The king of divination king-exploring the moon in the bamboo forest

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The king of divination king-exploring the moon in the bamboo forestThe king of divination king-exploring the moon in the bamboo forest

Climbing up to the third floor, he intentionally or unintentionally glanced at Ke Shaoxue's door. The door was closed, and the sound of a piano like water flowed out of the room. It seems that Ke Shaoxue is used to practicing the piano at night. It's just that Xu Moying hasn't heard the song this time, but it's undeniable that it's as good as last night's Starry Sky. He stood at the top of the stairs, closed his eyes and listened intently, as if he saw a blue sea whispering like a lover in the moonlight and sleeping like a baby. That mood made him feel very comfortable and sleepy. His intense tiredness finally came out, and he quickly opened the door and went into the room, climbing into the bed he had longed for, so warm. The sound of the piano is still clear, but it is more and more slow and long. He was intoxicated and floating in the sound of the piano, and fell asleep unconsciously. He slept so comfortably that night that he heard a sudden knock at the door. He opened his eyes. It was dark all around him. He clearly heard someone smashing his door. Who disturbed his good dream? He was a little angry and just wanted to ask who it was, but he heard Ke Shaoxue's familiar and sweet voice: "Aunt, aunt!" Aunt? Oh, yeah. The opposite door is Ke Shaoxue's house, that is to say, it is likely that Ke Shaoxue lived here a year ago, two years ago or when he was a child,Inflatable water park on lake, and the house where Xu Moying lived may have been occupied by a middle-aged woman before. The two families were in close contact. Ke Shaoxue called the woman aunt. She must have thought that the woman had not moved away yet. Xu Moying wanted to understand this section and held his breath to hear what Ke Shaoxue said. Aunt, there is a sudden power failure. I haven't prepared a candle. Can you lend me a candle? The power went out? No wonder it's so dark. Xu Moying got up and groped for the light switch on the wall, pressed it twice, and sure enough, the light did not respond. He put on a coat, took two candles from the drawer, hesitated for a moment,Inflatable 5k obstacle, and went to the door and opened it. His whole body was hidden behind the door, and he only held out a hand holding a candle. Only heard Ke Shaoxue gently "um", then felt the candle was taken over by the other side. Thank you, aunt. I'm sorry that Xiaoxue came to trouble you again in the middle of the night. Ke Shaoxue sighed, "I moved here last night, and I wanted to come and say hello to you first, but you are always not at home, and I don't know how you are now.". If you need anything, you must come to me. Xiaoxue is still the same as before. She hasn't changed at all. Ke Shaoxue's voice was soft. After a pause, her tone turned to a touch of sadness: "Why does a kind-hearted person like you become mute?"? Fate is really unfair. It turned out that this "aunt" was still a mute. Xu Moying was glad that he had not spoken just now, and if he opened his mouth, the fact that he lived opposite Ke Shaoxue would inevitably be exposed. Auntie, Inflatable outdoor park ,inflatable castle with slide, please go back to sleep quickly, and I will go back to the house, too! I will live here all the time. You should come to my house more often if you have time. Ke Shaoxue finished these words, then gently moved his steps and walked back to his room. Xu Moying silently closed the door and locked it, and went back to bed. He thought about how to get along with Ke Shaoxue in the future and continue to pretend to be a mute aunt? Or disclose your identity? If the girl really has no feelings for him. There is no need to hide it. But Ke Shaoxue has just been liberated from the shackles of fate or is about to be liberated, this time too close, in any case, it is easy to get burned. He decided to continue to conceal his identity until he was sure that Ke Shaoxue had really found his feelings. In the silent darkness, there was a slight sound of footsteps in Ke Shaoxue's room, and it seemed that the girl was still unable to sleep. Xu Moying felt that his hearing was becoming more and more sensitive, and all the noises in his neighbor's house could not escape his ears. Because of this, he could not sleep peacefully. He was tossing and turning in bed, but the mobile phone beside the bed suddenly vibrated soul-stirring. He rolled over and put his cell phone in his hand. When he opened it, it turned out to be a text message from Ke Shaoxue: "The power is out. I'm afraid of the dark.". If you're still awake, will you come and stay with me? Just for a little while. This pleading tone can move Xu Moying's heart very much. He intended to run over to accompany her immediately, but considering the emotional problems, he held back. Fortunately, the girl lived next door to him, and every sound could not escape his ears, and in case something happened, he could rush over at the first time. Xu Moying held his cell phone tightly in his hand and listened to the movement around him. I don't know how long it took him to fall asleep in a daze when he heard the sound of the opposite door. He turned over and sat up from the bed, listening to the soft footsteps, he knew that Ke Shaoxue had already walked out of the door. What is she going to do? Xu Moying jumped out of bed, put on a pair of slippers, and quietly pushed the door and went out. Worry and curiosity about Ke Shaoxue prompted him to follow the sound and tiptoe behind him. Ke Shaoxue climbed up to the fourth floor step by step, stopping twice in the middle, as if hesitating. She stood for a moment in front of the two houses on the fourth floor, as if listening to what was going on inside. Then she continued to climb slowly, but stopped on the stairs between four and five floors. She turned, sighed faintly, and began to walk downstairs again. It was so dark in the corridor that you could hardly see anything. Xu Moying judges each other's actions by hearing, but he is also very close. When he heard Ke Shaoxue's footsteps approaching, he quickly walked back to his door. But to his dismay, he pushed the door lightly but did not push it open, and pushed the door heavily and still did not move. He now knew with dismay that he had accidentally locked the door in such haste that he had left the key behind. Just then, he heard Ke Shaoxue whispering in the dark: "Please don't follow me any more." Xu Moying was taken aback, did not expect to be so careful, but was still found by Ke Shaoxue! He hurriedly looked for a reason to muddle through. At this time, the voice of Ke Shaoxue came from the darkness,Inflatable bouncer, trembling slightly: "I am not afraid of ghosts. From today on, I will live well alone, and I am no longer afraid of anything!"! You guys.. Stay away from all these ghosts and monsters! 。

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