The warm wind is not as affectionate as you.

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Then she still did not say much, only to the middle-aged woman and the old woman inside who looked at her in a twinkling of an eye with an expressionless nod, and then turned to go.

"I don't know if I can get the bag back." The old woman lamented and said, "Qin Qiu, for so many years, I was afraid that you would feel uncomfortable, so I never said anything. Do you still remember that when my poor granddaughter was just born, I asked an old friend who specializes in collecting antiques and jades in China to make a jade pendant for the child, engraved with the word'seal 'on it. In fact, there is another one." It is a jade ring in the outer ring that can be buckled together with the jade pendant when carving the jade pendant. The jade pendant and the jade ring can be buckled together completely. At the beginning, I thought that you and the child were at home, and I seldom had a chance to see them. My grandmother also kept a thought, so I left the jade ring. The jade pendant has been worn on the child's body. When Mrs. Qin Qiu heard this, she probably finally understood why her mother was so anxious about the bag that had just been snatched away. After the child fell into the sea, I really felt uncomfortable. I could only look at the jade ring in a daze every day. I was used to wearing it on my body or putting it in my bag every day. I was also used to putting the jade ring on my pillow every night before going to bed. Only by looking at it could I sleep well. Otherwise, in my dream, the child was always swallowed up by the waves. The old woman said with red eyes,filter nozzle, "If I can't get this bag back, I'm afraid Yuhuan will never come back. How can I live in the future?" I'm afraid I can't even sleep. "Mom, if you don't talk about it, I really never knew you had such a dream around you." Qin Qiu sat down beside her and sighed. The old woman said with red eyes, "I was afraid that you would be sad. At the beginning, you cried again and again until you fainted. In recent years,rapid sand filters, you are no longer so easily stimulated. How can I mention anything about this child to make you sad? But after all, bones are linked to hearts. You are my daughter, and the child who fell into the sea is your daughter. This blood is linked to blood." Every night when I close my eyes, I can't stand the pain of the poor child floating back and forth in the sea. While the mother and daughter were sitting in the teahouse of the police station, a police car stopped outside. Feng Ling stepped out of the car and looked in the direction of the police station. He hesitated for a moment. At the same time, he heard Nan Heng behind him say, "Go in by yourself. I'll wait for you outside." She looked back and saw that Nan Heng had already got out of the car. His posture was as light as the breeze. He leaned against the car door casually. He glanced at her and lit a cigarette with one hand in his pants pocket. Then he glanced at her coldly: "What's wrong?"? Do you need me to accompany you in this kind of thing? Seeing that the eldest brother Li did not look impatient, nor did he say anything about her because she had a rare time to meddle in her affairs today, Feng Ling took another look at him and turned directly to follow the two policemen into the police station. Nan Heng was holding a cigarette, and his cool complexion was as handsome as a ghost's axe. He narrowed his eyes lightly and glanced at the back of Feng Ling. A police officer who came out from inside saw him. After asking about the situation of the two policemen and Feng Ling in front of the door, he hurried out and said, lamella clarifer ,Dissolved Gas Flotation, "Mr. Li, it's too much trouble for you to do this kind of thing." Nan Heng only glanced at the direction of the front door of the police station. "I'm not the one who bothered you. The one who helped you catch the robbers was the one who just went in." "Then.." Who is that? Nan Heng brushed his cigarette ash. "My disciple." "Apprentice?" This Xi base has a lot of contact with the police in the United States. Most people who know about their base know how difficult it is for Li Nanheng to deal with this man at ordinary times. How many people want him to teach something in person? No matter what way he can't get a word of advice from him. It is said that even the most powerful Xi base team, no one can have the good luck to be trained by Li Nanheng himself. However, these outsiders are limited to hearing, and they do not know how many years ago they heard the old news. But now I suddenly heard the master in front of me admit that he was an apprentice, and it seemed that the young man who had just gone in was definitely not simple. Li Nanheng lightly glanced at the figure that had disappeared in front of the front door over there, slowly spitting out his eyes, and did not say a word more. He personally stayed at the base, personally gave Feng Ling the formal qualifications to stay, and personally urged physical fitness, step by step to the present, and brought people into the sniper team fully regulated by him. What is not an apprentice? On the other side, Feng Ling was taken into the teahouse in the police station. Mrs. Feng, your bag has been taken back. It was this little brother who helped catch up with the robbers. Please see if there is anything missing in the bag. If there is no problem, you two can go back at ease. After the police said a word outside, Feng Ling did not feel the need to say anything more to the two people inside, but directly put the bag on a table nearest to the door. Then she still did not say much, only to the middle-aged woman and the old woman inside who looked at her in a twinkling of an eye with an expressionless nod, and then turned to go. The old woman's eyes first put on the bag, see their bag safe and sound was put there, the next moment directly turned to look at the people in front of the door, immediately expression will be stiff: "Wait!" As soon as Feng Ling was about to turn sideways, he looked back at the old woman, and the other two policemen in front of the door thought there was something wrong and looked inside doubtfully. Wait a minute, are you.. The old woman looked a little stiff, stiff and as if some unspeakable surprise, so looking at Feng Ling's face, eyes gradually changed in disbelief, looked at Feng Ling, and then looked at the side also stupefied Qin Qiu: "You.." You guys here. Feng Ling did not understand the old woman's excited and surprised expression, only looked at the middle-aged woman next to her, and after looking at her for a moment, his eyes returned to the old woman. Is there something wrong with this bag? Feng Ling said lightly, "I took it back directly just now, but I didn't open it. Would you like to open it and check it first?" "No." The old woman stared at Feng Ling's face, but looking at her short hair and the black uniform on her body,wall penstocks, her eyes were entangled again. She only stared at Feng Ling's face and asked, "You, what's your name?"? Child 。

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