Online Games: Raging Death

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A sword light cut his body, and a strange burst of blood in another place. His whole body is so motionless to bear all this.

He turned into three men in an instant and raised his broadsword to Liu Yunfei at the same time. Crazy and serious. Off the field, the agent murmured that she had never seen such a serious maniac in battle, as if she had faced a strong enemy with too much difference in strength. But this man is a madman, and the stronger his opponent is, the stronger he will be. Let's just watch the show. The burly middle-aged man sitting next to the agent said with a faint smile that he was not worried about the changes on the field at all. Starscream pinched her little hand tightly and watched the situation on the court nervously. Even she doesn't know which side she wants to win or lose. Liu Yunfei saw the three figures of the madness in front of him, and in an instant there was no way to judge which was true or false, but the giant blade of the madness had already been cut off. Liu Yunfei rolled backward and stamped his right foot on the ground. Boom! The splinter of the broken earth pierced the grass and threw the maniac's body into the air. Frightened, did not expect that Liu Yunfei did not need the magic step to deal with him at all, and stepped back to use his skills and launch a defensive counterattack. Crazy floating to the air, is the moment when the skill has just been used, Liu Yunfei got up and jumped out of the air to come to him in a moment. Poisonous spider teeth waved continuously in front of him, drawing a brilliant purple light that completely enveloped the bloodbath body of the maniac. Phantom Sword Dance! In the floating state, the target completely loses the ability to resist counterattack, and the maniac bears all the damage of this skill without any suspense, which makes the blood gas on his body even worse,garden jacuzzi tub, and the blood gas seems to burn on his body. Swish! The shock wave produced by the last sword sent the wild blow flying out, and Liu Yunfei also landed. However, Liu Yunfei did not give the opportunity to react crazily at all. As soon as he landed, he quickly caught up with the body that had been shot away. But suddenly reverse back, quickly away from the crazy body. Blood gas burst! The blood gas on the crazy body is completely like a bonfire splashed with diesel oil, and a large amount of blood fog hits upward violently. It's not that Liu Yunfei has been hit by this skill. You turn me on. Bloodthirsty way. He thought the skill would hit the man. The same goes for you. "But.." You'd better come here! The crazy left hand is raised horizontally,whirlpool bathtub, and a blood-colored black hole appears in the palm of the hand, which produces great adsorption capacity. Liu Yunfei felt that his body was pulled in the direction of madness by a huge force, the source of which was the black hole. But on the giant blade which fuses with the right hand, the blood gas is more and more exuberant, already has any damage to be ready to go. Liu Yunfei can smell the thick breath of danger, to release a burst of anger on his body covered with a faint golden light. The teasing eyes are waiting for the maniac to cut him. Crazy face a bitter, in the face of this skill, if anyone dares to use high damage skills to cut, he must admire that person has guts. Helplessly removed his most proud skill, his body rose to the sky, and the bloody blade was raised above his head and roared: "Angry Blood Collapse!" Sacred revenge is just a reflection of damage, jacuzzi manufacturers ,5 person hot tub, but crazy know angry blood crazy collapse can kill Liu Yunfei! Liu Yunfei noticed that the situation was not right, and Kuang Ming knew that the holy revenge effect could not be used to fight with him with high damage skills. For the sake of safety, he quickly withdrew from the original place, but he had no idea that the scope of this skill was so large, even if he used the ghost step, he still could not escape from the edge of this skill! 437、469、499、523…… A higher than a damage value appears, even if Liu Yunfei is in the edge of the skill power to rub, he is still continuously gushing out of the blood gas to fly, floating in the air continuous damage. Don't stop until the effect of this skill stops. Blood gas siphon! However, the maniac once again used the blood-colored black hole skill to suck Liu Yunfei, who had no way to move in the floating state, directly into the position of floating in the air. The longer this ability lasts, the more powerful the blade on his right hand is, which means the higher the damage that is about to erupt. Yunfei is in danger. Rouge Blue was completely nervous. Liu Yunfei's blood volume has been reduced by more than half by the skill of the big burst in the range just now. This skill is obviously to suck the target in front of the maniac and use the giant blade of the right hand to cut it down. With the high damage that crazy always shows, Liu Yunfei will have no chance to turn over at the end of this skill! "No, the game is over." Wu Le is laughing. The screen showed that Liu Yunfei's lips wriggled as if he was saying something to the maniac, whose face changed greatly and wanted to interrupt his blood siphon skills. But everything is too late, Liu Yunfei eerily from the adsorption state from the fall, no longer give crazy the slightest chance of the body into a sword light through the crazy body is gradually condensed behind him, crazy blood siphon summer but stopped by the effect of twelve nights cut fixed. Liu Yunfei turned around with a smile, and the poisonous spider teeth in his hands, like the devil's fangs, danced quickly and once again covered the maniac who had temporarily lost his ability to act with a brilliant sword dance. Twelve Night Chop! Phantom Sword Dance! 22 consecutive episodes of damage occur, and the maniac body is completely enveloped in a time of blood and light. A sword light cut his body, and a strange burst of blood in another place. His whole body is so motionless to bear all this. Every occurrence of damage means a drop in his health. As Liu Yunfei's must-kill move, the winner is not alive! Puff! When it was all over, the maniac became a corpse and fell down. Liu Yunfei slowly put the poisonous spider teeth back into the scabbard. When the wind blew across the grassland, Liu Yunfei's short white hair fluttered in the wind, which gave him a feeling of loneliness. The venue was silent for a moment, and immediately burst into cheers that overturned the roof of the venue. The first top 8 player was decided in a flash of lightning, and it was Liu Yunfei, the pure little scholar of the super dark horse! "The hooligan has won!" "Great, Ziyun, great!" Zhu Ziyun and Su Mei hugged and cheered together. Rouge Blue took off her rimless glasses and rubbed her eyebrows with a smile, as if she were tired, but a happy smile appeared on her low face. Liu Yunfei and Kuang,outdoor spa manufacturers, as the first two players to decide the winner, withdrew from the game equipment. Depressed, completely cheated by you. He was so depressed that he complained to Liu Yunfei. Liu Yunfei smiled: "Who told you not to know the weakness of your own skills in advance? You deserve to lose." 。

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