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She said softly, and even her voice seemed to float in the air, too soft to have a trace of strength. The car circled east

She said softly, and even her voice seemed to float in the air, too soft to have a trace of strength. The car circled east and west and stopped at another villa area in the west of the city. Ye Rongtian helped Fang Ling out of the car. He rang the doorbell of the gate, but after a while no one came to open it. He asked Fang Ling, "Take out your key." "Rong Tian, I love you, I love you!" Fang Ling hugged him tightly. Miss Fang, you respect yourself. He shoved her away. Fang Ling fell to the ground with a scream, covering her feet in pain. Ye Rongtian looked at her, in the bar she and people clamor, come out and stick to her, his patience has reached the limit. Fang Ling, let's make it clear today. He stood in front of her without any pity. No, don't say, Rong Tian, I have never loved anyone, I only love you. She got up from the ground. Just now she said she wanted to pretend and let him help her. It can be said that he was not moved at all. Rong Tian, think about it, my father has only one daughter like me. In the future, all his property will be mine, and you will marry me. How much help will I give you? I will definitely give you more help than that little maid in your family. She threw out the bait. Shut up! In my eyes,plastic pallet crates, she is irreplaceable, or do you think I want to get your father's inheritance must rely on you? If you do not believe, we can try. Try? His eyes shot coldly. If your father knew that you had angered me and lost his shares in Qisheng, what do you think you would have to give me? "I, I.." Fang Ling is flustered, she has always been spoiled by her family to grow up, let her regardless of career or life is to wind the wind,plastic bulk containers, to rain the rain. She even forgets that there are days outside the sky and people outside the sky. She did not expect that Ye Rongtian's power would be so great that even her family's property was disdained, thinking about how many men her identity had attracted at the beginning. People, she was regarded as a sharp weapon, no disadvantage, but now it has become a means of threatening her. This book is downloaded from Pai Pai Forum. For more good books, please visit: [Text: Chapter 32] Du Xiaowei is listening to Fang Lingda. When he said he loved Ye Rongtian, he stopped and hid behind the wall. Cheng Jun is very understanding to sit in the car, because the current situation is chaotic enough, he does not want to add to the chaos. He knew that Ye Rongtian was also hostile to him! Du Xiaowei saw Fang Ling holding her husband and was later thrown away by him, which comforted him a little. I heard my husband's words again, which relieved my jealousy just now. She's ready Jump out at any time to support your husband. She came out and walked towards them. Ye Rongtian back to her, can not see Du Xiaowei, and Fang Ling and Ye Rongtian happened to stagger, she clearly saw Du Xiaowei walked by. Come here. Full of hatred, all because of this woman, plastic pallet suppliers ,collapsible pallet box, what good is she, let him so dead set. She is unwilling. Looking at Du Xiaowei's footsteps getting closer and closer, she made a decision, suddenly rushed to Ye Rongtian, put her arms around his neck, and kissed him hard. Ye Rongtian was caught off guard and was attacked by her, but the woman's strength was suddenly amazing, and he pulled a few times without pulling it down. Du Xiaowei froze and stopped behind Ye Rongtian. She did not expect Fang Ling to do this, she knew that Fang Ling had just seen her, Fang Ling did so just to make her uncomfortable. She knows, she knows, but she It's still uncomfortable. How could she accept someone else kissing her husband! "Ye Rongtian!" She shouted angrily. The people who were entangled in front of her were separated by her thunder. "Ye Rongtian turned around and saw his wife behind him with her waist between her legs, and he cried out in his heart that something was wrong." Honey, don't get me wrong! I He was afraid of her anger. It affects the fetus! "What do you have to explain? You enjoyed being kissed by her, didn't you?" She pointed at his mouth. And you, you're the only one who can do it, you It's really just a show. She turned and stared at Fang Ling. "You think, if this matter is known by the gossip media, saying that Miss Fang is shameless and forced to intervene in others." Marriage and family, even with body and property as bait, do you think Director Fang will still have a foothold in business? Like father, like daughter, right? And your dad If he wants to bid for Qisheng, it seems that he has to rely on my husband. If you are interested, you will wonder if someone instigated you to do so. I'm afraid you will not be so shameless. It's easy. I think you should go to the police station. After all, bribery is a very bad thing. She did not slow down, saying things so that Fang Ling's face turned white. If this matter implicated her father, then all of her is gone, which she also knows, she really did not expect Du Xiaowei will be so accurate to catch. Something about her. Ashamed and angry. You win this time! Angrily, she took out the key and slammed the door shut. Wife, did you come here like this? Ye Rongtian hugged his wife. You also said that if I didn't make a sound, would you continue to prepare for her to eat? She twisted her back and shook off his arm. How could it be? I was shocked! But I was surprised by your performance just now. I didn't expect my wife to be a powerful character. He praised her. Just now he almost thought she would be as excited as she was last time. Of course, can she let go easily without holding on to her painful feet? She was a little on cloud nine. By the way, how did you get here, how do you know Fang Ling's family, and whose clothes are you wearing? The more he said, the more he frowned. Well, I.. She can't float. Eyes to Cheng Jun parking where to glance, eh? No, the car is gone. When did he leave. Yeah, he doesn't. Go, do you want to stay here and watch the husband and wife! After all, she used him, and her heart seemed to be twisted. Cheng Jun, I'm sorry. I'm really sorry. She apologized to him in her heart. Did the gigolo send you here again? Ye Rongtian keenly guessed. What gigolo? Don't speak so harshly,plastic pallet crates, OK? She redressed Cheng Jun's grievances. I can't drive, and I can't find a taxi, so I'm worried about you. Who else can I look for but him? 。

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