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The more he looked at the fault, the more strange it became. Suddenly, the Emerald King looked up at Li Yang again.

The more he looked at the fault, the more strange it became. Suddenly, the Emerald King looked up at Li Yang again. In his position and can not see the expression of Li Yang, but Li Yang's body is quite. The fault in the straight piece of wool seemed to have no effect on him. A bad premonition appeared again in the heart of the Jade King and finally looked at Li Yang's back. The Shadow Emerald King gently shook his head and continued to wipe the fog layer in front of him. The point is that he can only resign himself to his fate. Li Yang, don't lose heart. We'll have a chance later. Sima Lin tried to control his mood and endure the unwillingness and sadness in his heart. He squeezed out a smiling face and said slowly to Li Yang that what he was most worried about now was Li Yang. He was afraid that Li Yang would not be able to recover from the blow. Mr. Sima is right. You are only 25 years old this year, and there will be more opportunities in the future. Will "" Sundara also said that when he spoke, he was still staring at Li Yang for fear of Li Yang because If they are unable to recover from this blow, their losses will be great. Thanks to the support of friends, more than two hours of growth is almost the second of the votes. The goal has been achieved, only a few votes short of the first goal of 600. Netizen Upload Chapter 643 Smurf Reappearance [Fourth Watch] "We don't have to wait for the future, we have a chance now!" Li Yang shook his head with a smile, and the two of them knew what was going on at a glance, but then again, if he hadn't known the situation of the jade inside ahead of time, when the calcite encountered such a fault, his performance would not have been better than Sima Lin and Sundara. Li Yang re-installed the wool, the fault above the wool had no effect on him, and Li Yang straightened the knife against the fault,tube fitting manufacturer, ready to continue the knife. Sima Lin and Sundara were stunned for a moment, and they looked at each other and immediately stood in their place again. Looking at Li Yang is still calcite, Shao Yuqiang's eyes can not help but flash a sarcastic look, a flash. Shao Yuqiang is now in a very comfortable mood, Li Yang is finally going to lose, the fault of the wool,12 needle valve, Shao Yu, Qiang can not see any of the wool that Cui may decide, if he is the referee, he has gone to pronounce the result. Think of Li Yang is about to lose, he solved a few pieces of jade will become the trophy of the jade king, Shao Yuqiang's eyes are hot again. Glass species supreme yellow, glass species blue water green, these two pieces of jade is Shao Yuqiang is also very heart, think of these two pieces of jade will soon fall into their hands, Shao Yuqiang's heartbeat can not help but speed up a lot. Especially that piece of glass species supreme yellow, this is the top jade, such a large piece of glass species supreme yellow, bring them more than just money benefits. The secret sign 3 area, 14 tube fitting ,needle valve manufacturer, an Wenjun and an's several gambling stone expert expression and Shao Yuqiang all contrary, several people have the deep worry. Li Yang lost, these pieces of jade have to hand over, he and the jade king is not signed any agreement, but here is not domestic, no one can play. If Li Yang acts shamelessly, the public plate management office, as a notary, will help the Jade King to seek justice. When the time comes, even Sandara can't help Li Yang. After all, the public management office represents the government. If Li Yang loses, "first of all, it's unreasonable." General Thornton will not stand up for Li Yang for such a thing. Otherwise, the government forces will have reason to unite with other armed forces to destroy them together. These armed families have long been thorns in the flesh in the eyes of the government forces. After a while, let's go inside and have a look at Consultant Li! An Wenjun sighed faintly. This time she did not go to ask Huang Lao. Li Yang was still calcite, but no one thought he had any hope of turning over. Ordinary wool was a kind of glass that could be solved, but no one had heard of wool with faults that could be solved. Next to the calcite machine, Li Yang did not have anything around him at all, and continued to concentrate on annotating the wool in front of him. King Zuncui looked up at him, then said nothing, but also wiped the fog layer in front of him, the fog layer is getting lighter and lighter, and immediately you can see the emerald inside. "Master!" Shao Yuqiang called out to the Jade King with a little excitement. Most of his heart was now Li Yang's two pieces of jade and the sense of pride he felt when he won Li Yang this time. Although he did not win this time, he believed that one day Li Yang would lose in his hands sooner or later. Yuqiang, why are you so happy? The Emerald King did not raise his head, but asked softly. Shao Yuqiang was slightly stupefied. He immediately said with a smile, "Congratulations, Shifu. You're going to win soon. Isn't it worth being happy?" The Jade King frowned and suddenly stopped the grinding wheel in his hand and looked up at Shao Yuqiang. Shao Yuqiang was looked at by the master in the heart some hair, the jade king such expression but he has not seen for a long time. When Shao Yuqiang couldn't help but want to speak, the Jade King suddenly asked him, "What friend of Yuqiang is a gambling stone?" "The gambling stone is the jade wool." Shao Yuqiang answered subconsciously, just said a sentence and looked up at the Jade King in amazement, so basic things all people here know, he did not understand why the master would suddenly ask himself. What are the characteristics of the gambling stone? The Emerald King, with the same expression, asked again. The biggest characteristic of gambling stone is that it has great uncertainty, immortals are difficult to break an inch of jade, gambling stone wool is not completely untied in the end, no one can be sure what is inside! Shao Yuqiang answered slowly, but his voice was getting lower and lower. "He already knew the meaning of the Jade King.". When he finished,38 needle valve, the emerald king nodded again, "turn around and continue to wipe the wool on the stone slab, as if he didn't care about what happened just now.". Shao Yuqiang took a shocked look at Li Yang and the piece of wool that was being cut by Li Yang. The original feeling of excitement disappeared without a trace at this moment. Shao Yuqiang bowed his head and thought silently. Li Yang's two pieces of jade were also thrown aside by him. He was really a little complacent just now. Gambling stone? What gambling stone? The biggest feature of the gambling stone is the word "gambling". It is too early to talk about the result before the result comes out.

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