It is difficult for a virtuous wife to be born again

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When she came to pay her respects a few days ago, she knew that the Ai family had a bad appetite.

Startled, Ananda thought he wanted to turn over the accounts. He quickly said carefully, "Oh, it's rare for the sisters to come to the capital. They wanted to visit the capital and get to know each other, so they came to our house to look for my concubine. But my concubine often stayed in the house and seldom went out and was not familiar with it. Later, when it came to the White Horse Temple, the sisters wanted to go to the White Horse Temple to burn incense and pray, so they went together.". I didn't expect to meet Wang Ye so coincidentally in the White Horse Temple. Fortunately, Wang Ye was there at that time, otherwise I really didn't know what to do. Finally, Ananda smiled shyly, and his face was simple and honest. Chu Banning nodded, touched her head as a comfort, and then there was nothing to say, which made Ananda depressed for a while. In fact, she also wanted to know how he would be in the White Horse Temple, but also such a timely hero to save the United States, this story is too easy to move people's hearts, Ananda estimates that Lu Feiting is absolutely in love with her family Wang Ye at first sight, goodbye, three times not married, and Lu Feian, Lu Feiya that two seem to have a good impression on her family Wang Ye.. Ananda sighed, his man was a group of women who intend to be a mistress,heavy duty rack manufacturers, the taste of covetousness is not good ah! At this time, the girl seemed to have forgotten her own prince and the fate of "killing his wife and son", so she didn't have to worry so much at all. Seeing that it was almost time, the two of them left the restaurant and slowly returned to Prince Su's mansion in a carriage. Back at the palace, as soon as Chu Baning got out of the car, he saw the housekeeper Qin coming over anxiously. He saluted and said, "Wang Ye, Princess,radio shuttle racking, someone has come from the palace. It's Grandfather Luo from the Chonghua Palace. She said it was the Empress Dowager who announced you to enter the palace.". Grandfather Luo has been waiting all afternoon. Chu Banning's complexion did not change, as if he was not surprised at all about it. Only Ananda was a little nervous, suspecting that the reason for the people in the palace was that she had hurt the prince of Anyang, and she was a little restless at the moment. And because of her origin, the queen mother already did not like her enough, and she hurt the prince of Anyang this matter, I do not know will not let the queen mother hold on to themselves? "Why are you in such a hurry?" Chu Banning took Ananda into the mansion and asked as he walked, his voice very light. Ananda worshipped, "Wang Ye, you are also a master of acting." By this time, Grandfather Luo, who had come from the Chonghua Palace to deliver the Empress Dowager's edict, had already come over. After kneeling down, he said with a smile on his face, "Wang Ye, the imperial concubine of Anyang came to the palace this afternoon. She said she wanted to talk to the princess about something. The Empress Dowager specially ordered the miscellaneous family to come and invite you and the princess to the palace." Luo father-in-law said cleverly, originally Anyang Taifei only asked Princess Su to enter the palace alone, metal racking systems ,medium duty racking, but he was privately instructed by the queen mother to invite King Su to the palace together. Chu Ba Ning listens also not wordy, and Ananda went back to the room to change the formal clothes to sit on the carriage into the palace, that not impatient appearance, finally let Ananda also settle down. As the carriage approached the palace gate, Chu Baning took Ananda's hand and said in a deep voice, "Don't worry, I have everything." Such a simple and plain words, let Ananda's heart into a pool of soft spring water, soft to answer, this moment, her whole heart is this man. It was already sunset, and the brilliant afterglow of the sunset on the horizon enveloped the whole imperial city in a glow, which made the solemn and solemn imperial city plated with a layer of dreamy color. When they arrived at the Chonghua Palace, they found that not only the Empress Dowager and the Anyang Imperial Concubine were sitting in the Chonghua Palace, but also the Chongde Emperor. The posture of these three people is a bit like a three-hall trial, which makes Ananda a little nervous. Ananda peeked at it and knew that the middle-aged woman sitting at the head of the Empress Dowager, dressed in gorgeous clothes with heavy colors and glittering gold ornaments, was the imperial concubine of Anyang. Ananda followed Chu Banning to salute the people present, and called out to the Anyang imperial concubine as respectfully as Chu Banning, "virtuous mother concubine.". During the reign of the late emperor, the imperial concubine of Anyang was relegated to the position of virtuous concubine, one of the four imperial concubines. Even today, when the princes see her, they all call her "virtuous mother concubine". After waiting for the crowd to call up, the queen mother immediately took Zhang Cixiang's smiling face and let Ananda come forward, holding her hand and asking for warmth, which made Ananda feel flattered and somewhat inexplicable. It seemed that the queen mother had never given her such a kind smile since the five palace maids given by the queen mother were impolitely returned to the palace by Chu Banning. Every time she saw her, most of them had a lukewarm expression, as if she was very dissatisfied with her daughter-in-law (really very dissatisfied). If things go wrong, there will be demons! Ananda's heart was slightly trembling, but his face was shy and shy. To the queen mother's words also a simple and shy answer, for a time mother-in-law and daughter-in-law two happy, see Chongde emperor mouth slightly. As soon as Anyang Taifei saw Chu Banning coming together, she knew that she had gone in vain today. Can't help but hate the queen mother, not only invited the emperor, even the king of Su also came together, not deliberately want to let her trip to fail, specially to resist her! The Empress Dowager pulled Ananda and said to the imperial concubine of Anyang with a smile, "Sister, you don't know that the wife of the Ai family is filial and considerate. When she came to pay her respects a few days ago, she knew that the Ai family had a bad appetite. She would rather starve herself and coax the Ai family to eat more. The Ai family is happy to get such a lovely daughter-in-law.." Ananda: = _ _ =! Is this really about her? ? Obviously at that time was the queen and several imperial concubines coax her to eat more, she is completely a soy sauce standing outside. Chu Banning and Emperor Chongde did not squint and did not express their opinions. The imperial concubine of Anyang was angry. "Oh," she echoed with a smile, "Princess Su is blessed with a round pearl and a smooth jade, with a golden sound and a beautiful rhyme." Anyang toffee is now a belly of gas, the heart said that the two younger generation good big shelf, let her wait here for an afternoon, is clearly intentional! But now Emperor Chongde was called over by the queen mother, a sinister woman, so that she could not be angry directly, and she did not want to bring disaster to her son, the King of Anyang. And the queen mother took a fancy to this point,automated warehouse systems, just to make her angry. Ananda wondered again: "Is this really about her?"? Not to mention Ananda's suspicion, even Emperor Chongde felt that his mother and Anyang Taifei had said too much, only Chu Baning was so calm.

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