Use and installation of dry filter

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Use and installation of dry filterUse and installation of dry filter

Original title: Use and installation of drying filter The dry filter is one of the most commonly used accessories in the refrigerant pipeline. It is mainly used to clean the harmful substances in the system, so as to protect the important components such as the expansion valve and compressor. In the refrigerant system, many harmful substances will enter the pipeline through various ways, and the common ones are as follows: 1. Production or maintenance process: At this time, the refrigerant system will be open to the outside, regardless of the length of time, there will be moisture, dust into the system pipeline, in the welding process, if there is no nitrogen protection, there may be copper oxygen film, or even welding slag; 2. Filling refrigerant or refrigerant oil: If there are many solid impurities and moisture in these things, they will be brought into the system and corrode the metal parts in the system; 3. In the operation of the refrigeration system: In the operation, when the refrigerant contains water,hemp extraction centrifuge, it will hydrolyze to produce acidic substances, which will corrode the metal. The mixture of refrigerant and lubricating oil can dissolve copper and bring it to the compressor to form a copper film on its metal surface, thus affecting the operation of the compressor. 4. Refrigerant oil: When the temperature is low to a certain temperature, the refrigerant oil will precipitate stone toad, and the POE oil used for environmental protection refrigerant has strong hygroscopicity,50l rotovap, so it is easier to hydrolyze acidic characteristics. Expand the full text The existence of the above substances will seriously threaten or destroy the performance of the moving parts in the system and the cylinders and refrigeration systems that need compressed gas, so they should be removed in time. The materials that play a role in the dry filter mainly include: 1. Metal filter screen: filter large solid particles (mainly used in small and medium-sized systems that are not sensitive to moisture, such as R22 and mineral oil). 2. Polyester filter screen: filter tiny particles. 3. Glass wool: filter tiny particles. 4. Molecular sieve: It filters large particles of solid impurities, mainly absorbs water, which is 3-4 times that of other substances, and can also absorb acidic substances nearby. 5. Activated alumina: absorbs water, mainly acidic substances. 6. Activated carbon: It absorbs paraffin, but because the refrigerant oil will precipitate paraffin only when the temperature is below -35 degrees, it is not needed in the system operating at medium and high temperatures. The use of dry filter is divided into: Filtration capacity: Filters the system of harmful substances, thus protecting important components such as expansion valves and compressors. Moisture absorption capacity: For refrigeration products produced according to the standard process, nutsche filter dryer ,jacketed glass reactor, it is difficult to determine how much moisture absorption capacity of the dryer needs to be used, so the general dry filter production is nominal according to the requirements of the standard. Ability to adsorb acid and ester substances: Experiments show that the ability of the dry filter to remove acid and ester substances is directly proportional to the mass of the adsorbed substances, while the size and outer surface shape have little effect on this ability. In addition, there is no better industry-recognized method to measure this ability. Paraffin adsorption capacity: For the refrigeration system under low temperature conditions, because the lubricating oil will precipitate paraffin, which will cause damage to the valve, it should be removed in time, and activated carbon is commonly used for adsorption. Refrigerant flow: Since excessive pressure drop will affect the system capacity, the smaller the pressure drop through the dry filter, the better. Classification of dry filter: Filter-driers for the liquid line and filter-driers for the suction line all remove substances that can damage the system, but with different emphasis. Dry filter for liquid pipe: It is mainly used to protect the stop valve, expansion valve and other valves, and to avoid the blockage of capillary and other throttling elements. It is a standard configuration in the refrigeration system. The liquid tube drying filter is usually followed by a liquid microscope. Suction pipe dry filter: mainly protect the compressor. Dry filter for suction pipe is generally used in two situations in the industry. 1. On-site installation system: As the on-site installation is different from the factory, the on-site environment is complex and the cleanliness is poor, so it is better to install a dry filter in the suction pipe. 2. Large system: Because the cost of the compressor is relatively high, it is worthwhile to install a removable dry filter in the suction pipe to protect the compressor. In order to ensure that the pressure drop is as small as possible, the drying filter of the suction pipe is mainly used when the compressor is burned, so it can adsorb a large amount of water and acidic substances or solid impurities in a short time, which will reduce the flow capacity of the drying filter, thus affecting its performance. The dry filter needs to be replaced. Installation of dry filter: The drying filter is generally located behind the liquid reservoir in the liquid pipe, and in front of the sight glass, stop valve and thermal expansion valve; there are two positions in the suction pipe: 1. Between gas-liquid separator and compressor; 2. Between the four-way valve and the gas-liquid separator. However, it should be between the four-way valve and the gas-liquid separator: 1. If impurities enter the suction pipe, it may block the filter screen of the oil return hole of the gas-liquid separator, which can be avoided if there is a filter in front of it; 2. The gas-liquid separator is required to be installed as close as possible to the compressor. For the drying filter in the liquid pipe of the heat pump system, because of the bidirectional flow, there are some special installation. In practical application, there are the following common designs: 1. Only installed on the refrigeration cycle; 2. Use four one-way valves to set the reservoir, drying filter and expansion valve on the common pipeline, then refrigeration and heating can be used; 3, using two one-way valves and two drying filters to respectively work in a refrigeration and heating cycle; 4. Use two-way drying filter. In addition to the drying and filtering work of the normal refrigeration system, the drying filter also has an important function of cleaning the system after the compressor is burned out. [Disclaimer] The content of the article comes from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. If the copyright of the work is involved,cbd crystallization equipment, please contact us, and we will delete the content or negotiate the copyright! The content is the author's personal opinion, which does not mean that the public number agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity. M A K EI TE A S Y ID: IT88Return to Sohu to see more Responsible Editor:.

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