Iron rider Jin Ge

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The evidence of his crime is conclusive. Why should he be accused of helping a tyrant to do evil?"

Suddenly, he heard the sound of the wind breaking through his clothes. The old man, who was covered with a scarf, moved in his heart and dodged in his hiding place. But when he saw the evil spirits in Jianghu sweeping from the secret path of the back cave, he recognized that there were people like Jialan Ding Dajiang and others. Groups of evil rushed in one after another, one, two. Five, six.. He suddenly found that Murong Tong's eyes were cold and led Min Jun to come. Min Jun's eyes were cruel and sinister. The masked old man found that Min Jun seemed to be very resentful to Murong Tong. He didn't want to pull it out quickly. He couldn't help being surprised. He thought, "Is Murong Tong really Feng Yi?"? Min Jun is Lv Liang's best friend. Why does he seem to have a deep hatred with Murong Tong? Is it true that the Blue Shirt Scholar's words are true? He waited for the group of evil to go away and turned around and chased Murong Tong away. The Valley of Fallen Souls was completely empty. The Wulin group knew that the Lord of Chicheng Mountain had moved to another place, so they withdrew earlier. Lord Jintianguan sighed and said, "Sima Xuankun is really a fierce and resourceful man. He can bend and stretch. He resolutely abandoned his good inheritance and returned in the future." When Murong Tong heard that Lord Jin Tianguan approved of Sima Xuankun's words, he felt bad in his heart. He gave a cold pause in his nose and said, "He's not at the end of his life. How can he be willing to withdraw?" Lord Jin Tianguan said, "According to the poor way, he hasn't reached such a stage yet. It is said that an old man wearing a skeleton face towel has set up undercover spies in the Valley of Fallen Souls to rescue all the prisoners. He has been attacked both inside and outside. He has no way to understand himself. How can he not seek good luck and avoid disaster?" Murong Tong was silent. He was trapped outside the Valley of Fallen Souls. He was always looking for a secret path to sneak in and capture Sima Xuankun alive. Unexpectedly, things went contrary to his wishes. He stamped his foot and said, "We must find out where he is and then decide on a plan to capture him alive!" "That's the only way," said Lord Jin Tianguan. In the Valley of Fallen Souls, a group of evil spirits are dancing in disorder,Ozone generator ceramic plate, but there is no trace of the Lord of Akagi Mountain. All of a sudden, there was a hubbub of rumors in the Valley of Fallen Souls. It was said that the Lord of Akagi Mountain used the trick of catching a turtle in a jar to lure the enemy deep into the Valley of Fallen Souls. He did not know the origin of the rumor, and in a flash people were in a panic and left one stop in three. With a bang, a rocket was fired at a white tree, and the fire spread to the nearby trees. Several rockets were shot down one after another in several other directions. Suddenly he heard a loud shout: "This is a rocket from the true king of fire. It can't be put out. It's important to run for your life!" Group of evil chaos, fled to the 19 hole, Murong Tong eyes show fierce light,10g Ozone Generator, a palm brush out of the dark strength, hit a flying rocket, body volley into the place where the rocket was sent out. As soon as he stood firm, he suddenly heard a sneer from behind him. He quickly turned around and saw that it was the old man wearing a skull scarf who had been rumored for a long time. He was startled and said with a sneer, "Are you the true king of the fire?" The masked old man shook his head and said, "No!" "Then why don't you show your true colors?" Murong Tong snapped. "Like you," said the masked old man with a sneer, "I dare not show my true colors." Murong Tong was startled and said angrily, "Do you know who I am?" "I know!" The masked old man sneered, "Lord Feng Yi of Lvliang." The words fell out like the wind, five fingers as fast as lightning, looking at Murong Tong face to catch the door. Murong Tong stepped obliquely, his right wrist was Diao, cordierite c520 ,Ceramic Core Immersion Heaters, and he cut off the right arm of the masked old man in the style of "Jin Jiao Xiang Kong". The use of this style was extremely strange, and the force was heavy and strong. If it had been realized by him, the right arm of the masked old voice would have been cut off at the elbow. But the masked old man is not easy to get along with. He changes his position and shape in a strange way, and his palms unfold a set of sharp and unusual palms. With a sneer, Murong Tong shook up his hands in the air, roared and thundered, and fought with the masked old man to the death. There was a man hiding in the shade of a tree. His sharp eyes were watching the two men fighting. It was Deng Gongxuan who sincerely hoped that Murong Tong would be defeated. He would take advantage of the gap to attack and kill Murong Tong. Then the Valley of the Fallen Soul became more and more chaotic, and Ding Dajiang suddenly heard a familiar voice coming into his ears: "Ding Dajiang, are you going to fish in troubled waters again?"? Hum, I can't let you get what you want. If you have the idea of going straight, exit the Valley of Fallen Souls as soon as possible, and find out the whereabouts of Hua Xiuhan's life and death from Feng Yi. He recognized that the voice was made by the old man in gray clothes, and he could not help but be frightened. He quickly winked at the soul-chasing scholar Su Yanfang and others, and strode toward the Nineteen Holes. Apparently, the soul-chasing scholar Su Tingfang and the others did not hear the voice of the old man in gray. "Brother Ding," they asked in surprise, "are you leaving now?" Ding Dajiang said in a deep voice, "If you don't leave, you will be burned and killed by the raging fire in vain. We might as well stay on the main road outside the valley. Murong Tong must pass by when he leaves the valley. If we follow him, we may find a clue to the main culprit." Said walking faster and faster. The middle-aged scholar in a blue shirt floated out with a serene expression. It was obvious that he was Nangong Pengfei. He glanced at the shadows of Ding Dajiang and others who had gone away. He jumped up and the flying bird landed in front of Jintian Guanzhu. He said, "Guanzhu had better leave the Valley of Fallen Souls immediately, so as not to be buried here." Just as Murong Tong had not returned to the place where the rocket had been fired, he suddenly saw Nangong Pengfei fall in front of him. He could not help sneering and said, "Almsgiver, what's your name? Can you tell me?" Nanguan Pengfei smiled and said, "I'm a scholar of Buddha's hand. Those who do evil have their own retribution. Since Lord Guan has taken refuge in Sanqing, why bother to get involved in the disputes of Jianghu?"? "Tu Yi helped Zhou to ridicule him." Lord Jin Tianguan looked surprised and said, "I heard that Sima Xuankun was the chief murderer of the three evil spirits in southern Sichuan. He came all the way to Luohun Valley to uphold justice in Wulin. Besides, Sima Xuankun captured Yu Xu, the leader of Longju Stronghold, and Ge Mujiu, the old fisherman in Tianchi. The evidence of his crime is conclusive. Why should he be accused of helping a tyrant to do evil?" Nangong Pengfei said, "There is something wrong with Sima Xuankun, but he lured Yu Xu, Ge Mujiu and the heroes of Wulin in Luohun Valley Cave. He was determined to deal with Feng Yi. Unfortunately, he was misunderstood as evil Wulin. It's unfortunate." Lord Jin Tianguan gave a sneer. Without waiting for Lord Jin Tianguan to speak, Nangong Pengfei hurriedly said to himself, "I know Lord Jin Tianguan has a last resort. Otherwise, I wouldn't have taken orders from Feng Yi. There is a substitute for Guan Sheng in the 28th Cave of Sima Xuankun." Although the words are short, but Jin Tian Guan Zhu is also a very smart person, that still can not hear the meaning of the words? His face changed slightly. "Almsgiver," he said, "does he seem to have the ability to lift the ban on the body of the poor Taoist?" Nangong Pengfei said,alumina c799, "Lord Guan will return to Jintian Temple as soon as possible. My best friend will go to help lift the ban." When Lord Jin Tianguan heard this, he gave a blow to Nangong Pengfei and said, "There will be fate in the future. Thank you for your great virtue." Turn around and fly away like flying.

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