Heroic ambition

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Shuai Jin Teng's teeth trembled. He knew that the other party was seducing him. He panicked and said, "You.."

Shuai Jin Teng's eyes filled with tears, his hands clenched tightly, and at this time, the magic object under the black cloth seemed to be roaring something, as if echoing his grief and indignation. Shuai Jin Teng breathed, and he wanted to rush forward, pull out the magic knife, and from then on become a generation of Tianjiao. Back hit the wall, Shuai Jinteng covered his face and gasped for breath. Every time, as long as he was close to the magic knife, even if he was as timid as a mouse, he would suddenly become warm-blooded. For ten years, Shuai Jinteng wanted to open the black cloth more than once to see the true appearance of the "magic knife". He wanted to understand what magic power the "magic knife" born of the same mother as the "magic sword" had.. He wanted to understand the intentions of the "top", why they were afraid of this knife, but only sent a heavy guard, but did not start to destroy it. "Whatever." I'm just a little person. Handsome Jin Teng has the brain, does not have the courage, is precisely "above" the most painful treasure. He sighed. The brand on his arm could make or break him. The word "teacher" is already missing a stroke. If you think too much, it's hard to avoid another knife on the forehead of the word "handsome". He wiped away his tears and sweat, checked the stove, and then retreated. I have finished my sixth tour tonight,fine bubble diffuser, so I can have a little rest. Walking back along the original road, he suddenly saw some strange footprints in the snow. It seems to be six points deeper than usual. Shuai Jin Teng blinked, crouched and looked at the ground, and quickly took out an iron ruler to measure it. Shuai Jin Teng is a stingy person who is not straightforward. He has always complained about everything. Every time he complains in his heart, a person like him must be narrow-minded and haggle over everything. However, it is also for his penny-pinching and his eyes are not tolerant of sand that the "people at the top" will send him over. Only such a person will turn around and pay attention to his footprints. Shuai Jin Teng lay on the ground and looked at it carefully. Suddenly, he saw that there was a smaller mark in every step of his footprints. The footprints were gentle and straight. He rubbed his eyes and hurried to look at the woods. He was surprised to see another line of light foot cherry in the woods. The marks were very slow and slight. All the way out of the woods, they met with his footprints,multi disc screw press, and then disappeared. Heading for the oven door. Snowflakes fall on the horizon, and as long as they are a little later, the mark will be covered. It's not good, and from all the clues, it means.. Someone is behind you! Jesus Christ! I am highly skilled in martial arts, and the six "Tomb Beasts" have excellent hearing. What kind of flying skill is it to be able to follow the person behind me? He swallowed a mouthful of saliva, turned around hurriedly, and was about to call his subordinates, but suddenly he stopped. In front of him stood a man who, like himself, had no facial features. It's just different from the black mask. It's a human skin mask. Looking at the starlight, the man was thin, with a sword hanging from his waist, wearing a green robe, wall penstocks ,rotary vacuum disc filters, and looked like a zombie in the night. Shuai Jin Teng trembled all over, and if the other party wanted to kill him, he would have at least a thousand chances to do it. In the flash of lightning and thunder, Shuai Jinteng had already drawn up a countermeasure. He slowly touched his waist and buckled the mechanism of "Six-blooded Iron Zheng". He was about to raise his voice and shout wildly to warn his subordinates. The figure quickly reached out and buckled his pulse door. Then he followed the figure backward and brought him into the furnace door. Whoosh. The mechanisms between the aisles were activated one after another, and the man flashed by, as if he still had enough power. Look at this man all the way behind his back, like a shadow, all the layout secrets are all mastered by this person. The two men came to the hearth and looked at each other. Shuai Jinteng was so frightened that he lowered his voice and asked, "You.." You want to kill me? "Why should I kill you?" Asked the man with a gentle smile and unhurried eyes under his mask. Shuai Jin Teng panted hoarsely and squinted at the big black cloth like a coffin. Although he did not speak, this glance had told everything. The man smiled faintly and said, "Who said I was going to rob the knife?"? Mr. Handsome, nine times out of ten, you have never seen the knife when you say that. Am I right? Shuai Jin Teng Yi, is surprised, black cloth crashed down, ten years of hidden magic objects suddenly appeared, occupied his entire line of sight. The demon king's magic weapon was in front of him, Shuai Jin Teng's whole body shook, his ears buzzed, and his hands holding the blood Zheng kept shaking. Listen to that figure with a smile: "Why don't you big shopkeeper destroy this knife, I also can't take away this knife.". Do you understand now? If the demon king comes here and takes back the magic weapon of fate with his own hands. Shuai Jin Teng nodded slowly, and his eyes were very sad. Ten years of guarding time will pass, endure more than three thousand days, but such a fate is waiting in front of us. At the moment when the magic knife was unearthed, he and his two hundred subordinates could not live, and all of them would become sacrifices. Don't be afraid. My commander in chief is not here. The voice under the mask of human skin was flat and light: "I won't kill you tonight, and I won't force my way into the six-way array at the door. I just came to see your arrangement and left after seeing it." "For.." Why. Leave me alone? Shuai Jin Teng was a little stunned. For the sake of everyone. That figure light tunnel: "Kill you, your guard is bound to turn tight, in addition to spare a life, what good do I have?"? Finally, the ten-year deadline for changing defenses is about to pass. Let's discuss it. I won't move you and let you hand over the job safely. You also think I haven't been here, okay? Shuai Jin Teng's teeth trembled. He knew that the other party was seducing him. He panicked and said, "You.." You want me to get away with it. "Why use those two words?" Asked the figure with a smile? The people of your inn are all ruthless people, you report the news, in addition to proving that you are a basket case, causing the whole house to suffer, what good is it? Why don't you shut up quietly now and save yourself trouble. This man is so insidious. Shuai Jinteng could not stop thinking, and suddenly he woke up. He already knew the origin of this man. The enemy in front of him was famous for his three unique skills: flying skill, sharp sword and wisdom. If he started violently, he would die in one move. The comer is not good, the other party comes here at night, and the fruit is prepared. If you hide the news, the top do not know how to guard against, tomorrow the enemy will lead the army to come over and snatch the knife with all their strength. But But if you want to report, this time the guard is not effective, the top will certainly punish yourself, the word "teacher" cut a skimming,Belt Filter Press, became a handsome word, handsome word to a skimming, what word will it be? The corners of Shuai Jinteng's mouth are bitter: the word "slip" appears in his heart. khnwatertreatment.com

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