Infinite dawn

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The captain only paused slightly for a moment, and then, with a light on his arm and sword, he used his fighting spirit

The captain only paused slightly for a moment, and then, with a light on his arm and sword, he used his fighting spirit, and his speed and strength suddenly increased. As soon as he dodged Perseus's sword, he turned around and split Perseus two meters away. Perseus roared, his eyes once again at a loss, and even his muscles bulged slightly, which was not to mention, although very weak, but if you look carefully, you can see that his sword also has a light on it, so he rushed away against the other side, so fast that the captain could not react, almost for a moment. The sword in his hand whirled, unloaded the captain's sword directly, threw it out, pierced a big tree directly, and did not nail it until the second tree. Suddenly, all the people around were quiet, looking at Perseus in a daze, and the captain's look was very cautious, he exhaled: "There is a God in your body.." Remember to take it with you when you fight. With that, he slowly turned Perseus's sword around his neck and went straight back to the soldiers. At the same time, Zhang Heng may not feel anything, but Chu Hao, with his eyes closed, frowned slightly, and he felt it again,metal cosmetic tubes, which was really sure. Divinity. No, not his own divinity, but, like me, the divinity of other places from outside.. "This.." Is the secret of the demigod? 2014-9-2 19:57:27|8903635 Chapter 25: The Other Two Demigods Divinity can also be called part of the light of the soul, and the light of the soul is the greatest miracle of the multiverse. Any life may realize that it is not material, not energy, not spirit, but a deeper light and flame that bursts out in the deepest and darkest part of the heart, soul and essence of life. It is the unique power of any life, once and forever. It is the greatest miracle of the whole multiverse,pump tube, the first source of all immortality, of course, for the light of the complete mind, or divine fire. Divinity, in fact, is a small part of the light of the soul or the divine fire, and it is a rootless source, which can not compare with the light of the soul or the divine fire. It has its own source, and it is an inexhaustible source. To put it more simply, this divinity is equivalent to the highest level of energy. If it is used up, unless it has its own light or divine fire, it will be used up. However, this divinity is also known as the greatest miracle of the multiverse, with all kinds of wonderful effects. For example, now Perseus, there is divinity in his body, although it is also a point less, but this divinity has brought about his own strengthening, before his eyes at a loss, that is Chu Hao and Zhang Heng are very familiar with the genetic lock, cosmetic plastic tube ,plastic cosmetic tubes, and vaguely to open the second order of the genetic lock, this has been very terrible and remarkable, because this is estimated to be his first battle. At the same time that fighting spirit is also, this all adds up, lets him display compared to the peerless evil spirit which ten thousand years hard to come out to be much more evil. (Is it because this divinity has existed in his body for many years and has been completely compatible with him?)? So it has begun to affect his basic physical quality, right? When the divinity is consumed by it, it will naturally begin to strengthen the basic quality of the body, so even if the divinity is completely consumed, it will become very powerful itself. But it's reasonable to say that, otherwise, how can an ordinary person who grew up fishing and never had any military combat training be able to save the world? Are you really lucky when you think you are the protagonist? And even from the plot, we can see that such an ordinary person, the captain who defeated the elite soldiers in succession, and the former King Acrisius, who was helped by the God of the underworld, even the Gorgon Medusa was killed by him, no matter how YY has to have a limit? If you have the blessing of divinity, and you are getting stronger because of divinity, and you have both genetic locks and fighting spirit, then all this is really possible, but I don't know if the demigod named Aio is the same, or if everyone will understand different things according to their own characteristics? For example, in the plot of the original film, Aio is obviously not a physical combat enhancement, or. Is she a mind controller? Now he and Zhang Heng are the only two people in the Arctic team. Although both of them have fighting power, without the mental controller, it seems that once they return to the pre-liberation era, they have become accustomed to the convenience brought by the mental controller, as well as the revolutionary changes in the whole battle. After the sudden loss, it is indescribable that they are not used to it. So if Aiou is really a mental controller. Then she must be allowed to join the expedition! Chu Hao these thoughts are hovering in his mind, others do not know, then the camp began to be lively again, although people do not like Perseus, but since Perseus is so strong, then he should be respected, and everyone is now in the same team, to put it bluntly, this is an impossible task, the stronger the team, The possibility of completing the task is also greater, so people naturally can not treat Perseus as before, when he also returned to the camp team, many people greeted him, and even a few people praised his fighting power, which made Perseus very surprised, but also full of relaxed his tight face, gradually, also no longer exclude the soldiers. In fact, people in this era are still very simple, that is, strong people should be respected and status, even if they have germinated the aristocratic class, so as long as Perseus shows his strength and value, his position in the team is not to worry at all. Soon, the night came, when there was nothing to say, except for two sentinels, the rest of the people went to sleep quietly, until the next morning, just after dawn, Perseus, who was sleeping deeply, suddenly woke up,eye cream packaging tube, and he himself did not know why, he felt a palpitation in his heart, as if there was some instinctive cry and impulse that made him suddenly wake up. Then naturally go to the place where the palpitations are triggered.

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