Kill God-In the place where the blood light passed

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In the place where the blood light passed, there must be the people of the Protoss clan screaming bitterly, being beheaded, being cut at the waist, being dismembered, turning into pieces of flesh and blood, exploding into a fog of blood.

As long as he slowly realizes it after a period of time, his understanding of the profound meaning of space will reach a level close to Belo, and if he integrates it skillfully, he will have more understanding and even surpass Belo. Now he has three kinds of profound meanings, space, stars and life and death. Among them, the profound meanings of stars have already advanced by leaps and bounds in the wilderness, merging the profound meanings of the ancestors of the Protoss, as well as the wonderful fruit. He has reached a mysterious state in his understanding of the profound meaning of stars. This trip also combines the profound meaning of Belo's space. It can be said that in the two profound meanings of stars and space, he has gone far beyond today's realm. As long as he can make a breakthrough in the profound meaning of life and death, as long as his soul altar is pure and unsullied, he is likely to break through the first God in a short time and enter a new world in the realm! Whew! On a cone-shaped meteorite, Shiyan suddenly appeared. He looked around with a calm face and let go of his divine consciousness. The divine consciousness with spatial fluctuations, like an arrow, swoops billions of miles in an instant, diving in the direction of the magic blood star. Scenes came to his mind. Thousands of battleships, like mountains, moored in the sea of clouds of the Magic Blood Star, and many Protoss people roared in chariots between mountains and lakes, fighting with the forces on the Magic Blood Star. Protoss Clan Clan dressed in bright silver armor, armed with magic weapon, Aoyi sharp and sharp, with tacit understanding in the battle, each team can form a very considerable combat effectiveness, on the contrary, those magic blood star forces do not know how to cooperate with the Aoyi display, there is no sense of teamwork. As a result, it is obvious that the Protoss are in the upper hand in an all-round way and have gradually formed a crushing situation. Warships and battleships bombarded in the sea of clouds,Teardrop Pallet Racking, and the splashing flames fell like flames and meteors, turning the land of the Magic Blood Star into a huge crater. Many warships burst in the battle, and the debris flew down like meteorites, causing many buildings on the stars to collapse. The thunder shook the sky, the lightning was like a rainbow, and the frost was swept by the hurricane, like a giant blade cutting the stars. The end of the magic blood star is coming. Fick, Lanotte, and Bai can stood proudly in the clouds, staring at the blood demon,industrial racking systems, Yan, and Shang Chen respectively to suppress the profound meaning. When the three kinds of energy breath collided, the mountains and rivers collapsed and exploded, the rivers boiled and exploded, and the mountains everywhere were razed to the ground. The collision of battleships, the battle of the first gods, and the impact of the profound power brought devastation to the magic blood star. The Protoss God punished the stars that had not been erased, because the bloody battle was on the verge of collapse and could split into countless meteorites at any time. Shi Yan suddenly withdrew his soul consciousness and his face was dark. At this time of the blood demon, Shang Chen, Yan Yan people, all the fighters on the magic blood star, in fact, are very similar to the previous Belo, they can actually choose to attach to the Protoss, so that they can avoid fighting, can avoid death, as long as they are willing to put a shackle around their necks, they can survive well. But they didn't do it. They would rather die in battle than surrender, and the altar of the soul would rather explode and shatter. They have the same choice as Belo. If Belo had nodded at that time, if he had agreed to the terms of the shadow, push back racking system ,shuttle rack system, he could not have died, he could have continued to be the head of his shadow clan, and in the future, when the bloodthirsty line took charge of heaven and earth, the shadow clan might have been more prosperous than it is today. But he didn't say yes. Because from his point of view, his fate has not changed, he is still enslaved, but a new master. He finally chose to die. Just like those people on the Magic Blood Star now, many of them are fighting with their lives burning. They are not afraid, only unwilling and unyielding. Shi Yan was moved. Moved by those people's choice between life and death, he knows that even if some people die, their spiritual will is still immortal, while others are alive, as well as dead. He suddenly had a new understanding of the profound meaning of life and death. He re-opened a gap in space and stepped across it, as if crossing the distance between life and death. He appeared directly in the Magic Blood Star, appearing in the battle between Fick, Bai can, Lanotte and the Blood Devil, Yan and Shang Chen. He stood on the top of a mountain and looked up at Fick, Bai can and Lanotte. There was no fear in his eyes and his expression was surprisingly calm. Puff! He spat out a mouthful of blood, drops of blood as clear as rubies, drops of blood fell into the scarlet eyes on the body of the blood sword, and the violent energy of the blood sword rose to the sky. A blood-colored beam of light, like a meteor, rushed into the galaxy, into a dark place somewhere, into a mysterious corner of the universe. His body, which was still immortal, quickly shriveled and emaciated. His eyes were as red as blood, and his strength was like a river bursting its banks. He rushed into the blood sword crazily. One eye opened, and strands of blood emerged from the pupils of his eyes. The void condensed and changed into a demon God's blood shadow of indomitable spirit. The shadow of blood roared silently toward the sky, the bloody hand beat and tore frantically, and one of the Protoss people who were killing calmly, like inferior porcelain, broke at a touch. Shiyan breathed heavily and roared, bleeding from the corners of his eyes, twinkling in the clouds like a demon, like a touch of blood. In the place where the blood light passed, there must be the people of the Protoss clan screaming bitterly, being beheaded, being cut at the waist, being dismembered, turning into pieces of flesh and blood, exploding into a fog of blood. The sky seems to be in the rain of blood, drops of blood with endless blood and violence, contains Shiyan's thoughts and feelings about life and death, the rain of blood has been falling, Shiyan has become a pure killing machine. A huge demon God blood shadow, a touch of blood light, flickered in the clouds of the sky of the demon blood star, taking away the lives of a famous God clan. Fick, Bai can, Lanotte face extremely bad, kept shouting, to the beginning of God to intercept. But the stone rock into a touch of blood, there is no trace to be found, it seems to shuttle continuously in the space crevice, the soul consciousness is difficult to lock, those gods can only watch him slaughter people, the power of the profound meaning condensed out, found that the stone rock has already been tens of thousands of miles away. The eerie horror of the space Arcanum is revealed at this time,cantilever racking system, and they are at their wits' end. The people killed by Shiyan are all virtual gods or below. They often succeed in an instant. When the other party realizes something is wrong, a flash of blood will separate the flesh and blood, and the altar will be pulled into the void.

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