After wearing the book, I just want to keep a low profile (end)

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Now he works in a department store, but business matters have little impact. After all, he has been deployed for more than half a year since he returned to the city.

Liang Jinghuai said so, Fang Dongming had some regrets. The TV business is so good that the bill of lading of two thousand TV sets is not enough for these department stores. But since brother Huai said no, it is estimated that it is really not done. Huai elder brother is his most respected person, in his opinion, Huai elder brother is not only a man of love and righteousness, but also a man of great ability. But now so capable Huai elder brother, unexpectedly ran to the department store to work as a stevedore, he really did not understand what Huai elder brother was thinking. Brother Huai, are you tired of working in the department store today? Why don't I help you unload the goods tomorrow? Liang Jinghuai chuckled, "What's so tiring about that little work? It's far worse than when I was on the farm before. Don't worry." "Brother Huai, otherwise we'd better persuade Auntie.". The money you earn in business now is estimated to be less than you can earn in a department store for a lifetime. Why does Auntie insist that you go to work there? Not only because of my mother, but also because I go to work in the department store for other reasons. I'll talk to you later. It's getting late. Hurry up and take Uncle Fang home. I'm leaving, too. Liang Jinghuai put the money into a black handbag and closed the shop with Fang Dongming before rushing home. Liang Jinghuai's home is in the east of the city, passing through several construction sites under construction, turning a park, and then there are several rows of quiet small foreign buildings. Most of the buildings here are Western-style,Magnesium Sulphate producer, and the small villas with red brick spires are very beautiful among the green trees. Liang Jinghuai's bicycle rode to the door of a Western-style building. He got off and pushed the door in. A voice immediately greeted him. Brother Liang, you're back. Why did you get off work so late? It was Luo Xiuhong, the nanny of the Liang family, who saw the black bag hanging on Liang Jinghuai's bicycle and reached out to help take it down. Suddenly he thought of the rules that Liang Jinghuai had laid down for her, and his hand immediately shrank back, not daring to act rashly. Has my mother eaten yet? "Not yet. Aunt Liang said she would wait for you to eat together." Liang Jinghuai nodded,caustic calcined magnesite, "then let's have dinner." "All right, Brother Liang." Luo Xiuhong hurried to the kitchen to serve the meal. After wearing the book, I just want to keep a low profile [80] Verse 13 Liang Jinghuai hung his bag on the hanger at the entrance and went to his mother's room first. The light was already on in the room, and when she saw Liang Jinghuai coming back, Chen Lanping, who was sitting in a wheelchair, immediately put down her sweater needle and showed a smile on her face. I'm back. Why do you get off work so late? Liang Jinghuai went over and took the sweater aside. "Why are you knitting a sweater on this hot day?". Didn't the doctor tell you to rest more? "Mom has nothing to do at home. She just knits two stitches casually. How does it feel to go to work on the first day today?" "Not bad." Liang Jinghuai answered carelessly and pushed his mother to the restaurant. Luo Xiuhong had already set up the food, and when she saw them coming, she quickly brought out the soup. Brother Liang, Auntie said that you worked hard on your first day at work and asked me to cook chicken soup for you. Liang Jinghuai sat down with an expressionless face and first took out a bowl and handed it to his mother. With a smile on her face, Chen Lanping said, "Drink more. It's very hard for the porters.". Your uncle Luo said that the position in the department store is very tense now, Magnesium Oxide MgO ,Magnesium Sulphate producer, and you will be transferred when you have a chance after a period of time. If you do it well, you will be able to become a full member next year. Liang Jinghuai was noncommittal. "Mom, don't worry about these things. Just take good care of yourself." Chen Lanping can not put down the heart, "Jing Huai, mom knows that you do this work you have some grievances.". But you have been an educated youth on the farm for so many years, and it is not easy for our family to clear their names. Mom is really afraid. Although this work is a little hard, but now how many educated youth returning to the city do not have a job, if not for your uncle Luo's help, this job is not our turn. "Mom, I know. Don't think too much. I'm not wronged." Look at the son although look light, but not like the appearance of grievance, Chen Lanping this just put down the heart. When the son just returned to the city, he mentioned that he wanted to do business by himself, but she stopped him. Later, the son never mentioned it again. Chen Lanping had been on tenterhooks, but now he went to work in a state-owned unit, and Chen Lanping was completely relieved. Their mother and son had been separated for so many years before they were reunited, and she could not let her son take any more risks. The capitalist's hat has been taken off with great difficulty, but it can't be put on again. Chapter 17 Liang Jinghuai accompanied his mother to have a meal together, and was pulled by his mother garrulous instructions for a long time. It was not until Chen Shulan's face was a little tired that Liang Jinghuai persuaded her to go back to her room to rest, and he himself went back to his room. Liang Jinghuai's bedroom is on the second floor, the whole second floor is his own space, and the nanny at home is also forbidden by him to go upstairs. In the hot weather, Liang Jinghuai first went to the bathroom to take a shower, and then took out the money in his bag and locked it in the safe. Lying on the bed, Liang Jinghuai thought about the next plan. Now he works in a department store, but business matters have little impact. After all, he has been deployed for more than half a year since he returned to the city. The relationship network has been set up everywhere. What good goods can Dongming run several times in the future. He also understood that he was afraid of the movement in the past few years, and he just wanted him to be an employee in a state-owned unit and live a safe and secure life. But how can Liang Jinghuai settle down, this ten years their family has suffered, his father's death is in his heart, do not let that person pay the price, he will not be reconciled. There is no shortage of money for him now, and he has a lot of savings in his hands over the past few years. Of course, this is not comparable to the heyday of their family. The current policy is not clear, but Liang Jinghuai believes that it will be more and more relaxed in the future, so he is not anxious to make money at present. Now the most important thing is to find out the person who really betrayed and framed his father and make him pay the price he deserves. Think of here Liang Jinghuai's eyes fierce up,dap diammonium phosphate, the memory of the past again floated to the heart. When he was only ten years old, he watched his father jump from the roof, bleeding all over the floor.

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