Curse the red lips

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They went straight to the end of the commercial street according to the description of Shi Xiu and Lei Cong.

"Because," the boy looked at Han Zhu again, "I just walked here and saw you talking to them. The boy pointed to Han Zhu, "he was the one who asked me to pass the note to Meiyu that day!" Han Zhu clenched his lips and lowered his head without saying a word. Dong Sheng frowned and stared at Han Zhu with burning eyes, pondering over something carefully. Seeing this, the Old Master said hurriedly, "Han Zhu, things have come to this point. Why don't you tell the police all about it so that the police can help us and we can all be cleared of suspicion?" Everyone glanced contemptuously at Old Master Q, who was eager to get a clear picture of himself. But we all know that although the old master is selfish and mean, but at this moment, what he said is very reasonable, this matter has developed unexpectedly, it seems that it may also bring great danger to everyone, the wise choice at present is to tell the police all about the matter, in order to solve it as soon as possible. So Shi Xiu opened his mouth and said, "Han Zhu, I think you should tell the police about it.". I'm afraid we can't solve this problem by our own ability. Tai Lung also said: "Yes, bamboo, this matter has exceeded our own capacity to bear, I think it is better to talk to the police.". With the participation of the police, we can find out the matter one day earlier, and we can also feel at ease one day earlier. Han Zhu flashed his eyes and hesitated for a long time before he nodded gently and agreed. In this way, small police Dong Sheng,304 Stainless Steel Flat Steel, with a line of people came to a quiet teahouse, found a private room to sit down, Han Zhu and Shi Xiu this just put all the things carefully said again, including Xia Xue things, and Han Zhu small when those strange encounters. The whole thing is really full of doubts, Dong Sheng carefully straighten out his thoughts, in general, this matter can be summarized as the following five major doubts: First,Brushed Stainless Steel Sheet, is there any relationship between plum rain and summer snow? Generally speaking, two people look so much alike that they can only be twins. But Xia Xue and Mei Yu have different surnames. Of course, it is not excluded that one of them has the surname of their father and the other has the surname of their mother, or that after their parents divorced, they took them to form a new family. However, if they are twins, Meiyu is two grades higher than Xia Xue, that is to say, Meiyu is two years older than Xia Xue. So is it really just a coincidence that the two of them look so much alike? If the two of them had a relationship, what kind of relationship would it be? Two, Xia Xue's death, Han Zhu witnessed at close range. For any person, it is possible that because of the tragic situation at that time, the spirit will be strongly stimulated, resulting in mental obstacles and shadows. What's more, Han Zhu was still young at that time, 304 Stainless Steel Sheet ,304 stainless steel wire, if Han Zhu had mental abnormalities due to this kind of stimulation, said strange words, made strange actions, and even appeared auditory hallucinations, visual hallucinations, fantasies and other mental symptoms, it seems not surprising. But Han Zhu actually foresaw death because of this, and even repeatedly fulfilled, it is very incredible. Does Han Zhu really have special abilities? Or is it just a coincidence? So is it just a coincidence that Han Zhu was discriminated against by the ignorant villagers when he was a child? Third, this doll, in this sensitive period, has repeatedly appeared in people's vision in a strange way, so what is so strange about it? What does it have to do with these strange things? Why do Lei Cong, Shi Xiu and Han Zhu think the doll is strange? But not all people have such a feeling, at least the Miaocan who bought the doll does not feel. Four, Han Zhu said, immediately, there will be a second person killed. So who will this second person be? When Meiyu had an accident, there was such a doll in his backpack. Was it really like Shi Xiu's guess that the murderer targeted the person who bought the doll? If not, who will be the next target of the murderer? Five, the most important point is, what is the credibility of what Han Zhu said? If what Han Zhu said is a lie, then what is his purpose? Can he really clear himself of suspicion? Even if he didn't have time to do it, he could have had an accomplice to finish the murder. Everything is very puzzling. While thinking, Dong Sheng said to them, "I suggest you tell the other two girls the whole story. Concealment and evasion will not solve the problem.". Only by finding out the matter clearly can we fundamentally guarantee your safety. In addition, you should not go out alone recently. It's better not to go out of school, especially not to play in remote places. Also, if there is any situation, you should inform me immediately. As he spoke, Dong Sheng took out a pen from his pocket, tore off a piece of paper from a small notepad, wrote down his mobile phone number and the telephone number of the office of the criminal police team, and handed it to them. After the discussion, Dong Sheng sent them to the door and stood outside the door, looking at the figures of several people leaving. After a little thought, he said to Wang Hua, who was standing beside him, "Let's go." Then he lifted his feet and left. Where to go? Wang Hua hurried to keep up. Commercial Street. Dong Sheng said as he walked. The shopping street is always so crowded. Dong Sheng and Wang Hua had no time to linger over these lively scenes of debauchery. They went straight to the end of the commercial street according to the description of Shi Xiu and Lei Cong. As soon as they turned the corner, they saw the small shops in the deep lane. Outside the door of the shop, an enchanting beautiful woman sat lazily on a black swivel chair, holding a colorful fashion magazine in her hand and looking at it carelessly. Occasionally, the woman looked up and saw two policemen standing in front of her shop. The woman took one look and felt that they could not come to their shop, so she continued to look down at the book. It was not until Dong Sheng walked directly in front of her that she stood up hurriedly and smiled: "Yo!"! What's the matter, Comrade? With a wave of his hand, Dong Sheng walked into the shop, picked up a doll that was the same as Meiyu's, and looked at it carefully. This doll is really beautiful, and the workmanship is very meticulous. The skin of the doll is fair and delicate, which is comparable to the real skin! Even its hair and nails are very lifelike. Especially the bright red lips, like the rose petals with dew,304 Stainless Steel Bar, are delicate and beautiful. The woman does not know what these two policemen want to do, busy say: "Comrade, I this shop has business charter." Dong Sheng smiled and showed the doll to the woman. "This doll is very beautiful. Which manufacturer made it?" 。

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