Quick-wear system: blackening boss, asking for light pet

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This kind of thing, has long been common, honey calm. In their eyes, these demons, like them, are part of the city.

If he had a long sword pinned to his waist at the moment, it would be somewhat similar to Gai Nie, the first swordsman in the bright moon of the Qin Dynasty. Are you awake? I heard Fahai's familiar ethereal voice. Lin Qiao hurried back to his senses. Only then did he notice that the monk's robe that Fahai often wore had disappeared. Instead, it was a gray and white robe. Why are you dressed like this? Whether it's her or Fahai. I haven't changed my clothes since I fell into the endless abyss. There's no way to change clothes! They can't get out! When Lin Qiaoruo really felt uncomfortable, Fa Hai pinched a clean decision and got it done. It is also good to stay in this endless abyss, part of the metabolism of the human body is static. Otherwise. In this place, if Lin Qiao has her period. Even if it's not a river of blood, it's embarrassing! "It's convenient to dress like this." As he spoke, Fahai held out his hand to Lin Qiao. Get along for a long time, Lin Qiao is not polite, skillfully grabbed his hand, by his strength, stood up. She didn't see it clearly until she stood up. I don't know when a huge black hole has appeared behind Fahai. Rotating inward, like a black hole in the universe. Dark and bottomless, mysterious and eerie. It's like you can suck everything in! "The fissure passage will last a limited time. Come on, let's get out of here!" Fahai's words are very light. But enough to set off stormy waves in Lin Qiao's heart. Who knows how much she hates this place in her heart! I dream of leaving every day! Every day I look forward to Fa Hai and the big devil finding a way out quickly. Immersed in excitement, she did not notice that Fahai had been holding her hand during the whole process and did not let go. Crack Channel. As the name implies, it is to tear a crack between two different spaces as a connecting channel. And after they entered the rift channel. There was darkness all around again. The body seemed to be torn into many pieces and quickly reassembled. Repeated tearing and combination again and again! Tear and reassemble! Not only the physical pain,Walking measuring wheel, but also the psychological stimulation. Lin Qiao had to close his eyes and sweat on his forehead. Fa Hai took her into his arms without any trace. Take care of it carefully. Deep inside, another voice is clamoring. Let her go and let Ben Wang come! The look in Fahai's eyes was flat. After reading a long passage of scripture, the voice in the body stopped. He didn't want her to suffer less. But he and the big devil both know. Only in this way can they leave smoothly. Chapter 290 Fahai, you don't understand love (36). After passing through the crack channel. Lin Qiao and the others finally left the moldy abyss. And Lin Qiao also understood very quickly, why Fa Hai can change a suit of clothes specially. The place they are entering now is called the city of bliss. On the day of the Double Seventh Festival. The space of the city of bliss will become extremely weak. Whether it is a demon, a demon or an immortal, it is easy to enter. Even if it is a dead place like the endless abyss. As long as you find the right way, you can still transport to the city of bliss smoothly. However, there is an unwritten rule in the city of bliss. On this night, all the people in the city of bliss were allowed to enter and not to leave, horse weight tape ,Surveyors tape measure, and the gates would not be reopened until dawn the next morning. Which means. Lin Qiao, they have to stay in the city of bliss all night tonight. The two men walked into the gates of the city of bliss one after the other. At the same time, Fa Hai waved his sleeves and immediately made a simple disguise on the two men. It makes outsiders look like. They are just two ordinary businessmen passing through here. Fahai patiently explained this. The reason why the city of bliss is called "bliss". Apart from the love affairs that are often circulated here. It is also the only place where people, demons and demons can coexist. It belongs to a rare gray area in the three realms. No matter in the mortal world, the demon world or the fairy world, there is no way to intervene here. It is a paradise in the hearts of demons, not a city of bliss, what else can it be? And that's why. Many demons who like human fireworks or have other reasons will choose to settle here. In addition, there are many local ordinary people in the city. They have lived here for generations. For'My neighbor is a monster! ' 'My Wife is a fox? ' 'What Should I do? I seem to have touched a demon. ' This kind of thing, has long been common, honey calm. In their eyes, these demons, like them, are part of the city. It is no different from other people. On the contrary, there is a unanimous dislike for some outsiders. Especially for human monks, monks, nuns, exorcists, etc. If one of these people enters it, even if they are killed by monsters in the street, no one will stand up to fight against injustice, and it is already very good not to get worse. As a result, all the monks who passed by or worked in it had to make certain disguises. After listening to these introductions, Lin Qiao suddenly began to rejoice that Fahai had grown hair. If not, the big bald ostrich egg he used to have. Even if you have done camouflage, it is easy to be found! Tonight. It is also the day of the Lantern Festival. Along the way, Lin Qiao has seen many beautiful lanterns, as well as three or five groups of people gathered together to guess lantern riddles. Lin Qiao is not interested in these things. What she is most interested in is a series of delicious food on the street. Ice-sugar gourds, osmanthus cake, lotus seed soup, walnut crisp,Fiberglass tape measure, peach blossom soup.. And a big bowl of wonton that smells good! Lin Qiao was able to control his greed at first. But in the back, the more delicious food you see, the more you can't move. Every second glance was a torment to her!. tapemeasure.net

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