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If some people are willing to contribute to the city they guard, they will also be elected to the official garrison. On Pangaea, it is not a relatively safe place like Yashenzhou.

Together with this layer of fog, the commander of the Haidong Army shouted loudly, so that the soldiers gathered behind the wall were ready to fight. Su Ying and Li yuanba are following in the side of Takeshi, will face a war, Su Ying seems to have no previous fear. Small% say ^ txt-day. Don Seven, monsters turn evil women into evil women. Yuecheng Takeshi that is not a vigorous figure, so that Su Ying always has a feeling of peace of mind, it seems that the day falls down, this man will give her support. Takeshi Yuecheng had been in battle for a long time, and he was not worried about fighting with the chaos monster. He seemed to sense Su Ying's state of mind. He looked back and said with a slight smile, "Don't worry. These monsters are not in my eyes. Follow me. There won't be any chaos monster that can hurt you." Su Ying smiled shallowly and said, "It's very arrogant to brag!"! I just don't know how to do it. Takeshi Yuecheng suddenly gave birth to a lofty sentiment and said, "Without real ability, how could I rescue you, a smelly woman, from the army of hundreds of thousands of chaotic monsters just now?" Although was scolded, but Su Ying's heart is full of tenderness, just gently Bah, also do not return the mouth. But next to him was a tall,Stainless Steel Welded Pipe, thin man in a blue robe, who said coldly, "This kind of gigolo is mostly a silver wax spear head. If you can't make a big scene, you'll be soft." Without waiting for Takeshi Yuecheng and Su Ying to react, Li yuanba heard someone behind him mocking his brother Yuejia, and immediately without saying a word, he reached out and pinched the neck of the man in the green robe,304 Stainless Steel Coil, and conveniently went down the wall. It was also Li yuanba who left a bit of kindness. Without killing him, he threw the bird man in a daze and broke five limbs. It is amazing that this fierce boy can also be so skillful. No one was willing to pay attention to the man in green robe who had been knocked unconscious when the war was about to begin. Several people behind him hurried past and accidentally stepped on his feet. Someone happened to step on his broken fifth limb. Suddenly, the man woke up again in pain. Rao was full of resentment, but Yuecheng Takeshi and Su Ying, Li yuanba had already rushed out of the city, no one came for him to vent. And just now Li yuanba didn't talk about the rules of Jianghu. He attacked from behind and shot as fast as lightning. He didn't see who made him so disabled and so miserable. The bastard who attacked me. Don't let me know who it is, or I, Duan Tianlang, will not let you go. The Qingpao guest was cursing. A monk came up behind him. When he saw him, he immediately shouted, "Duan Tiande, you thief, how could you fly up?" He immediately jumped up and began to fight. The Qingpao guest shouted, 304 Stainless Steel Wire ,Stainless Steel Industrial Sheet, "My name is Duan Tianlang, not Duan Tiande. You have mistaken me for someone else!" "Who do you know about me?" The monk shouted? He also said that he was not the thief of Duan Tiande. In order to protect Su Ying behind him, Takeshi Yuecheng turned the ghost into a black cloud of fire and protected dozens of people nearby. Relying on eighteen fire dragons is good for distant attack. He is also not so eager to rush to the front line. But Li yuanba in the first time all blood boiling, his new two demon bone magic hammer, is in the running-in period, a moment does not kill a living thing. My hands are itchy. In Li yuanba's mind, Takeshi Yuecheng didn't need him to protect him anyway, so he just rushed up to kill him. Originally, Haidong Mengshuai Xu Yifan was still a little worried. Although his Shenwu artillery was extremely powerful, the soldiers under his command were limited. Six hundred Shenwu artillery needed seven or eight thousand soldiers to manipulate, and a group of gunners could fire seven or eight cannons at most. As soon as the immortal power is exhausted, they need to meditate and practice again to recover. With the rapid changes on the battlefield, there is no time for these soldiers to recover their immortal power calmly. In the face of a small group of chaotic monsters, he can only save the number of times the Shenwu cannon is fired. Let all the soldiers in the city rush out hand-to-hand combat, although such tactics to sacrifice more lives, but can let Shenwu city in the chaos monster siege of the war, hold a little longer. But when those who do not belong to his Haidong army, temporarily gather together all the soldiers, rushed out of the city, unexpectedly immediately kill the chaos monster retreat, the battlefield was a good situation. Li yuanba is a fierce boy who has rushed to kill several people back and forth in the chaotic evil spirit! These come down from Lingyu city, scattered small chaos monster group, even if he does not put a person in the eye. What's more, there are thousands of soldiers from Shenwu City behind us! These people do not belong to the city of Shenwu. He is not a member of the Shenwu Dynasty, just because he came to Shenwu City to buy things. Or visit relatives and friends, then temporarily stay here. Not only the shenwu Dynasty, even LingYu city, will also let these temporary stay in the city, in wartime to form an army, assist the defenders of the city. It's just that this kind of temporary servant army will not have too high combat effectiveness. If some people are willing to contribute to the city they guard, they will also be elected to the official garrison. On Pangaea, it is not a relatively safe place like Yashenzhou. Without the formal residence qualification of a city, it is often necessary to face the threat of monsters alone. In addition, almost all the people who can fly to Yashenzhou are great talents. Whether it is Lingyu City, Qinglong City, or Shenwu City, there is no shortage of such warriors. Haidong Meng Shuai Xu Yifan saw Li yuanba so brave, in the heart a little more to attract the meaning, but he is more concerned about the back of Takeshi. Yuecheng Takeshi's cultivation may not be much better than Li yuanba's, but his black fire cloud obviously has the ability to restrain the chaotic demon gas, whether it is a living or dead chaotic monster, as long as it is swallowed by his fire dragon,Stainless Steel Square Pipe, there is no time to spit bones. Although Haidong Mengshuai Xu Yifan did not know that Takeshi Yuecheng had the ability to turn the chaotic demon gas into the innate chaotic power, and could also refine the skeleton of the chaotic monster into a demon bone hammer, the light from the black fire cloud of Takeshi Yuecheng could protect dozens of soldiers around to speculate that this man's ability was also very remarkable. sxthsteel.com

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