Misleading the Rich and Powerful Family: The Confused Bride of Jue Shao

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"I didn't say those things before, you don't have to worry," Wen Yan pale way, "Zihan, you don't lie to yourself

"I didn't say those things before, you don't have to worry," Wen Yan pale way, "Zihan, you don't lie to yourself, you can't sleep every day, take sleeping pills, these I know.. Don't torture yourself like this. I want to see you happy. The voice just fell, the door was pushed open. Mo Xinnian came in with the fruit, saw the scene slightly stupefied, then reacted to smile, "I am not disturbing the two affectionate conversation?"? It's all right. I'm leaving now. She put down the bag and turned to go. Miss Mo! Wen Yan suddenly reached out and grabbed her arm. Her eyes were full of floating water. She looked at her and begged, "Zihan likes you. He wants to be with you. I beg you." Stay with him. Mo Xinnian was shocked and turned to look at Lu Zihan. The man's handsome face was cold and his voice was heavy. "Wen Yan, I told you not to make trouble." "I did not make trouble, I said all I thought about the decision for half a month," Wen Yan turned to look at Lu Zihan, slender body trembling slightly, sad to the extreme but did not cry, "Zihan, you and Miss Mo together, I have nothing to do, you do not have to care about me, do not have to help me with anything,brass tube fitting, I.. I can do it alone, I.. I sincerely wish you happiness. She said this in a trembling voice, turned around and staggered outside, stumbled over the stool unexpectedly, and fell heavily to the ground. Ah Wen Yan clenched her teeth and exhaled, realizing that she had lost her temper. She was busy trying to prop up her body, and her awkward and embarrassed appearance made people feel unbearable. Seeing this, Lu Zihan's eyes suddenly tightened,stainless steel tube fitting, his big hand lifted the quilt, and a long leg had already reached out of bed. Mo Xin read a few steps forward to hold down his movements, big eyes can not stop the anger, "crazy is not it?"? Lu Zihan, do you know that you have just removed the plaster? Do you want to be disabled after you lose your legs?! !pbtxtouoouChapter 57/75 is it enough to offset? Lu Zihan stared at the warm smoke on the ground, his indifferent tone implied impatience, "let go." "Let go of your hand. If you go down to the ground and help her up now, you'll have to amputate!" Mo Xinnian still pressed him and refused to let him get up. She looked sideways at the trembling and sobbing smoke on the ground. "Goddess Wen, no matter what conflicts you have with Mr. Lu, can you wait until he is well?"? He is now in the hospital bed, you so stimulate him, not afraid that he will not be able to stand up and can no longer be your escort? I was injured in a car accident and couldn't stand up. I'm still playing Qiongyao Opera here. Can't I say it again?! Lu Zihan frowned, Wen Yan had stood up holding the stool, her long hair was messy, her face was shallow tears, but still refused to cry, hydraulic fitting supplier ,pipe fittings manufacturer, "I'm sorry, I didn't mean that." I just want to tell Zihan that he doesn't have to worry about me. I'm glad you can be together. Anyway, I can't act now. I can walk alone. Lu Zihan's tone was cold and low. "I'll send you back to your apartment." "I'm not going back!" Wen Yan clenched his lower lip and stubbornly said, "Zi Han, since you saved her regardless of your life, don't hide your mind for me any more. I hope you can be with the person you like." It doesn't matter what you said before. I can pretend that you didn't say it. Before. These two words passed like lightning in his mind. Lu Zihan's eyes narrowed with a dark cold awn. He was silent for a few seconds. Suddenly, he said indifferently, "I didn't save her because of anything else." Wen Yan was stunned. Mo Xinnian was also stupefied, turned his face away and looked at him. Lu Zihan looked into her eyes and said clearly and indifferently, "She hurt you once. I saved your life. Is it enough to offset it?" What he said was brief, but his statement was clear enough. Mo Xinnian was stunned for a moment, but then she reacted. She curled her long hair on her index finger and smiled faintly. "So, Mr. Lu saved me to atone for Miss Wen?" Lu Zihan handsome face indifferent, Wen Yan just squinted, no superfluous expression, "smoke son likes acting, give her a way out." It is tantamount to a disguised admission. This reason is really. It makes people feel uncomfortable. Mo Xinnian's eyes drooped slightly and his smile did not diminish. "Is Mr. Lu begging me not to continue to ban Goddess Wen?" Lu Zihan said lightly, "if you say beg, that's beg." She smiled more coquettishly. "But I don't like men begging me." "Then you can also think of it as a condition," Lu Zihan's voice is weak, as if at that time he did not hesitate to rush to push her away is just a dream, his words are cruel reality, "I have no obligation and reason to save you, now I lie in bed for you, you should always give me something in return, otherwise I will suffer too much, huh?" Mo Xinnian did not make a sound for a short period of time, his eyes seemed to be still and did not turn, and then suddenly laughed, "Mr. Lu is really boring, the hero to save the United States must be so utilitarian as you said." She curled her lips and turned to look at Wen Yan, who was so shocked that she opened her eyes wide. Her smile became more and more brilliant. "Since Mr. Lu is so infatuated and unrepentant, I immediately asked someone to withdraw the matter of banning the goddess Wen. Even if this matter is turned over, you can continue to talk about love. I'll go first." Walking to the door, Mo Xinnian stopped and turned his beautiful face to the man in the hospital bed. "Yes, I forgot to say that no matter why you saved me, I will come every day to supervise you to drink medicine, eat and supplement nutrition until you are completely well. After all, I am the one who should have been lying there. You hurt for me. I don't want to be ungrateful." !pbtxtouoouChapter 57 76 No, I'm going to find him! The door of the ward was closed. Mo Xin went out, and the room seemed to be quiet all of a sudden. Wen Yan stood on the edge of the stool, obviously shocked, she looked at Lu Zihan in disbelief, "what you just said." Is it true? He pushed Mo Xinnian away, preferring to be hit by a car. Just because she's burned, does he want to trade it? "Well," Lu Zihan answered, as if to answer her, but more as if to say to himself, "that's it,38 tube fitting, I have no other reason to save her." Why did he not hesitate to save her? It was totally unnecessary. Just because Yaner was banned, and she liked acting so much, she had to give an explanation to the Wen family. chinaroke.com

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