe, beam impact tubes ,stainless steel tube 304, from now on, we three will be your loyal fans.". Our slogan is to defend our Goddess Joe to the death! Yeah, that's right. Idols are nothing but beliefs in their own minds. The three of them have already regarded Xia Ran as a goddess and a spiritual belief. In this era of looking at faces, chasing stars is nothing more than a routine that begins with appearance and falls into talent! Qiao Xia ran helplessly shook his head, his lips lightly raised a shallow smile, his black eyes were quiet and bright, and the boys not far away blushed one after another. The young boys and girls in the campus are still innocent and ignorant. Do you want to laugh so attractive ah ah ah, tease people up, even girls are not willing to let go. Bi Xia looked at Qiao Xia ran's face and opened the nymphomaniac mode of Yan dog drunkenness. Just as Qiao Xiaran was about to go back to the classroom, Xiao Tian opened his mouth again, and his voice sounded very excited: "Qiao Qiao, the star value has risen again, what have you done?"? It went up a hundred points this time! A hundred points? Qiao Xia ran smiled, it seems that something good for the star is about to happen, it must be the last time the shopping guide put her photos on the Internet. Well, I don't know. Maybe it's because of a series of things that happened after I smiled at the salesman in the mall last time. You You just smiled? Do you want to explode like this? Oh, my God! Xiaotian suddenly didn't want to talk, and his mood was complicated and excited. In front of Qiao Xia ran, it said that it had received ten thousand points of damage, so casually laughed, and the star value came. This fact can make everyone collapse. Excited is that the original choice of Xia Ran is really a great choice? It finally doesn't have to die. Qiao Xia ran's mobile phone rang suddenly at this time, is a string of strange numbers, Xia ran did not hesitate to answer directly. A sweet female voice came from the other end of the phone. Hello, is this Qiao Xiaran? "I am." "Well, our e-fashion magazine would like to invite you to take part in the shooting of the cover of this issue of the magazine, and to match with the male protagonist of the recent popular costume drama" Dragon Lady ". I wonder if Miss Qiao is interested?" Qiao Xiaran's eyes darkened for a moment, and his fingers were still playing with the key ring: "E fashion?" If Qiao Xiaran is not mistaken, e fashion is a domestic first-line magazine brand magazine, the cover is a first-line star or the male and female protagonists of popular TV series. In many cases, they will also find new people and stars to pose for the cover, becoming a clear stream of magazine covers. E-fashion is relying on such a style, from many magazines out of the lead, repeatedly breaking through magazine sales. Yes, your temperament is very good, there is a strong plasticity, as for the appearance can be given ten points. Said Abby over there, the heart a little more look forward to, and a little perturbed, especially afraid of Qiao Xia ran will refuse. Qiao Xia ran hardly hesitated, but nodded with a light smile: "OK, I agree to be your model." Hearing the girl's clear voice, Abby almost screamed excitedly and made a gesture with her hand. Amy shook her head and looked helpless. Whose phone is it? "E fashion reporter." Qiao Xiaran put his mobile phone back in his schoolbag,side impact door beams, showing an elegant and graceful smile, which seemed to have some nature. "I still have something to do, so I'll go first." Qiao Xiaran waved goodbye to the three girls. 50. No Chapter 50 Chu Yifei.

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