The villain boss always wants to bend me [wear it quickly]

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The villain boss always wants to bend me [wear it quickly]The villain boss always wants to bend me [wear it quickly]

As Shi yuan approached, the boy stood up and bowed. It has been more than a month since Zhong Yi came to Weiyang Palace. After this period of time, he was already familiar with Bu Shiyuan. He deliberately showed some unusual pony feet. The man was more curious about his origin and monitored him more closely than before. Unfortunately, no matter what means Bu Shiyuan used to find his origin, it is estimated that the man's patience is running out. Following the step of Shiyuan came to the study, the man read the memorial, and Zhong Yan consciously grinded the ink. The man picked up his pen and wrote a few words. Then he frowned, closed his memorials and threw them on the table. He said impatiently, "Somebody, carry these to the national teacher. I don't need to send these memorials to me in the future. I don't want to see them." The eunuch who came in nodded and quickly arranged the memorial and carried it out, fearing that a slow step would hinder the emperor's eyes and keep his head. Looking at the skillful movements, it was obvious that this kind of thing had happened more than once. Seeing that the eyesore was gone, the emperor leaned on the couch and asked in a pleasant tone, "What play do you like to listen to?" There was no one else here but him. Zhong Yi hurriedly returned, "I.." I don't like to listen to plays. This person is very interesting, the origin is unknown, the courage is also very big,smartboards for business, lurking in the palace not only does not know to please me, under my eyes to engage in small tricks also live quite wantonly. In this world, in front of the emperor who loves to listen to the opera, only he will reply to the four words "do not like to listen to the opera". If you don't like the opera, is there anything more interesting than listening to the opera? Say it and I'll hear it. As if intrigued by the teenager, Bu Shiyuan straightened up his upper body and asked doubtfully. The man's four words of playfulness and pleasure are interpreted incisively and vividly, but it's a pity that Zhong Yan has already seen through his true face. Without answering,digital interactive whiteboard, he bent down and picked up a memorial from under the table. "Your Majesty," he said, "there's another one here." The man reached for the memorial and tried to throw it away. "The emperor can't." Zhong Yi reached out to stop it. "Your Majesty, there is only one. It's not too late for you to listen to the play after reading it." "Are you teaching me to do things?" The tone was full of murder. I dare not. Zhong Yi knelt down to apologize, then looked up at the holy face, frowned for a while and pursed his lips for a while. Finally, he made up his mind to say what he had been holding in his heart. "Your Majesty, you are the king of Nanqi. But the people of Nanqi and the palace of Yangyang only know the national teacher but not the king. This is wrong. In the long run, I'm afraid Nanqi is not the world of Bu Shi." As early as entering the study, Bu Shiyuan found that today's clock was a little abnormal, and he put some pressure on him to stop himself from throwing the memorial, and sure enough. But he said this is to see through my disguise, interactive digital whiteboard ,touch screen board classroom, or did not see through only with a cavity of blood said? If the former, he will pay more attention to this person, if the latter, then he will have to investigate the origin of this person's shadow guard back, so brainless people want to think there is nothing to be on guard against. How dare you! How dare you defy the emperor and speak irreverently! Bu Shiyuan was so angry that he drew out his sword and put it on the slender neck of the kneeling young man. "I will comfort my ancestors with your blood today." Bu Shiyuan was testing whether the man had found his disguise or not. Zhong Yi naturally knew that the man in front of him was testing himself, and that the confrontation was just an opportunity for him to give them both a chance to show their faces and tell the truth. The young man ignored the sword on his neck and stood up directly from the ground without an oral instruction. He looked up at Bu Shiyuan and said, "I know what you are thinking from the bottom of your heart. I also know that you are not without the ability to govern the country and have no ambition. Everything is just pretending to be incompetent with the national teacher." The sword on the neck did not withdraw, and even pressed harder against the white and tender skin, only one point away from sinking into the flesh, stained with blood. Oh? Then tell me how I disguised myself? "Now there are four men in the inner hall watching over me. There were originally two, and the other two appeared when you drew your sword.". ” Bu Shiyuan was startled. The man in front of him had already decided that he had no skill as early as the first side. So how did he discover the shadow guard who had been trained for years? There are two dark guards in Nanqi Palace, the Shadow Dragon Guard and the Shadow Qi Guard. The Shadow Dragon Guard has long been subdued by the old way, and the Shadow Qi Guard has been secretly in his own hands. Legend has it that before the founding of the People's Republic of China, Emperor Tai/Zu fought in the four directions, but he was always concerned about one person, who was often accompanied by Emperor Tai/Zu and convinced millions of soldiers that the strategist was an adult. It is no exaggeration to describe the strategist as having a decisive victory thousands of miles away. It was a pity that he succeeded in the end, but because he was a man and his mind was like a demon, the confidants of Emperor Tai/Zu were afraid that he would bring disaster to the court, so they had the idea of assassination. He also knew that if he answered the heart of Emperor Tai/Zu, the emperor would not want to detain him in the harem, but would still give him power and duties, and he did not want to be full of ambition in the palace wall. He was a member of the imperial harem, the only pillow of Emperor Tai/Zu, and a powerful courtier. For Nanqi, who had just founded the People's Republic of China, he really had the capital to bring disaster to the court. So he refused to too/Zu emperor, a courtier to assist too/Zu, even so, the assassination of his people is still endless, there are enemies afraid of his strength to send killers, there are the revenge of the remnants of the country, courtiers covet his official title in the dark to create difficulties, too/Emperor Zu did not want him to be injured but also did not want him to stay away from the court. The only one who obeyed the emperor's orders was divided into two parts, and the other part was called the Shadow Guard. The Shadow Guard only obeyed the military adviser, and would not be withdrawn for life. The strategist was childless, and he disappeared after the death of Emperor Tai/Zu. In fact, everyone in the royal family knows that there are two people in the jade coffin of Emperor Tai/Zu, one of whom is the strategist. After the death of the strategist, his shadow guard disappeared. Twenty years ago, he met the successor of the military adviser,interactive whiteboard for schools, holding the jade card of Ying Qi Wei to help him. Ying Qi Wei has been secretly adopting babies with innocent family background and cultivating them from childhood. Today, his strength is comparable to that of Ying Long Wei, who was taken away by the national adviser.

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