Peerless magic God

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Now that he had the idea and acted immediately, he had to rush out quickly and find out where Master Long

Now that he had the idea and acted immediately, he had to rush out quickly and find out where Master Long and Miss San were hiding. He slapped the sandalwood door and shook it with a bang. Hide behind the door immediately. The guard was stunned: "Who?" He quickly pushed the door to investigate. Two people are used to walking to the bed. Li Tianshen took advantage of the two men to escape in a flash. Two people feel the figure shakes, suddenly drink again who, turn round to chase, the figure is lost again. One said, "There is a shadow and a wind, but how can it disappear in a flash?" Another says: "I also feel somebody, but …" With two people kung fu unexpectedly can not see the figure or appearance, is it really a ghost? The first thought is that the leader of the alliance is out of body. Frightened, he jumped out and closed the wooden door. Four scouts came along. One person asked: "Can you see who is passing by?" "What the hell!" Another said, "Leader of the Young Alliance and Leader of the Heard Hall have just passed by. Why is there any movement?" Although the guards felt cold, they could not produce evidence. One of them said, "I always feel that someone is flashing, but I can't prove it!" As long as I see a piece of clothes, I can prove it, but I failed. "Don't be so suspicious," said the patrolman. "Relax," he said. "It's just for show. What are you nervous about?" The four soldiers snickered away. The guards had no choice but to console themselves. Anyway, they just made a show of it, so they didn't care. Li Tianshen, on the other hand, slipped out and followed Long Zaitian. Unfortunately, as soon as the patrol came, he had to hide in the guest room. He wanted to find out about Long Tenghai and wait until he found the antidote. He immediately grabbed the rock, slipped into the courtyard, restored the rock, and dived back to the ground to find a way to open the Eight Diagrams Gate again. It took half an hour to find the switch from the stone placed carelessly beside the pool when it was already dark. The stone door cracked and he dived out. The guards on the first floor were loose, and he could slip away smoothly and dive straight to the so-called Dragon King Tower in the East City. Qu Qianru is in a daze in Liang Hua's boudoir. Come here two days, in addition to accompany a man to ***, she seems to have no contact with anyone, feeling that the whole body has been empty, leaving the body, do not know what to do. She wondered when Long Zaitian would abandon her? Is Ji Shuixian safe to go home? ? Has the God of Power come here? ? Where others are ? Is it safe? What do you live in the world for? ? Suddenly, the door flashed and the yellow thing sneaked in. Qu Qianru was startled, so she grabbed the sword and wanted to control him. Li Tianshen hastened to wave: "Hi, it's me!" That face is like a palette. How can you recognize it? But the voice and the movement let Qu Qianru distinguish. 。“ Is that you?! Quqianru turned from surprise to excitement and tried to run after her to close the door, only to find that she was only wearing pajamas and her breasts were half exposed. She was so ashamed that she quickly grabbed her clothes and hid on the bed, covering herself with a quilt towel. Li Tianshen closed the door easily and said with a smile, "It's all right. The dragon is still catching birds in the sky. It's fun!"! Are you really here? ? Okay ?” "Good.." said Qu Qianru in an embarrassed voice. Still unable to face each other calmly. "Then put on your clothes quickly," said Li Tianshen. "I'll get out of the way." He went to the top of the wall and stood facing the wall. The stone of Dragon King Tower is a little red, and the color is different, but it is already night, and it can still be concealed. Qu Qianru hurriedly put on her clothes, and her mind was sure of it. She began to dare to look at Li Tianshen. She found that he was dressed in a strange paint color, and even drew squares on his hands, Cold Drawn Seamless Tubes ,precision welded tubes, feet, and face. But she felt funny and said, "How did you learn this skill? It's not easy to be discovered." Li Tianshen said with a smile, "I'm in my own line. Do you know that the dragon is in the secret room of the Heaven's practice, or in the study?"? Alchemy room ?” Qu Qianru shook her head: "I came here for the first time like you, but I can help you check!" "Does he allow you to walk around?" Asked Li Tianshen. "I didn't say it," said Qu Qianru. "I didn't forbid it. Are you in a hurry? If in a hurry So I went. "Of course, the sooner the better," said Li Tianshen with a dry smile. "By the way, if possible, bring a roast chicken. I'm starving to death!" From nearly noon to now, the belly is empty early. Qu Qianru nodded: "You are here, I will be back soon!" With these words, he went out quickly. Li Tianshen, who had nothing to do, began to appreciate the dragon's bedroom in the sky. He saw a bed of soft red silks and satins, a curtain of crystal pendants, and a dragon-shaped reclining chair on the left, which curved like a woman's waist and covered with cushions. If a woman lay on it, it would be more charming. When he moved forward to sit down, the fragrance immediately came, making him feel that many women must have lost their virginity here, and a sense of uncleanness rose, disdaining to sit down. Had to choose the corner of the bed to rest temporarily, if there is a situation, you can hide under the bed at any time. Qu Qianru is horizontal heart, since only find out what room what use, that since simple. She rushes around everywhere, opening the door whenever there is a vacant room, and rushing in whenever there is a guard. Usually, the guard will let those who can enter, and those who cannot enter, the guard will say: "This is the study, this is the training room, this is the restricted area!" This is tantamount to automatically informing. As soon as Qu Qian turned around, it was known that there was still a secret forbidden zone behind the Dragon King Tower, where the study and the training room were all heavily guarded. Then he went to the kitchen and asked for a roast chicken and rushed back to his residence. She handed the roast chicken to Li Tianshen and explained one by one: "There is a pine bamboo forest beside the back wing. There is a mysterious house inside. It is heavily guarded. It is what you are looking for." Li Tianshen nodded, "No wonder I can't find anything in the whole building. That's it. Take care." When he was about to leave, there was a sound of footsteps outside. The two of them were immediately nervous. Li Tianshen quickly slipped under the bed and secretly said, "Don't let anyone catch you in the room.". Qu Qianru panicked, sat back on the edge of the bed, too late to think about how to pose, the dragon slammed the door in the sky. An eyelid fierce like, frighten the song secret way to finish, is not the appearance has been revealed, the other side Xingshi ask for punishment and come! "What is it?" Cried Long Zaitian! Mingming has broken into Dingbao. Why can't I catch anyone? "Angrily sits on the Dragon Chair.". Qu Qianru's secret way was very dangerous. The other party was not angry for his own business. "Is the God of Power coming?" She asked. Long Zaitian said, "Yes, but I just can't catch him!" He aimed at the beauty and laughed lewdly. "Maybe I really want to use you to seduce him!" Finally, he couldn't help rushing to embrace the woman and fell into bed to kiss her. Qu Qianru never resisted,side impact beams, but there was someone under the bed! She was so frightened that she quickly pushed people. "No," he said hurriedly. Long Zaitian is stupefied: "How?"? What happened? ? Even the clothes are put on. ? You've been out. ? Where to go ?” Qu Qianru was extremely anxious: "I.." Hungry, I went to beg for a roast chicken. "Where is the roast chicken?" The dragon asked in the cold weather.

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