Earthly Bai Yi Ge Cai Wei- "Keyboard Class"

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Earthly Bai Yi Ge Cai Wei- "Keyboard Class"Earthly Bai Yi Ge Cai Wei- "Keyboard Class"

Ye Jian's thinking was lured by the beauty of Shen Yi and the other two handsome men, and before he could react, he heard a thunderbolt in his ear. Although she usually gets along with Shiwei day and night, she has long been accustomed to the Pluto girl's occasional outbursts of nonsense, but now the scene is obviously beyond her tolerance. She turned her head stiffly and looked at Shi Wei with a blank face with the eyes of an alien. On the other side, all three boys couldn't help laughing. Well, senior Shen, I'm her roommate. Ye Jian looked slightly dull and unconsciously wanted to maintain her image. She first introduced herself and then said, "Although we are a little neurotic, she is a good girl in essence.". Senior, don't dislike her. (Time micro: (# ′) convex! Are you sure you're defending me? Ah, what should I do? When I came to my senses, I felt that she wanted to bite off her tongue. Why can't she behave normally when facing outsiders? Why can't she be very gentle and ladylike (hello!) Say hello and say hello. Why do the words come out of your mouth before you think about the situation clearly? Ah, so sad, I don't want to live. Shen Yi approached a little, stood still in front of Shi Wei, saw her blushing and annoyed appearance, and could not help but reach out and pat her on the head,75 inch smart board, and said to Ye Jian with a light smile. "You are very lovely, and I will not dislike her." As a result, Ye Jian's soul was so easily hooked. But the other side did not comply, she frowned and complained, "said you do not pat me on the head.". It's bad luck to meet you when I come out for a walk. "Ha ha!" Standing next to Shen Yi, a boy finally could not help laughing out loud, "I said,interactive flat panel display, when did you start to like women?"? Who is this beauty? She doesn't even introduce herself to us. "Cough.." Shi Wei, a junior. Shen Yi pointed to two boys and said to Shi Wei, "They are Xu Qingxing and Chen Mo, my roommates. We have something to do when we go back to school." "Oh, beauty, if Shen Yi bullies you, you will abandon him and throw him into your brother's arms!" The boy named Xu Qingxing said to Shi Wei enthusiastically. Uh. Why does she feel a little familiar with this tone? However, I can't remember where I heard it. I smiled awkwardly and said to them, "Since you have something to do, I won't bother you. We're leaving. Bye-bye." With that, she quickly pulled Ye Jian away, completely ignoring the laughter of the three people behind her. After walking out for a long time, smart board touch screen ,86 smart board, Ye Jian suddenly hugged Shi Wei's arm and laughed wildly. Poof. Weiwei you, you.. The wolf is coming, ha ha! I couldn't help it, I laughed to death. "Ignore me." When slightly curled his lips, he was speechless and far away from Ye Jian. The two of them wandered outside until it was dark before they went to the bedroom. After returning to the dormitory, Ye Jian impatiently went to take a bath, when Wei consciously searched out a lot of delicious food from Ye Jian's backpack, picked out a bag of beef jerky and a bag of plum and threw them on his bed, then turned on the computer. As soon as I logged in to the game, I saw that I had thrown a team invitation. Eh? Is Wang Yi online. She clicked on the acceptance and saw his message coming like a bombardment. [Friend] Resolutely: Depend on --! Weiwei, why are you level 50?! What happened during my working hours? [Friend] Yiran: Where are you now? I want to visit you. Visit When micro hurriedly reply to his message, the word has not finished, resolutely has come on horseback to appear in front of her in the competition field, click on her character column to study. As a result, he was naturally not calm. [Friend] Yiran: Weiwei, tell me honestly where did you get this JP outfit? Did you hook up with the GM of this game? Sniff. GM? If she wants to hook up, she has to have a chance. Shi Wei rolled his eyes and told Wang Yi in detail how the great God took her to practice and teach her PK during the day. [Friend] Resolute: Laugh. It seems that you don't have to hook up with GM. You just have to work hard to hook up with Dusty White. I don't mind if I can devote myself when necessary. Wang Yi, do you dare not tease your own sister like this! Shi Wei cursed her eldest brother ten thousand times in her heart, and she suddenly felt how powerless it was to have a brother. Wang Yi looked Ge Caiwei up and down again and sent a message in the gang. [Gang] Resolutely: Take 50 special shoes and wristbands for pharmacists. The more JP, the better. Send attribute pictures to chat with me privately. After that, Wang Yi turned to Shi Wei and asked. [Friend] Resolute: Weiwei, join us? Uh. Join the "decline"? Shi Wei agreed almost without thinking. After all, this gang was originally set up for her in Zuo Nian, and since she is now playing the game, it is logical that she should join. Resolutely sent a gang invitation order, when the micro did not hesitate to point to agree, her head appeared a "type" word logo, at the same time, the character title column also has a "type micro gang". [Gang] In the Name of Love: Scatter Flowers, Welcome New People! [Gang] In the Name of Hate: Applause, Welcome Newcomers! Wife, kiss. [Gang] The river is flowing: set off firecrackers, welcome the new couple! [Gang].. Looking at everyone in the gang brushing the words of welcome one by one, Shiwei was in a good mood and introduced himself to everyone. [Gang] Ge Caiwei: Hello, everyone. Nice to meet you. I'm Ge Caiwei, please take care of me. At this time, someone checked her level information and revealed in the gang that she happened to be a level 50 medicine man, so people were gossiping about whether the equipment just collected by the gang leader was for her, and several people asked what to do about "purple smoke" and so on. Purple smoke.. Slightly keen to smell the taste of JQ, was about to excitedly lure Wang Yi to say whether she had found a good sister-in-law, but I do not know that someone over there suddenly playfully,smart interactive whiteboard, in the gang said a word that made her extremely contemptuous and extremely contemptuous. [Gang] Yiran: Can you guess whether the new beauty is the wife I plan to marry, or the lover I secretly keep with purple smoke on my back, or the mistress who haunts me without any status? I think I have been your childhood sweetheart for 20 years.

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