How a bad guy is made II

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How a bad guy is made IIHow a bad guy is made IIHow a bad guy is made IIHow a bad guy is made II

Unexpectedly, however, what he pulled out of his arms was not a cigarette case, but a bright pistol. Want the goods? Go and ask the King of Hell for it! Said, he did not even hesitate, raised his hand, aimed at Zhou Nanyong's head, suddenly is a shot. Bang! The distance was too close, and it happened suddenly and without warning. Zhou Nanyong didn't even have time to react, so he plunged into the first place and almost flowed out along the hole on his forehead. Soon, the ground was dyed red. Chapter 237 You.. Are you crazy? What the hell are you doing? Looking at Zhou Nanyong's body, all the eldest brothers panicked and did not know why Wang Spruce wanted to kill him. I'm not crazy, I just know that today, you all have to die! As he spoke, he clapped his hands. With a crash, more than thirty men poured out from both sides of the door, all carrying guns in their hands. Brother Lu, Brother Wang, what are you. "I'm going to take you home!" As they spoke, Lu Huiming and Wang Yunshan shook themselves out of the warehouse and closed the door at the same time. At this moment, the sound of gunfire in the warehouse could be faintly heard, as well as the mixed screams and wails. Six eldest brother and his men, there is no gun on the body, even a piece of knife such a cold weapon also does not have, which can stop more than 30 real gun live ammunition of the big fellow. It was a one-sided massacre, one side killed crazily, killed red-eyed, and the other side, just the opposite,grey marble slab, was killed crying father shouted mother, no power to fight back, but the warehouse inside the gap, nothing else, simply can not find a shelter to hide, the six eldest brother together with his brothers is no way to heaven, no way to the ground, can only watch the brothers fall one by one, The last one to fall is themselves. The battle took only five minutes. Five minutes later, the door of the warehouse opened and more than thirty men filed out,White Marble Mosaic, each with a stiff expression and empty bullets in their hands. Wang spruce asks: "Have solved clean?" "Yes, boss!" One of the big men nodded wearily and said, "There is no one left alive!" "Good, go and rest!" Wang spruce to the big fellow and other people waved, they threw down the empty gun, one by one to the direction of the car. Wang spruce is still a little worried, personally holding a gun, went into the warehouse, just went in, the face of the pungent smell of smoke and blood pushed him out again. He frowned, took out his handkerchief, covered his mouth and nose, and carefully walked around with his head down. Seeing that some of them were not completely dead, he went up and shot them mercilessly. He is very clear, now, absolutely can not leave alive, once let the Japanese gang know the news that the eldest brother was killed, Lu Huiming and Wang Spruce I am afraid that before they have time to return to Japan, their own gang will be attacked. Before you are ready, you must not leak any information. After checking and confirming that it was correct, Slate Wall Panel ,Calacatta Quartz Slab, Wang Spruce came out of the warehouse. At this time, Li Shuang is also outside, hands pinching the waist, open bosom, slanting cigarette, full of small hoodlum appearance. However, people around him dare not treat him as a gangster. Seeing Wang Yunshan walking out, Li Shuang asked, "Lao Wang, are you all done inside?"? Brother Dong is waiting for the letter! Wang Yunshan stepped forward quickly and said with a smile, "Brother Li, it's over inside. I checked it myself. There's absolutely no one alive." "Yes!" Li Shuang nodded with satisfaction and said, "Well done!"! You clean up the body. There is a piece of grass behind the warehouse. Dig a hole and bury it. I'll go back and report to Brother Dong first. With these words, he directed his brothers to withdraw their guns. Brother Lee! Wang Yunshan handed him the pistol and said, "Time is pressing now. After a while, Brother Lu and I will fly back to Japan directly, so we won't go to see Mr. Xie." "Oh, all right!" Li Shuang nodded and said, "Well, I'll leave first." When the brothers had almost collected their guns, Li Shuang said goodbye to Lu and Wang, got on the bus, and returned to the city to see Xie Wendong. Back to the temporary branch of Beihongmen, seeing Xie Wendong, Li Shuang told the situation in detail. When Xie Wendong heard this, he laughed and said, "Let them fight. It's best to fight for both sides." Li Shuang was stupefied and asked, "Brother Dong, aren't you going to help them?" "Help!"! Of course I will. Xie Wendong said with a smile, "It's just that we have to wait until they are almost ready to help!" With these words, he picked up the phone and called Liu Siyuan, who was far away in Hongmen, Japan. Soon, the phone was connected. Xie Wendong first asked him about his life in Japan. Then, he cut to the point and asked: "Lao Liu, how is Ben Hongyun's situation in Hongmen, Japan now?" "Very bad!"! Brother Dong, although he is now the head of Hongmen, but many of the backbone of Hongmen rely on their own strength, did not look up to him, did not take him seriously, he said, few people will listen. Xie Wendong sighed and asked, "What does Ben Hongyun think of these people?"? Has he thought about how to solve it? "Alas!"! Brother Dong, this man doesn't want to go in, let alone have no ambition, even if the idea of keeping his present position is not strong. "Well.." This is a trouble, and it can't go on! Xie Wendong rubbed his chin and lowered his head to meditate. There is a good side to things, and of course there is a bad side. At the beginning, he chose Ben Hongyun because he was timid and easy to control, but similarly, even if he sat in the position of Big Brother Hongmen, he was still unable to hold up the wall. A gang, if the boss has no prestige, for a long time, will be chaos, at that time, Ben Hongyun's position certainly can not be kept. With a flash of cold light in his eyes, Xie Wendong asked, "Old Liu, if you kill a few of the more flamboyant backbones, do you think the situation will get better?" "Oh?"? If so, it will play a deterrent role! Brother Dong,Carrara Marble Slab, are you going to come to Japan? Xie Wendong laughed and said, "I'm not going, but I'll send someone there." Who does Brother Dong want to send? When? I'll pick him up! 。

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