Move the universe with force

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The spirit of Nirvana is powerful and wonderful, but it is not easy to accept it easily. Even some strong people with

The spirit of Nirvana is powerful and wonderful, but it is not easy to accept it easily. Even some strong people with half-step Nirvana have to be careful when they absorb the spirit of Nirvana, because once they absorb too much, they are likely to destroy their bodies directly and violently. Under this burning pain, Lin moved his teeth and clenched them immediately, and all his muscles tightened up. Boy, the golden body of nirvana is not your method of cultivation. If you want to become a small golden body of nirvana, you have to urge the secret method to use the spirit of nirvana to refine every muscle and skeleton of the body, and then transform into nirvana. Although you are suffering a lot now, it will be of great benefit for you to impact the realm of Nirvana in the future. Nine times out of ten they will fail! Looking at the forest that seemed to be wrapped in flames, the mink's voice also came into his ears clearly. Let the spirit of Nirvana shuttle through the body and temper the muscles and bones! Hearing the mink's shout, Lin Dong also suddenly gritted his teeth, his tight muscles gradually relaxed, and as he gave up resistance, the Nirvana gas like a raging fire suddenly surged into his body, and Lin Dong's body was filled with flames, burning pain, from the muscles, bones, and even viscera. It was as if the whole person was going to be burned to ashes. Da Ri Lei Ti! Feeling the almost boiling burning pain in his body, Lin Dong clenched his teeth, and a shining sun slowly rose from his body. Suddenly, his body became stronger again, and the burning pain faded a little. However, although the pain caused by the Nirvana gas shuttling through the body is unparalleled,deep draw stamping, under that kind of pain, Lin Dong can also clearly feel that with the Nirvana gas washing through, the muscles and bones there seem to be gradually becoming strong, a kind of vigorous heat surging in the muscles, as if with time will erupt the power of terror. In the sky, the black hole that devours Zu Fu is still rotating slowly, and waves of amazing devouring power erupt. The vitality of heaven and earth in the mountains is constantly converging, and the Nirvana that envelops Lin Dong's body is gradually becoming more and more intense. As the spirit of Nirvana became more and more intense, the spirit of Nirvana turned into a strange flame,CNC machining parts, which wrapped up the forest, and within a hundred feet of the forest, all the green trees gradually withered at this moment, as if all the water in them had been evaporated. Ah The flames were burning, Lin Dong's body trembled madly, and a hoarse roar of pain echoed through the flames on the green peak. The mink is also far away, looking at this scene solemnly, the body of Nirvana is strong, but want to practice successfully, it is not easy, even if Lin Dong's physical practice has a very strong foundation, but also dare not say that he can really practice successfully, all the results depend on his own bearing capacity. Boy, if you can get through the burning of the fire of Nirvana, the success rate of your entry into Nirvana will also rise in the future, you have to grasp it well. …… The black hole envelops the mountain peak, devouring the vitality between heaven and earth in a very domineering manner, alloy die casting ,metal stamping parts, continuously providing the spirit of Nirvana, which is also the fire of Nirvana that makes Lin move all over his body, and has never been extinguished. And in this kind of calcination, a blink of an eye, is two days in the past, these two days, Lin moved that painful low roar, constantly from the flame, you can imagine, how strong the pain he suffered in it, but there is no other way for the mink, this practice, can only rely on the willpower of Lin move, stick to it, it will naturally be able to usher in the transformation. But if it fails, the skeleton that Lin Dong saw in the space of the Great Wilderness Ancient Stele is probably his final outcome, but people can still have skeletons left, but he may not even have ashes left. In the mink's worried and nervous eyes, another day passed, but when it breathed a sigh of relief, the forest, which was wrapped in the fire of Nirvana, did not hear any more roars of pain. The figure sat quietly in the flames, like an old monk in meditation, motionless. The mink stared at the burning fire of Nirvana, faintly, it seemed to see a figure in it, faintly, with a little golden light surging under the skin. A little golden light casts a golden body. And when it saw the twinkling golden light, the mink's eyes, suddenly emerged the color of surprise, murmur, slowly from its mouth. And also when Lin Dong entered the critical moment of practice, the gathering point of the sky outside the city, but suddenly there was a breaking wind, and then, a giant beast shaking wings, with the wind, appeared in the sky outside the gathering point. The beast slowed down when it was still some distance from the gathering point, and several figures stood on top of its huge body, looking coldly at the gathering point in the distance. On the chest of these people, there is a badge that is not unfamiliar, and the pattern is a bright holy light. These people are all strong people in the Holy Light Dynasty! Chapter 417 trouble comes to the door. Boom! In the green hills, the vitality of heaven and earth is boiling, and a huge black hole is slowly rotating, swallowing the vitality of heaven and earth continuously. When the black hole is devouring the vitality of heaven and earth, a trace of red strange energy is constantly pouring down from the center of the black hole, and finally turning into a cluster of flames, wrapping up all the figures on the top of the mountain below. The mink stood in midair, looking closely at the burning flame, which had lasted for four days in the fire of Nirvana. These four days, from the roar of pain at the beginning to the silence now, Lin Dong seems to have adapted to the incomparable pain brought by the fire of Nirvana when it quenches the body. And in that kind of Nirvana fire burning, the mink is also able to clearly feel that the flame, the golden light,die cast light housing, is also more and more rich, that kind of gold, showing an indestructible taste.

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