Dragon Quest (Part 2)

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My ambition is higher than the sky. When I kill the God of pestilence, I will invite you to dinner for three days and three nights!

Liu heart so calculated, at the moment or sigh of the week of the scrap metal, and week after two words, pulled the Shar Pei out of the east county prison. With more than ten broken weapons, Liu bang and shar Pei dog together listlessly in the east county city. Suddenly in front of a lot of people around a notice to talk about the scene attracted Liu bang, the moment pulled a Shar Pei way: "Go ahead and see what's new ahead!" The two of them ran to the crowd, squeezed left and right, and finally squeezed to the front. When they looked up, they saw a notice offering a reward for catching the murderer, which read: "Three days later, the city of East County will hold a big martial arts contest. I hope that the people with lofty ideals who are good at martial arts will come to the school field of East County to show their skills. The winner will be promoted to the first warrior commander under General Qin. He will be responsible for chasing the assassin. The winner will be rewarded with five hundred taels of gold and can marry Qin Feng, the daughter of General Qin!" The next paragraph reads: "Notice of General Qin Jia!" On the top of the hanging list, there is also a painting of the head portrait of Ren with a fierce face. Liu bang saw the heart and happy and angry, happy is as long as his capture to run amuck can marry the beauty he saw Qin Feng, anyway, the main task of his trip is to capture run amuck, just can come to kill two birds with one stone, no, is three, there is a reward of five hundred! The anger is that since King Huai of Chu has proposed this task to be handled by himself, he has entrusted others to do it, which is too bad faith! And Qin Jia this guy can also really dog good cheat, first find some scapegoat to lead to run amuck, and he can benefit from after the fisherman, if someone really caught run amuck, he can get a member of the fierce general, and can claim credit to king Huai of Chu,asrs warehouse, seal king seal Hou, even the daughter also at the expense of sacrifice. Damn it, Lao Tzu must catch Ren before you Qin Jia, let you this old fox steal chicken instead of losing a handful of rice! Although King Huai of Chu doubted his ability, he would not tell others about his whereabouts! Fortunately, he had previously made preparations to guard against King Huai of Chu. He did not tell him his route. But not afraid of ten thousand is afraid of just in case, their own military orders corrupt Dongren run amuck is known to everyone, can have to beware of some villains calculate themselves, want to swallow this work alone! Well, fortunately, he now has the identity of Lu Shou as a cover, or now Qin Jia this old fox's influence in the territory, he can be very dangerous! Come to Lian Luguan's parents and Shar Pei. Zhou Ke, who had a deep friendship with Lu Guan, wire mesh decking ,shuttle rack system, did not see through the authenticity of his false identity, and others would not see through it! Gui Kui Si Shi and his father-in-law Guan Zhongxie and Chuha and other brothers are not around him now, it seems that everything has to rely on their own to protect themselves! And Lu Guan's identity is his most important disguise now! Or be known to Liu bang appeared in the east county city, that will die, no one can save himself! Liu heart panic to want to come, in order to play good Lu hall, suddenly clapped his hands and shouted: "My mother!"! Five hundred taels of gold plus a great beauty, can also have a high official to do! This is rich! "" Liu bang this cry to others a burst of laughter, one of them laughed: Are you out of your mind if you want to run amuck? People but swept the thirteen county, in the middle of thousands of horses can also come and go freely ghost head, with you? I think we should wait for the next generation of eight hundred lifetimes. The other man said: "Unless your mother gives birth to a thousand more heads of you, maybe she can catch him when the God of pestilence catches him!" Is a burst of laughter, then a panic track: "I heard that yesterday Ren had appeared in Dingtao City, 120 miles away from our East County City, and more than a thousand rebels encircled and suppressed him. As a result.." All go to heaven! Another person also whispered: "What's more, I heard that General Jingju personally led the troops to encircle and suppress Ren in the First World War, and even he was seriously injured!"! Alas, the ability of the God of pestilence is really like the devil! Previously the man nodded: "More than that, the God of pestilence has killed more than ten thousand rebel civilians!"! The most terrible thing is that I heard that the God of pestilence only eats human brains and human flesh, which is more cruel than the devil! As soon as they said this, they made the others pale and even tremble all over. The timid one was frightened to turn around and leave, and the bold one exclaimed: "Frightened!"! Terrible, isn't it the God of pestilence? The man who said that Ren ran amuck and ate human brains and human flesh then said: "It seems that the God of pestilence may come to our East County. Be careful!"! These days it's best not to go out or stay out of the limelight! Liu bang see people so deified let run amuck, and good gas and funny, at the same time under the heart also can't help secretly hair, but he has put big talk out, naturally can't reveal the fear in the heart, at the moment and a pair of arms loudly way: "My ambition is higher than the sky. When I kill the God of pestilence, I will invite you to dinner for three days and three nights!" Is leaving again is a burst of laughter, someone sneer at the Liu bang thumbs up way: "Good!"! That's heroic! I'll give you five pennies and bet that if you see Ren run amuck, you'll die without a whole body! Someone opened five fingers way: "I'll give you five pennies if you dare to run amuck!" Liu Bang was laughed and scolded by the crowd, so embarrassed that he blushed and was so angry that he turned away angrily. Shar Pei followed, ran to Liu bang, squeeze out a smile way: "Shrinking brother, this group of people have eyes without balls, timid as mice, full of excrement and urine, do not pay attention to them!" Liu bang gnashed his teeth a Yang fist way: "Yes, they look down on people!"! You immediately inform the city beggars, pay attention to the whereabouts of the God of pestilence! Also, see Liu Long's four men also hurriedly inform me! Shar Pei dog body is to Liu bang respectfully track: "I know!"! Little brother, do it immediately! Then he turned around and went away. Liu Bang looked at the figure of Shar Pei, a hug in both hands, said to himself: "This young master's intelligence network,drive in racking system, there are Shar Pei dogs, they are all-pervasive!" Then he sighed in a low voice: "I hope they can find out the whereabouts of the four ghosts!"! If I don't see Ren running amuck, maybe I'll really die without a whole body! 。 jracking.com

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