Legend of the Fox

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They drew their short bows and frantically pulled the bowstrings in their hands. They scattered at the enemy's camp without aiming at all. The disorderly arrow feathers screamed harshly and fell like thatch.

The lost lives of the two high priests still squeezed out a little time for Saint Maisling, and while the blood gushed, Saint Maisling staggered back with a scream, but still did not escape the knife of the ground hunter-her right arm, which was subconsciously in front of her throat, was cut off. Your Highness! Bishop Refik, who arrived at the right time, shouted and dragged the nearly fainting saint to run until he was close to the Yulan army before stopping to treat her. The priests on the other side rushed up at the cost of their lives, which also won them precious time to escape. All this happened in just a few dozen breaths of time. Most of the attacked mages and the nearby Uran warriors were in a daze. The Uran Court Mages and the Church Mages were almost destroyed, and those who survived by luck almost lost the ability to cast spells. In the war, due to the poor close combat ability of the magician, usually placed in the rear or middle of the army, if ordinary soldiers want to attack the magician directly, they must break through the heavy army,warehouse pallet racks, or by the magician to attack the sorcerer, such as Paso collar Beamon using pangolin Beamon in the ground line hunters from the underground raid, this attack is impossible to defend. As a result, they were able to leave calmly after destroying most of the mages, and only a few of them were slightly injured. It was also from this day that magicians had no safe place in the army unless they could float in midair and turn on defensive magic. Just as Cameron was furious, in the midst of the coalition battle,warehousing storage solutions, Commander Zierhart again ordered the messenger to wave the yellow battle flag, and the rumbling drums of war resounded through the wilderness. In the middle of Beamon's battle array, the battle songs of the martyrs sounded, and the golden battle songs covered the bodies of the fierce horse knights. Immediately afterwards, the knights on the mammoth war elephants held their special machetes high, and the bright light of the knives even covered the brilliance of the sun. The irascible mammoth war elephants regained their unrestrained freedom. The clods of earth were trampled everywhere, and the roar of thousands of war elephants converged like a heavy thunder across the plain. Section 492 Battle of Kossolin (III) "Attack!" Cameron waved the flag, the loss of the magicians has left him no way out, and now is not the time to withdraw, can only be desperate. The first platoon of heavy knights of the Yolan Army raised their pikes high, industrial racking systems ,heavy duty metal racks, and a stream of black iron rushed to the opposite side of the fierce heavy knights. From the performance point of view, Yulan's heavy riding performance is remarkable, the same armor, the same vest, raised to the same height of the knight's gun, the front row of knights just rushed out 5 breath, nearly 3 meters long heavy knight's gun instantly fell at the same time.. Under the scorching sun, the sharp tip of the gun flashed with cold light, almost at the same time, the second row of heavy cavalry instigated the horse. Long. Two streams of iron rolled across the plain.. The war situation suddenly changed dramatically in an instant. The Mengma knights who were galloping suddenly took out a steel pipe from behind, which was as thick as an arm and about one and a half meters long. They pointed the mouth of the pipe to the direction of the heavy knights of the Yulan Army and pulled the machine. 'Whew.. ' A roar merged into a mountain between the tsunami, a red crystal shot from the steel pipe to the opposite Yulan heavy ride. Boom! Boom! Boom! …… A loud noise blasted the plain into dust, among which came the cry of the Uran Knight and the dying cry of the horse. The shock wave of the crystal bomb explosion even blasted the heavy knight and his horse into the air, with broken limbs dripping and blood gushing. The new weapon'grenade launcher 'invented by Paso's leading ordnance almost won a grand slam when it first entered the performance. Almost two-thirds of the Yulan heavy knights lost their fighting power at the first time, and were lucky not to be affected by the explosion. The heavy knights were in a hurry to escape to both sides. The mammoth knights hung their grenade launchers beside them and roared their machetes into the chaos of the Yulan knights, and before the machetes fell, the mammoth war elephant's sharp teeth and flexible and powerful nose were already in close contact with the Yulan knights, and the poor horse was no match for the war elephant in any way. The machete made of Hudson alloy easily cuts through the armor of the heavy knight. Then the huge inertia of the Yulan knights who followed closely did not allow them to make any evasive action at all. Faced with the chaotic companions in front of them, they had to throw away their knights'guns on the ground, pull out their knights' swords from their waists, and slash at the enemy. However, the plate armor of the fierce horse knight did not care about the chopping of the knight's sword at all, and the roaring machete cut off the knight's sword without any effort, and directly knocked down the heavy Yuran knights and their mounts to the ground-the battle was doomed from the beginning, and all that remained was time for defeat. At the same time that the heavy knights of Ueland were about to be wiped out, the Senegalese light cavalry suddenly came up from both sides and rushed up to the enemy's infantry phalanx from both flanks. They drew their short bows and frantically pulled the bowstrings in their hands. They scattered at the enemy's camp without aiming at all. The disorderly arrow feathers screamed harshly and fell like thatch. The mammoth heavy infantry threw away their tower shields and rushed toward the Uran army with their war hammers, faster than the galloping horses. The light infantry and archers who dodged the arrows in panic disrupted the heavy infantry camp, and several officers cut down several soldiers in succession, but to no avail. Cameron's face became extremely ugly. He knew that the whole army had completely collapsed, and there was no longer any meaning or possibility to save it. With a deep sigh, he drew out his sword and said to the messenger: "Command all the armies to surrender or retreat, and follow the convenience of all the troops!" The marshal cut his own throat with a horizontal sword, and his tall body fell to the ground with a bang from his horse. When the mammoth hoplites flooded into the enemy line,warehouse storage racks, there were no more Yuran warriors on the battlefield who dared to resist. On August 42, 8493, the Battle of Corselin was concluded in less than a day. The Court Magicians of the Yulan Empire and the Magicians of the Church of Light were almost completely destroyed. Only Bishop Refik and Saint Maislin were spared. The latter also broke an arm. jracking.com

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