A good doctor is like a beautiful woman.

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Please don't gather around here any more. The snake venom in Miss Yi is a mixed snake venom. The cause of the disease

Please don't gather around here any more. The snake venom in Miss Yi is a mixed snake venom. The cause of the disease is very complicated. It can't be cured by ordinary herbs and medicinal liquor. So even if your things are accepted by the Medical Department, they won't have any effect! Cheerful words, regardless of trifles. The people looked at me, I looked at you, and then looked at what they had in their hands, as if they were deflated. The young medical officer who stood aside saw that the situation had taken a turn for the better and hurriedly said to the following: "Miss Wang is quite right.". Don't you all hope that the righteous girl can get out of danger quickly? So please give the medical officer inside a quiet environment, so that they can calm down, so that the righteous girl will have the hope of survival, right? The warm spring breeze gently blows through the streets. The willows are dancing with the wind. Although the people were still reluctant and worried, they still dispersed slowly. They looked at what they had brought and turned back with nostalgia. The medical officer standing at the door of the medical department nodded slightly to them, indicating that they could rest assured. Qian stood beside the soft sedan chair, looking at the crowd that had to disperse, and said to herself: "Mixed with snake venom, I wonder if that righteous girl can wake up?" Snake venom.. Li Jue frowned slightly and looked thoughtfully at the Imperial Medical Department again. The crowd dispersed, and the young medical officer and the woman who had just come out did not know what to say, but judging from the way the woman shook her head,collapsible pallet box, the situation must be very unoptimistic. Cee! For a long time, she called the man who was still sighing outside the sedan chair, handed her a silk handkerchief, pointed to the door of the medical department and said, "Give this to those two people." What? With a puzzled look on her face, she took the veil and opened her mouth wide at a glance: "Miss,ibc spill containment pallet, this is." Snow-white handkerchief, crooked handwriting, ink has not yet dried, perhaps in a hurry to grind, so more water, in the sunshine, each word is slightly reflected. Li Wan looked at her and said with a smile: "This is your young lady's prescription for curing poison.". Since Miss Yi is such a good doctor, your young lady has to do her best. "But.." Cee looked up at her in embarrassment. Will the people of the Medical Department adopt this kind of tender writing? Besides, just now there was a secret recipe for eighteen generations that was returned. Miss this. "Are you suspicious of your young lady?" Li Jue narrowed his eyes. Her medical skills have never been rejected, you know, this prescription is a summer camp at school, drum spill pallet ,plastic pallet manufacturer, a classmate was accidentally bitten by an unknown poisonous snake. At that time is in the mountainous area, the first aid condition is extremely bad, in the absence of serum and do not know what kind of toxin, Yi Feng once used, and facts have proved that this side can absolutely withstand verification. Although I can't guarantee whether it will have the same effect on the girl, no one knows if I don't try. Under the threat of her own young lady's eyes, she finally took the veil obediently. As expected, the medical department still refused to accept it and advised her to go back, and the strange look that people showed in an instant when they caught a glimpse of the handwriting on the handkerchief really made her want to find a hole in the ground. However, just as she was about to go back, the woman beside the medical officer told her to stay. Then she looked up at the young lady's soft sedan chair, thought for a moment, and accepted the prescription written by the young lady. Li Jue lightly lifted the curtain on the side of the sedan chair, smiled and nodded to Wang Qingyue, who was holding the veil, and then signaled that it was time for her to get up and go. The breeze is blowing and the curtain is moving slightly. The soft sedan chair disappeared at the end of the street. Li Jue sat in the sedan chair, looking at some ink stains on her hands, perhaps one day she would really see the first doctor to enter the palace in Chinese history. Because Her hands gradually clenched and the smile on her face slowly disappeared. She was going to be Mrs. Li in history, and she would go to the palace, and since Li Ji used her, she would use him in turn, but her goal would not be the emperor, but- Back to modern times! (2) Just like yesterday, looking back, it has already been ten years. Imperial Medical Department. Inside the Chengyi Pavilion. "姁儿 ! Son! Wake up! Wake up! Tang Jing trembled and grabbed Ren Xin's hand hanging on the edge of the couch, staring at the pale and lifeless face with red eyes. Why are things like this? Why hasn't it gotten better for two whole days? What do we do now! Tang Jing stood on the edge of the couch, her tears gushing from her eyes, her voice trembling with sobs: It's all my fault. It's all my fault. I shouldn't.. I shouldn't have dragged you into the race.. I shouldn't have to force you to do something you don't want to do. I should have left Beique with you. I shouldn't have run back.. I shouldn't have asked you to take drugs.. I shouldn't have.. Always complaining about you. It's all my fault. So wake up.. I beg you to wake up.. Don't scare me. Jing Sheng walked sadly to her side and consoled her: "Don't blame yourself here all the time. No one wants things to go like this." Hearing this, Tang Jing suddenly turned her head and stared at him like a wild animal: "No one wants anything!"! What do you official doctors do, and why doesn't Yi Ziyao stay in Beique to preside over the court test and let things become so bad? What kind of peace of mind does he have? "Jing." Don't call me! I don't want to listen to anything now. I just want my son to wake up! As she spoke, she suddenly became excited, as if remembering something. She looked back and glanced around the room, shouting wildly at Jing Sheng: "Where is Yi Ziyao?!" She remembered that she had only seen him once when he was just in a coma, that he had not participated in anything about the treatment of his son, nor had he appeared here again, and that it had always been Wang Qingye who was responsible for the treatment of his son! As if a basin of cold water poured down, Tang Jing Huo stood up,collapsible pallet bin, Yi Ziyao he. He actually.. Almost without reason, she lifted her legs to rush out, but was grabbed by Jingsheng: "What are you going to do?" "Get out of my way!" She frowned and shook him off unstoppably with a fierce look on her face. binpallet.com

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