Half a spring breeze

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That day Wuyun Temple discussed the sword. You were sitting high on the rocks in a white robe.

Ye Chaofei frowned slightly and walked back and forth in the room. He took a look at Sheng Yu and said vaguely, "It's rumored that Fu Yaoshan prefers to make friends with handsome young men. He's so close to you, a stranger with no background.." There must be a plan. I can't investigate the case in a big way on the surface, only you. Sheng Yu blinked and could not react for a moment. Ye Chaofei's eyes flashed and his expression was rather strange. "In my opinion." I'm afraid he can't hold back and will express his love to you in the near future. Be careful yourself. Just treat yourself as his ordinary friend on the surface. Don't show any trace. This time Sheng Yu understood, but. Jiong, Jiong, Jiong plus Jiong!!! How did this happen. She pretended to be a man and approached him in order to help him pull the strings. Did a long time, this person is a broken sleeve, still took a fancy to her this false man?! Sheng Yu couldn't believe it, but in retrospect he had to believe it. To the first acquaintance, Fu Yaoshan has a kind of unusual enthusiasm for her, he looked at her eyes never hide, just now, he also said affectionately, "Chusheng, you have this intention I am very happy.." Because he has been dressed up as a man with him, so although it feels strange but has never thought in that direction, now by Ye Chaofei's words, that person's attitude is really clear, clear. Sheng Yu covered his face with a shiver and felt like crying without tears. You mean.. With a bitter face,rapid sand filters, she said, "He took a fancy to me, so you want me to pretend to be a man and seduce another man?!" What a bloody world this is! Ye Chaofei ignored her and turned his head to appreciate the painting on the wall. Cut, you also know sorry ah? Have the nerve to do it and be embarrassed to admit it? Sheng Yu rolled his eyes and sighed feebly. "Come on, what can I do?" Ye Chaofei decisively withdrew his eyes from the painting. "These missing teenagers have reached thousands so far.". With such a huge amount of reselling, there must be a secret hiding place. You help me find this place, as long as I find here,lamella tube, I can listen to a piece of paper, completely get rid of this malignant tumor. Listening to him explain the cause and effect, Sheng Yu's anger at his threat to himself was a little less. Although this man will stop at nothing to achieve his end, at least the end itself is right. After a moment's silence, she looked up and said solemnly, "Can I make a condition?" "You say." "If I do die, can you ask the emperor to give me some money to settle down?" “…… Unable Under the red gauze silk lamp, Ye Chaofei raised his eyebrows and stared proudly. The feeling of the jade sword coming out of its scabbard came back. Why "Because I will protect you." The author has something to say: Tiger touch everyone, today 61, in addition to this chapter update, I also posted a lovely short story, is a holiday gift for everyone, if you are happy to see, after reading the collection of my column, filter nozzle ,disc air diffuser, is a drop of encouragement to me, thank you! (^__^) 61 gifts, click through: 27 27. As bait, who is in charge.. This is the end of the ecstatic memory. With a white cloth in his mouth, Sheng Yu said, "Liar, what is it to protect you? It sounds better than singing.". I have been captured here, but I haven't seen anyone. It can be seen that the detection and tracking ability of your country is extremely backward. Then the outer room creaked and slammed shut, and then there was a patter of footsteps. Her body stiffened and she closed her eyes and pretended to sleep. The footsteps had come to the bedside, and Sheng Yu held his breath for a moment, but there was no movement. She was in a state of extreme panic, and though she tried to keep calm, a little cold sweat oozed from her forehead. Xueqing, how long are you going to pretend to sleep? Are you still angry with me? Fu Yaoshan's voice was as soft as a breeze, and Sheng Yu felt a tight waist, and she was half hugged by him in her arms. Now she could no longer pretend to sleep, so she had to pretend that she had just woken up and opened her eyes. At a glance, she saw Fu Yaoshan looking at her with a smile on his lips, his eyes infatuated. Sheng Yu blinked, earned his hands and feet, and murmured a few times in his mouth. Fu Yaoshan smiled apologetically and took out the cloth in her mouth. Brother Fu, where is this place? Why did you tie me up? She started playing the fool. Fu Yaoshan touched her face, "still pretend, Xueqing, you are naughty again." It's Xueqing again. He has read the name several times. Who is Xueqing and what does it have to do with her? Sheng Yu frowned in silence, always feeling that there is a very important thing that can not be remembered in an unknown corner of my mind, which makes people worry and worry infinitely. She glanced quietly at Fu Yaoshan and said with a smile, "I said, Brother Fu, what are you playing at?"? "My surname is Song, and my name is Chusheng. I am a very close friend of yours, not Xueqing." Fu Yaoshan snapped his eyes and his face darkened. "Of course I know you're Song Zhusheng, but your face looks exactly like Xueqing's." He reached out his hand and gently stroked her face. His voice was low and his posture was intimate. "That day Wuyun Temple discussed the sword. You were sitting high on the rocks in a white robe. In the crowd, I saw you at a glance.." "There are two people in the world who look so alike." "I had thought that if you were a pleasant person, I would regard you as him in my heart, and it would be a good thing for you and me to be together for a long time.". But do you deserve it? I treat you as a gentleman and respect you, but you are also like a shameless villain, looking for me just to cling to me. Godsister, hum, when did Jin Fuwang's daughter recognize a godbrother? He raised his eyebrows and gazed at Sheng Yu's eyes, and there was a burning dark fire in his eyes. "I hinted to you again and again, and you also laughed and acquiesced.". Do you know how happy I am when you say you have prepared eight dishes specially for me? But what did you do? You smiled and asked me if I was satisfied, and at the same time, you threw away my good intentions and finally gave me a fat woman. Song Zhusheng, do you know that if you didn't have this face,Wall Penstocks, I would have killed you. Sheng Yu thought gloomily: When did I acquiesce? I thought you really appreciated my talent. I flattered myself for a long time. Besides, if it wasn't for Ye Chaofei, who knows you're a broken sleeve. khnwatertreatment.com

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