Mortal Xiuxian Biography

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The footsteps were heavy, but fast, and in the blink of an eye they came to the edge of the woods, and everyone saw it clearly!

And the more immortals like them after building the foundation, the more they are afraid of death! It is not easy to live longer than ordinary people, or even longer, how can they be willing to die so easily! However, that thick and frightening light pillar is too powerful! Had it not been for the fleeing friar, but for their shield, they would not have been sure of what to do next. The more these monks thought about it, the more they panicked! I can't help but flinch. But now, even if they want to retreat, the other side will not give up easily when they have the upper hand! This puts them between a rock and a hard place. High above their heads, hidden in the clouds, Han Li was also shocked by the power of the super light column, and his body was cold! More and more afraid to show up easily. But he was reluctant to leave. So he relied on the speed of the newly acquired kamikaze boat. Even if they are found, they can escape in time. Han Li still stayed in the air watching all this! However, the blue and red clouds created by the Korean legislature. So stay in the sky of the monks and puppets, it is really some eye-catching! But fortunately, when Han Li was flying, he raised the height of the boat to a very high level, which was more than a hundred feet away from the ground. So far,Magnesium Sulphate price, Han Li has not been discovered by the surrounded monks and the puppet manipulators in the woods. However. Han Li also knew that this was not a long-term method, but let him put away the clouds, then he was exposed in the air. What's more, the top-rank instrument "Green Fire" refined by the two Jiaomu not only has the miraculous effect of concealing the body shape, but also makes people unable to grasp the exact position. And these bluish red mist, but also mixed with the ink Jiao residual Dan liquid in it, can let the casual contact with this cloud, dizziness,diammonium phosphate fertilizer, slowly poisoning without knowing it! Such a magic weapon with both self-defense and Yin people. How could Han Li give up easily. So in a hurry, Han Li suddenly saw not far above him. There was a low gray cloud floating there. Suddenly, he was overjoyed and slowly moved closer to him. Finally. He simply drilled into it with a protective cloud. Now, Han Li's tracks were completely covered up! Without his worries, he could rest assured that he would continue to watch the struggle on the ground. Obviously, the super pillar of light just now destroyed the confidence of these monks in the period of building the foundation. Therefore, although they are still all kinds of instruments together, it seems to play well, but fall in the eyes of Han Li. It's not nearly as powerful as it was at the beginning. It was clear that everyone had their own evil intentions and refused to join forces to fight against the enemy. Just as Han Li was shaking his head to himself, an older monk in the shelter seemed to realize something was wrong. Suddenly he shouted into the woods, "Do you really want to kill them all?"? We are the disciples of several sects of yuanwu Kingdom. If you kill us, you will offend the whole immortal world of yuanwu Kingdom at the same time. Aren't you afraid of being killed? "Hey, hey!"! A fatal disaster? "If you had said that before I killed the friar who wanted to fly away, potassium sulphate fertilizer ,magnesium nitrate hexahydrate, I might have thought about it, but since one person has died, it's a sin to offend one anyway.". It's better to kill them all. Maybe no one will know about it! "We mean no harm!"! As long as your excellency is willing to stop and make peace. We swear to keep the matter absolutely secret! Another monk, who was obviously much younger, hurriedly swore. Hum! Swear? I don't believe that! You have been following me happily for such a long time. Still say no malice, do you still want to invite me to dinner? Furthermore, I am not your yuanwu people, even if I really offended your country's Xiuxian world, so what? Do you still want to go back to the General Altar of Qianzhu Sect with me to ask for justice? If this is the case, a certain family really admires the courage of your elders! A stiff voice came from the woods, which made Han Li sound very familiar! "Is that him?" Han Li thought to himself with some surprise. Listen to the voice, yes, it's definitely the burly man who bought the puppet machine beast at the auction! Listening to their conversation, it was obvious that these people had secretly followed the man from the end of the auction, hoping to use some disgraceful tactics to find out the secret of the puppet beast! Who knew that the guy of the Qianzhu Sect had already noticed that he had set up a trap and trapped several of them here alive. Everyone fought with this man, and this guy made it clear that he was going to kill him! The monk who spoke at the beginning was not stupid, and immediately stirred up the fighting spirit of the other monks and wanted to fight this man to the death! Do you have the qualifications to fight with me! If even my puppet subordinates can't win, how can we talk about going all out! I've had enough fun with you guys, so I'd better send you on your way as soon as possible. The burly man's voice was still so stiff, but the murder in his words was obvious! As soon as the man's voice fell, suddenly there was a loud trembling noise from the ground in the woods, and then the heavy footsteps of "bang" and "bang" came from the woods step by step, so that the monks in the shield, and Han Li in the air, could not help looking at each other, I do not know what happened! The footsteps were heavy, but fast, and in the blink of an eye they came to the edge of the woods, and everyone saw it clearly! A giant puppet tiger, about five or six feet high, squeezed out from the edge of the woods. The burly man, still wearing a cloak, was sitting on the huge tiger's head. See this puppet tiger, so huge, several monks are secretly frightened, can not help but think of the giant light pillar just seen. It seems that it should be ejected by this beast! The burly man appeared behind him, without saying a word of nonsense, and directly patted the tiger's head. Suddenly let the puppet tiger under the body, slowly opened the jaw, the huge mouth began to have a little bit of white light condensed up! The other puppets who were attacking the shield immediately stopped and stepped back neatly! The monks, of course, knew that things were not good, and almost at the same time they stretched out their hands against the shield, which was the only barrier they could survive! As for breaking away from the shield and flying away,Magnesium Oxide powder, everyone has this idea, but the warning is here, or no one dares to act rashly.

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