Genius Stick of Rebirth

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Then, the only capable nephew was the first to sell the shares, led the Ministry to leave, and Jiahui Group made a strong acquisition.

Heard that this thing or in Hu Guangjin's daughter's birthday party, Hu Guangjin is very angry, Ruihai Group is also a famous enterprise, not easy to mess with! As for yuan Ze, he is the only son of the deputy secretary of the provincial party committee! That day he also jumped into the lake to save people, and if anything happened to him, he had to put it on Wang Daolin's head! These four people which weight is not small, the city Bureau must attach importance to, Wang Daolin's charge of intentional homicide can sit down for the time being, but Shengxing Group in this critical juncture provoked such four gods, I am afraid. People's worries were not wrong, and Shengxing Group was affected the next day. On December 11, Shengxing Group's share price dropped by more than 10%, and it dropped by the limit again! Since December 12, the share price of Shengxing Group has continued to drop for three consecutive days! The stock price has fallen unprecedentedly! The group's assets have shrunk dramatically and suffered heavy losses! Shareholders are in a panic, and people inside the company are in a panic. On December 16, Wang Daolin's nephew suddenly announced that he would sell his shares to Hong Kong Jiahui International Group, and announced that he would lead his senior executives to resign collectively and set up another business! As soon as the matter came out, not only the company, but also the upper circles in the province exploded again! Who? Hong Kong Jiahui International Group? Why did Li Lao's hand reach out to Qing Province? Is it difficult for Li Lao to focus on the antique industry? Otherwise, what does he do with the acquisition of Shengxing shares? Everyone knows that Li Lao is fond of collecting antiques,Magnesium Sulphate producer, but unexpectedly, he wants to be addicted to this industry himself? Before the sudden intervention of Jiahui Group, there was no news at all, but since Wang Daolin's nephew sold his shares and led his troops to set up his own business, there have been frequent shocks within Shengxing. On December 17, two shareholders sold their shares to Jiahui Group at a low price and withdrew from Shengxing. On December 18th, two more shareholders sold their shares. On December 19, the Jiahui Group purchased the shares of Shengxing in the hands of some retail investors in the stock market. On December 20,potassium sulphate fertilizer, Jiahui Group held 40% of the shares of Shengxing, becoming the largest shareholder of Shengxing Group besides the Wangs! On December 21, Yang Qi, assistant to the chairman of the board of directors of the Jiahui Group, personally flew to Qingshi to meet with the two brothers of the Wang family and Wang Daolin's daughter, demanding to acquire the shares under the names of the three people and actually control the Shengxing Group! This matter, the three brothers and sisters of the Wang family are naturally unwilling, Wang Daolin's daughter has been married, her hands of the shares are relatively small, only 5%, is the original marriage dowry. The two elder brothers each have 10% of the shares, and their father, Wang Daolin, has 30% of the shares. If all the shares of the three brothers and sisters are sold, magnesium nitrate hexahydrate ,Mono Ammonium Phosphate MAP, then the Wangs will only have the shares in their father's hands. At best, they will become the major shareholders of the group, but they will lose control of the group! Shengxing Group was founded by Wang Daolin, who has worked hard for half a lifetime and has become a shareholder from the chairman, which is a big blow. However, if it is not sold, Shengxing's share price has been falling and the whole group is facing bankruptcy, while Hong Kong Jiahui International Group is not comparable to Shengxing in terms of financial connections or management companies. If Jiahui Group becomes the decision-maker of Shengxing, the stock price will inevitably rise slowly, and the group will naturally come back to life. Anyway, after selling the shares in the hands of three people, the Wangs still accounted for 30%, and there will be dividends in the future. In fact, such an idea, the three brothers and sisters are still very sad and helpless in their hearts. Because they also know that with the ability of Jiahui Group, the acquisition of Shengxing Group, which is on the verge of bankruptcy, is really a familiar thing. Today, their people and three people are sitting on the surface and talking about it. They are already going through the formal procedure. If they do not agree and force Jiahui Group to act in secret, that is not the case today. On December 22, after a night of thinking, the three children of the Wang family signed an agreement with the Jiahui Group to resell all their shares. Since then, Hong Kong Jiahui International Group has held 65% of the shares of Shengxing! Become the head of Shengxing Group! A week later, Shengxing Group changed ownership! It only took a week! When Wang Daolin, who was detained in the detention center, heard about the incident, a mouthful of blood spurted out! Shengxing Group was founded by him, which may have less experience for the children of the second generation, but for him, it has a different meaning! How can he accept his demotion from chairman to shareholder? Wang Daolin can't accept so many changes. First Yan Laosan died, then he was found to be buying and selling cultural relics and fake antiques, then his son fought for inheritance, and the stock price of the group fell. In the detention center, he knew that the two unfilial sons had done good things. They were already depressed and could not get out in one breath. He wished they could slap him in front of him first! Then let them bail themselves out quickly, so that he can go out to take charge of the overall situation and save the situation! But before he could go through the bail formalities, Miao Chenghong came to report the case and accused him of intentional murder! Now, he did not expect bail, the group's share price actually appeared at this time limit! Then, the only capable nephew was the first to sell the shares, led the Ministry to leave, and Jiahui Group made a strong acquisition. A week! Just one week! How could he accept the change of ownership after half a lifetime of hard work? Wang Daolin spurted a mouthful of blood and then fell ill. He was released on medical parole, but was still guarded by the police as an important suspect, and could not go anywhere except the hospital and the Wang family mansion. He was not in the mood to see a doctor. He scolded his two sons, but he was exhausted. He couldn't figure out how these things happened so quickly? He is also an old fox who has worked hard in the market for half a lifetime. It seems that the change of ownership of Shengxing is just the result of everything breaking out together. Looking back carefully, it seems to let nature take its course, but Wang Daolin just has a strange feeling! The feeling was indescribable, as if everything was in a dream,Magnesium Oxide MgO, because everything was so smooth that he always felt that something was wrong. Strange where, he can not say, only feel as if there is an invisible hand in the dark control of everything! Wang Daolin is not the only one who feels that something is wrong. Many shopping mall veterans have this feeling.

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