Peerless Martial Arts of Online Games

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Peerless Martial Arts of Online GamesPeerless Martial Arts of Online GamesPeerless Martial Arts of Online GamesPeerless Martial Arts of Online Games

Defense + 8, Neck: None, Body: Hell Armor Silver Equipment Stamina + 10, Defense + 80, Skill: Bracer from Hell, which has a 5% chance to bring the wearer back from the dead. No death penalty. Left hand: Hell Ring Gold Strength + 5, Defense + 30, Intelligence + 10, Skill: a ring from hell that has a 10% chance to bring the wearer back from the dead, with no death penalty. , The gold bracer of hell Strength + 5, Defense + 50, Intelligence + 5, Skill: Bracer from Hell, which has a 10% chance to bring the wearer back from the dead. No death penalty. Right hand: Blood Inflammation Ghost Blade Ghost Weapon Strength + 20%; Attack Physical strength + 10; Skill: Blood Inflammation Damage: Close to Blood Inflammation Ghost Blade will take some damage. Bloody Chop: Attacks enemies with Bloody Power, dealing 500% damage at a cost of 2. Single attack, 10 minute cooldown. Fire crab K kù blue s sè outfit Stamina + 5, Defense + 10, Feet: Wolf King boots, green s sè gear, Defense + 10, Agility + 3, Class requirement 8, After the equipment was cleared, Zhao Zilong's eyes were on the items he had collected. The inner alchemy of the blood crab could be used for alchemy and refining. It was a ghost-level refining material, which was very precious. The blood beads could be used on the equipment to increase the damage of the blood beads. The value was not low. As for the fragments of the mysterious beads,Stone Honeycomb Panel, there was no introduction at all, but Zhao Zilong had a premonition. The mysterious bead fragment is his biggest harvest this time, and in the other two special items, there is a build help token, build help token in the flood is very rare, and this build help token is the first piece of the whole flood help token, called the value of the city is not too much, Zhao Zilong can not help but excited. Then Zhao Zilong put his eyes on another object, which was a map. The introduction said that the mysterious map seemed to record the road to hell. After looking at his equipment,Silver Travertine Slabs, Zhao Zilong remembered that the system had rewarded him with an item. Sure enough, there was a mysterious iron box in his equipment column. There was a roulette wheel on the iron box, which was turning constantly, and the things on the roulette wheel were quickly replaced by Ji jiāo. Zhao Zilong looked at it for a moment, double-clicked with his mind, and the pointer stopped immediately. Then the iron box opened, Zhao Zilong looked at his prize, his face flashed a trace of joy. Lucky Necklace Special Item Effect: Increases Lucky Value by 5. You should know that the lucky value is a fixed hidden attribute, which determines the player's explosion rate and many other things, while most people's initial value is between two and four, all the equipment that can increase the hidden attribute is invaluable, and the lucky necklace can increase the lucky value by five points, which is no less valuable than that ghost. Will immediately put on the necklace of luck, Zhao Zilong to oneself Xiao Ao Hong Huang full of confidence, then Zhao Zilong walked toward the village, his body of the ghost and blue outfit is too dazzling, but the system has hidden equipment Yan s s è function, Marble Projects ,Nero Marquina Marble Slab, the equipment of Zhao Zilon has become a gray s sè, although that a few pieces of equipment modeling itself than other equipment pull wind, but also not so conspicuous, Not afraid of being PK, novice village is not PK, just do not want to be missed. His experience value has reached three hundred and twenty percent of level nine, and the village head can apply for out of the village, but the task of blacksmith Liu and doctor Li has not been completed, and now it is much easier for him to rob monsters with those players. Soon, Zhao Zilong arrived in the east of the village, and there were many fewer people killing monsters in the periphery. Now the average level of flood and famine has reached level five. Small jjī has been unable to satisfy the player, so there are not many people to kill jjī, in the face of these levels of small jjì, Zhao Zilong even need to avoid, pick a place where there are few people, a sword is one, Zhao Zilong more than four hundred attacks, the amount of blood is only two hundred defense only ten small jjì how can bear to live, the sharp Zhao Zilong soon attracted the eyes of several people. A man dressed as a novice came over and said, "Elder brother, take me with you. You are my own elder brother." A more than thirty-year-old plump nv son also came over and said: "Handsome boy, help your sister, you can do whatever you want." When Zhao Zilong heard this, he lost his skin pimples and finished the task with several swords. Zhao Zilong quickly walked toward the place where the crazy kitten brushed out. The crazy kitten was a second-level monster, with three hundred points of blood, and the same sword. It was inevitable to attract attention, but no one came to chat up this time. Ten minutes later, Zhao Zilon had killed ten crazy kittens. Then walked toward the village, just entered the novice village place, there are more than a dozen people set up a stall in the sale of equipment and thinking, Zhao Zilong will own two pieces of blue sè equipment, two pieces of green sè equipment and three pieces of white equipment out, will be equipped with sè Ze show out, then, Zhao Zilong in the world: "eight blue green white village sale, first to have." Did you get there later? More wonderful, more good books, all in the wonderful book network-http://Www.Qisuu.Com. Chapter 11 making a small profit Suddenly, the whole novice village caused a sensation, even some people sell eight-level blue clothes, the explosion rate of flood and famine is pitifully low, most players are still wearing novice clothes, can wear a green clothes is a master rich man, even some people sell blue clothes, the number of blue clothes is the same as green clothes, are two, but the basis of blue clothes is much higher than green clothes. And there is a certain possibility with skills, now the peak of the players have more than ten levels, and the first-class players is in the seven or eight levels or so, Zhao Zilong selling equipment is the hot commodity of these first-class players, soon, Zhao Zilong here was surrounded, after three minutes, Zhaozilong estimated that the people who have the mind to buy have arrived,white marble slabs, service road: "First of all, sell these three white clothes." They are all ordinary goods, and you can give a price whatever you want. Www!Qisuu!cOM”。

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