The stars speak for themselves

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From this point of view, Ma Yongzhu, the first loser, was lucky, because Ye Ping was still a little serious at that time, and maybe she would always remember her first date.

Under so many pairs of eyes, the boy could not deny it, so he had to nod his head. Ye Fan shrugged his shoulders and said, "I can't help it. I can't comply with your request to stay away from the girl." Several people are speechless, Ye Fan smiled at everyone, turned around and left. Speaking of, since I knew about my father, I have been timid, for fear of carelessly showing too much publicity, and now that the crow has settled all this, I can finally rest assured of my power and prestige. It's really cool, Ye Fan secretly exclaimed. I haven't cheated others for a long time. But speaking of it, how to deal with the many people the crow is going to come over! It seems that the crow plus Yunfeng and Yexi are only three people. Are they going to be assassinated one by one? Ye Fan could not help but shiver at the thought of these, and then think of the name "Bloody Dusk", but also shudder, only to feel that the campus seems to have been covered by a bloody storm. Ye Fan pulled his clothes, wrapped himself more tightly, and hurried back to the bedroom. The next day to the classroom, Ye Fan has been searching for traces of Ye Ping, yesterday's date results, Ye Fan very much want to gossip about. Ye Ping sat in her old seat by the window. No matter in which classroom, if Ye Ping does not sit with the people in the dormitory, then she must sit in this position; and once she sits in this position, Ye Fan will inevitably sit beside her, which is a well-known thing. Ye Fan and Ye Ping greeted each other cordially, exchanged a few words of nonsense such as "What did you eat in the morning", and immediately took the opportunity to cut to the point. After breakfast, they asked: "What did you eat last night?" Ye Ping licked her lips and said,Magnesium Oxide powder, "I took a ride for more than half an hour and went to eat a Pizza Hut." "Oh.". Then what Ye Fan continued to gossip. And then I saw a movie. Ye Ping actually didn't mind and told the truth. Then Ye Fan wants to ask of course: "What movie to see?" Ye Ping seemed to be very impressed by the movie. Without even thinking about it, she said, "I saw a few apples at the beginning and a few apples at the end. I don't know what kind of movie it is." Ye Fan was dumbfounded. "What about the middle?" "I fell asleep in the middle, I don't know." Ye Ping answered very simply. Ye Fan felt that Ma Yongzhu was very pitiful. This film must be a love film that he carefully selected, but it ended up like this. I don't know what kind of expression he would have when he found Ye Ping asleep. If it was another girl, maybe she could take advantage of falling asleep or something. But who is Ye Ping? Fall asleep that must also be highly vigilant, if Ma Yongzhu really moved this crooked idea, it is estimated that now the hand has been broken. Ye Fan is trying to ask the final result of the two, after all, this is a purposeful date. Ye Ping sighed over there: "Dating is really boring!" Hearing this disappointed tone, Ye Fan has estimated that Ma Yongzhu was obviously dumped after the first date. Of course, this is his idea. For Ye Ping, nothing happened at all. It was just a public trip to fill a wish of his own. Ye Fan coughed and said, "You can't do this. Don't you want people to chase you?"? As soon as he made a move, Magnesium Oxide MgO ,calcium nitrate sol, he was already scared off by you. If this gets out, no one will dare to chase you again. Before Ye Ping could speak, a boy in the class suddenly came up to them and handed over a small envelope, saying, "Ye Ping, someone asked me to give this to you." Light blue envelope, seal also affixed with a red heart, just look at these two kinds of Ye Fan already want to vomit. Ye Ping, however, was in high spirits. "What is it?" She asked curiously. "What else could it be, a love letter?" Ye Fan is very experienced, has completely forgotten just now he also vowed to say, "certainly no one is chasing you." " Have a look Ye Ping became interested, tore it open and took out the letter paper inside. Ye Fan sighs, this brother also does not waste time, your that red heart comes up to be torn to pieces by the person. Letter paper is pink, at the moment in Ye Ping's hand, on the envelope, letter paper this material, Ye Fan has looked down on this boy from the bottom of his heart. Ye Fan can see from the back that there are only a few simple lines on the letter. This kind of letter paper is surrounded by roses and other patterns, which can not write many words. Ye Fan came up to see the content and was pushed aside by Ye Ping. The letter paper had been folded up and stuffed back into the envelope by her. Hei Hei smiled and said, "I have a meal again tonight." Ye Fan already understood that from this moment on, Ye Ping, the little girl who thought of spring yesterday, no longer existed. Below she will be a shameless person who sacrifices sex to cheat food and drink. Ye Fan has great sympathy for the suitors who will continue to appear from now on. From this disgusting love letter, it seems that the people who rented a house to see Ye Pingfang that day have already started to act. From this point of view, Ma Yongzhu, the first loser, was lucky, because Ye Ping was still a little serious at that time, and maybe she would always remember her first date. Ye Ping triumphantly stuffed the love letter into her small schoolbag, and Ye Fan tried his best to despise it, from his eyes to his movements. Unfortunately, Ye Ping turned a blind eye to www. xiaoshuotxt。 com Chapter 81 leave After class that afternoon, Ye Ping excitedly went on a second date. Ye Fan began to feel at a loss. He suddenly felt that he was out of tune with everything around him. In the past, although he had "star killing", his life was exactly the same as that of ordinary people, and all the people he dealt with were ordinary people. It can be said that although he knows art, he is still an ordinary person. But now, I suddenly have contact with many practitioners. Gradually, I have the feeling that I live in two worlds. People who set foot in two worlds, Ye Ping, Liu Qing, Crow.. They all seem to play two roles. Take Ye Ping of these two days for example. Yesterday, perhaps she treated the date as a killer, so she especially cherished it. Today,calcium ammonium nitrate price, she has become an ordinary girl, dealing with these things in her own way. And what about yourself? It seems to be consistent! But there seems to be a feeling in my heart that I am getting farther and farther away from the world, but I can't figure out where I am going.

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