Black bag group of the goddess of war

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Black bag group of the goddess of warBlack bag group of the goddess of war

Have you made your words very clear Why again Dongshu was so angry that she grinded her teeth and almost walked over aggressively As soon as she opened the door she was pounced on before she could see who was in front of her The dangerous instinct made Dongshu throw her backhand directly over her shoulder and throw her into her home "Well" The man was dropped and snorted But he didn't call Dong Shu reacts to come over at this time this just sees clearly those who come is not Ye Jinghe It's Chi Jinnan the other party is probably called this name It seems to be a romantic debt left by the original owner Dong Shu said "I took the child but these men I do not want to take the plate ah fall!"! So what does he want to do Before the time in the Champs Elysees the attitude of the other side Dong Shu can see clearly Apparel That disdain in the appearance of contempt Dongshu do not believe he is to pursue their own The other side on the ground slow for a long time after all Dongshu a shot is ruthless He did not fall out of a good or bad is already a good physical strength plus Dongshu intentionally received the strength Or send it cool on the spot It's pretty spicy After Chi Jinnan stood up he commented in a low voice Dongshu heard clearly and was about to ask him out As a result Chi Jinnan suddenly approached a few minutes but this time there was no rush to rush up But walked to the front of Dongshu he is very tall the height of the original owner is ordinary level so the height of the other side brings some indescribable feeling of oppression East Shu slightly twisted eyebrows in order to take care of the child opened all their own gas field directly pressed back But there was a strong smell of alcohol in the air Did you drink too much and come here to get drunk Chapter 1813 don't love me no result 28 Think of these Dongshu is already rubbing her hands is it time for me to perform again If you do this kind of thing more often you will become skilled So Dongshu is ready to throw Chi Jinnan out with one hand As a result I heard Chi Jinnan's low voice and said with some grievance "Really ready to follow Ye Jinghe that X is cold X is incompetent" What can he give What he can give I can give Dong Shu What the hell is all this East Shu unknown so originally prepared to throw people's hands but also paused After thinking for a while Dongshu said "Ah he can give me a child" "Then give me a chance and I can" Chi Jinnan was obviously not convinced but when he spoke his voice was a little vague At first glance he drank too much He didn't know what he said at the moment He didn't remember it tomorrow East Shu is also not clear for a while the other side is reluctant to part with the original owner or what has changed after he came over But either way Is not the child's own father Dongshu does not want to pit people happy to be a father take over the child I took the offer because of the task and I had no choice And they can get benefits China Suppliers so take the offer However it's no good for the man Why should he take this unknown offer But I'm pregnant now and I don't have a chance Dongshu knew that reasoning with a drunk would not work So just start fooling people It's better to coax people away I just don't know how he got here Did the driver of the family come or did you say drunk driving East Shu is afraid to stand on the responsibility now is studying if this man is really drunk driving over do you want to leave him overnight It's not like I haven't done this before Once raw and twice ripe For Dongshu it doesn't matter Mainly afraid of Chi Jinnan on the way back again when the time comes he is the party implicated And very innocent Is the child Ye Jinghe's Hearing the child Chi Jinnan seemed to be stimulated and asked a question with scarlet eyebrows Dongshu was silent for a moment and did not answer Whose baby is it I want to know So don't ask ask is silence hard to say A look at Dongshu silence Chi Jinnan then felt that Dongshu this is guilty this is the acquiescence I can't tell what it feels like I used to think that I was a proud man and I would never look back after I loved him Once he also really liked but unfortunately the other side is a gold-digger found a higher goal then stepped on their own to the upper position However she probably did not think that she and Fengcheng knew each other As a result they ended up capsizing with their three good friends Before getting drunk tonight Chi Jinnan did not believe that he would turn back again Turn back the grass so hard how to eat But when he was drunk he followed his heart What Textiles Leather Products good is he Why not me Am I not good And find someone else Qingqing Chi Jinnan seems to be immersed in his own world "Will you lie to me" He murmured Looking at Chi Jinnan's deep love Dongshu turned around in her heart and felt that the target of the other party's deep affection was probably the original owner Dongshu just arrived but with each other is a simple two meetings Therefore Dong Shu does not think that the other side is deeply in love with himself It's just that Dongshu can be sure that the other party is not the father of the baby so deep love is useless Although love is separated by mountains and seas mountains and seas can be flat But Son this mountain can't be leveled Give up No it's wrong to lie Do you want to Dongshu is aiming at the back of Chi Jinnan's neck ready to kill each other directly let him sleep honestly until dawn and then get out As a result I haven't knocked yet The door rang again Dong Shu _ () _ Shit is this a hotel Will someone come when it's time Dongshu gritted her teeth ignoring a drunkard behind her and went to open the door The bearer is Fengcheng He stood in the doorway saw Dongshu open the door and pushed his glasses I came to pick up Jin Nan Feng Cheng opened his mouth very calmly with a gentle smile on his lips Dongshu made a gesture of invitation Then Chi Jinnan who was standing in the living room and a little silly was revealed

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