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The former Starcraft 2 professional high player, with an average annual income of 800,000

The former Starcraft 2 professional high player, with an average annual income of 800,000, is now a well-known single player of the K K Chamber of Secrets Storm Team, a super idol player, whose name is inlaid with gold, okay? "G is handsome and super awesome!"! An absolute ace! My lifelong goal, "one of the boys is a super fan of grunt," I came from Suzhou specially for the game he came to watch! " …… So awesome?! She looked incredulous. Then a few people began to talk about grunt's career for her, and Tong Nian was stunned. Unfortunately, K K just won the double defeat and has withdrawn. Withdraw? She's even more plaintive. There's no point in staying here now that his team is gone. She pulled the box and went out of the auditorium gloomily. When she passed the ticket gate, she was looked at twice by two guards at the door. Obviously, these two people really do not understand, this little girl ten minutes ago pulled the box to rush in, and now pulled the box to come out with his head down. What on earth is the purpose. She ignored the eyes of others and went to the stairs against the howling north wind. Heard that grunt's stomach was bleeding, and he held up the whole game and won the game. "It's not easy to be a professional player. It's just desperate." !!!! She jerked to a halt. Two staff members around him quickly entered the room. Her brain immediately blank, pulling the box and chasing, ran back to the gate, want to go in again,Stainless Steel Squatting Pan, but was stopped by two guards: "Out of the ticket will be invalid, can not repeat in and out." "I'm really in a hurry to get in. I've only been out for a minute." Tong Nian was in a hurry to bow, "Let me go in, OK? It's really urgent!" Two guards insisted on not letting go at all. Tong Nian continued to bow: "Really, really, I swear, I will come out in a few minutes,Self-closing Faucet, and I will give you my luggage!" "Never mind." Suddenly, a hand patted her on the shoulder. "I'll take you in." Tong Nian looked back and froze. Who's this? I don't know. Smiling at her, "I have a work permit and I can take you in." Not a bad guy, right? She hesitated: "How dare you." 97 continued to smile at her: "Rest assured, I am also a K K person." Uh? How did he know he was going to see grunt? "I just saw you at the side door. You were with the boss." 97 patiently explained, and by the way, smiled obscurely, "Although you're sitting on the wrong side.." I still saw it. Uh? The eldest brother? Oh, yeah, at the airport. They just call him boss. She nodded. "Well, thank you." 97 showed his work card and brought Tong Nian back to the gym. He walked all the way, all the way secretly sighed that he was smart, and sure enough, this is the sister-in-law who has been invisible, stainless steel shower tray ,Flush valve price, ah, did not expect so. Cute girl? How did the boss abduct people? Why didn't the boss get you a job card? Uh? I.. I didn't have the nerve to ask for it. Before I could say a few words, he left. "She thought and said," I didn't know I had to use a work card to get in. I bought a ticket with a scalper at the door. " And I don't know him very well. How dare you ask for. "The eldest brother is like this," he comforted her with a smile. "When there is a competition, it is like this. But it's too much to let you buy your own ticket? "Yes, yes," she shook her head. "I want to support you." Look at his wife, how considerate! 97 silently gave sister-in-law a like. Wait until the staff rest area, 97 looked around and found no gun figure, pulled over a person asked: "Where is the boss?"? I brought my sister-in-law. Sister in law?! What sister-in-law? About me? You don't hear voices, do you? "The doctor has just arrived and is in the small conference room." The man looked at Tong Nian excitedly. The doctor just got here? 97 hit a look: "Convergence point, be careful to be beaten by the boss." Grunt's stomach is bleeding. "That person also played a look:" Sister-in-law is beautiful. Really? "" I was startled, but I had no time to flirt. "It's all right just now." "I just found it, too.". ” He asked Tong Nian, "In the conference room, shall we go there?" Tong Nian also did not care what sister-in-law, busy nodding. So 97 thoughtfully let her put her suitcase in the K K lounge area, then took her around a corridor and pushed the door into the conference room. In the room, a doctor and two nurses were examining a man who was lying on a "simple bed" made of three chairs and could not see his face. Tong Nian's footsteps paused, feeling that he had just met him, so it was a bit abrupt in the past, but. I heard that he has gastrorrhagia. Is it all right to have a look and say a word of condolence? She thought so and walked over. Standing beside the doctor, he said carefully, "I was going out when I heard the staff say that your stomach was bleeding.." Your teammate brought me in to see you. The doctor smiled and made room for Tong Nian to get close to the patient. Lying on the chair, grunt showed his face, his hand holding his glasses half covering his face, in sharp pain, some irritable and inexplicable look at the strange girl. …… …… …… Eh? Who's this? Tong Nian froze. Boss, here, I just saw my sister-in-law, so I brought you in. She must have thought we were all out and waiting for you outside, but she didn't wait, and she didn't have a work card, and she was stopped by the guard. Behind him, 97 said with a smile. Tong Nian turned around slowly. Ten paces behind him, the man sitting by the window, wearing a black half-sleeve, wearing a coat and talking on the phone. No, it's just.. Him? Who on earth is.. Stomach bleeding, T. T.. Chapter 7 gun God? Wearing the earphone on one side, he was still listening to the phone, but his beautiful eyes took out some energy. He swept Tong Nian and turned to look at her: "What do you call her?" "Big,Stainless Steel Hand wash Basin, sister-in-law." 97 is a little weak. Dark eyes, and swept back to her: "Why did he call you sister-in-law?" Tong Nian was about to cry: "I don't know..." Who knows why this man calls me sister-in-law. He glanced at grunt. "Grunt, you know her?" 。

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