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"The emperor summoned a few ministers in the inner study, and the eldest princess had someone stop the Marquis of Yongping.".

"The emperor lacks nothing." Eleven Niang said, "I'm afraid I have to work hard on the moral." "That's what I thought." Xu Lingyi said, "I'm going to recruit someone to go back to the office tomorrow." Mr. Zhao said it together to see what to send. " Finally, a pair of purple purlin wood ivory carvings of Peng Zutu were presented as a birthday gift. Although not brilliant, but also not unconventional, stable, but also in line with the style of Yongping Hou. On the day of entering the palace to celebrate her birthday, "the empress, in order to sympathize with her wife, specially ordered her to take her wife to the warm pavilion beside the side hall to rest after the court meeting." The Fifth Lady will accompany her to rest here. Eleven Niang and five madams discussed, "I'll go to the side hall and wait for the banquet." When the time comes, I will ask Mrs. Tai and Mrs. Wu to go to the banquet together and leave. Although it is the grace of the emperor, it can not be too arrogant. It doesn't make sense that she didn't show up. Five madams nod: "I will take good care of Niang!" " There was a sudden noise outside. Lady Yongping Hou,horse weight tape, Lady Yongping Hou! Someone shouted eleven Niang into the side hall. The people in the room followed the sound and saw the big princess in a bright red and embroidered gold dress flying in like a butterfly. "Where is brother Jin?" The three of them quickly got up to salute the eldest princess. The eldest princess held up the lady and said, "Sit down quickly!"! So as not to be carried to the rear hall like Zheng Taijun. "How is Zheng Taijun now?" Mrs. Tai was shocked. "I don't know!" The princess said, "It should be all right!"! Otherwise, the people from the hospital should come back and tell their mother. Then asked eleven Niang, "where did brother Jin go?"? Why can't I get him anywhere? He's not in the Jiaotai Hall either. "" He's gone on an excursion, "said Shiyi Niang with a smile. "Why don't I know?" Cried the eldest princess in surprise. When did he leave? Where did you go? When will you be back? "Go to the northwest for a walk." Eleven Niang said very vaguely,Fish measuring board, "when exactly to come back depends on the schedule.". The eldest princess pouted: "I said how he did not go to the palace to say hello to the Dragon Boat Festival and Mid-Autumn Festival, and I was going to let him play Cuju with me during the Spring Festival!" "Yagong asked him to play Cuju, and that was his good fortune.". Eleven Niang laughed and said, "I'll write a letter to see if I can get in touch with him.". If I could come back to the princess again. The eldest princess stamped her foot and walked away angrily. "Go and find out what happened to Zheng Taijun," said Mrs. Tai. Eleven Niang answered and left. There was a buzzing sound in the side hall where the woman was resting, and they were all whispering about Zheng Taijun. Eleven Niang quietly looked for Huang Xianying, but before she opened her mouth, a maid of honor hurried over and said, "It's all right. Zheng Taijun is just short of breath and chest tightness for a while. It's all right now." Huang Xianying breathed a sigh of relief. If anything happens today, Surveyors tape measure ,Walking measuring wheel, it's always unlucky. Eleven Niang got the letter. "Go back and report to Mrs. Tai.". The first lady shook the fifth lady's hand and said, "In the future, this kind of banquet should be as few as possible." "Then I'll talk to the empress?" The fifth lady laughed and said, "in this way, you can have a good rest at home.". Mrs. Tai acquiesced. A burst of laughter came from the side hall. Someone asked in a loud voice, "Why don't you see Lady Yongping Hou?"? Where has she been hiding? Eleven Niang startled, and five madams exchanged a look, hurried past. It was Mrs. Tang Si who spoke. Eleven Niang came forward to pat her on the shoulder: "So loud, scared me a big jump!" " Mrs. Tang Si laughed heartily. "Congratulations, Lady Yongping," said a man on one side. "Long live you! You've opened your golden mouth and given your six sons the rank of commander of the Xiaoling Guards. You're in the fourth grade. Hereditary succession. Eleven Niang's heart jumped. Xiaoling Wei is an organization that specializes in solving the employment problems of the sons and princesses of the imperial relatives. It was said that they were guarding the mausoleums for their ancestors. In fact, those who were guarding the mausoleums there were all those Hujun and Baozong. They were hereditary military officers, but when the emperor went to offer sacrifices, they put on their official clothes and accompanied him to the palace. There was the Fengxian Palace, the Zhaigong Palace, the Temple of Heaven and the Temple of Earth. The emperor could not go to the mausoleum for ten years. These people stayed at home every day to take a long time. More idle than the Xishan camp. Xishan camp at least to live in the camp, at least to pull out to practice the body, but the people of Xiaoling Wei don't even need to point, the well also don't have to do. "Who did you hear that from?" "I don't know what happened, and I don't know how it came out." I've never heard of it! " "It has just come from the inner study.". Granny Tang said with a smile, "Grandfather He has already sent someone to write the imperial edict to the Ministry of Personnel.". The documents of the Ministry of Civil Affairs should have arrived in these two days. She said, laughing twice, "when the time comes, you have to set up a few tables of wine and treat us to a few meals." "If it's true, you can eat as many meals as your sister says." "I just don't know how the word came out," said Eleven Niang. "It's true!" It was Mrs. Gan's sister-in-law who spoke. She said with a smile, "The emperor summoned a few ministers in the inner study, and the eldest princess had someone stop the Marquis of Yongping.". The emperor knew that the Marquis of Yongping had sent the six young masters of your family to Jiayuguan, and I decreed that the six young masters of your family were all commanders.. She had not yet spoken. "The eldest princess burst in." Mrs. Yongping Hou, Mrs. Yongping Hou, please let me get my brother back quickly. She was elated and said, "My father gave him the title of commander of the garrison of the Xiaoling Mausoleum and asked him to come back to meet the saint." Shiyi Niang is in a mess now. I don't know what the emperor means? What do you think of brother Jin's going to Jiayuguan? What does Xu Lingyi think? What's the plan? She could only bow her knees and thank the eldest princess. The eldest princess did not wait for her to kneel down and took her hand: "You remember to let him come back quickly.". On the fourth day of the first lunar month,fish measuring tape, I made an appointment with my brothers to play Cuju in Dongyuan. He must come! Otherwise, "I'm sure I'll lose." Eleven Niang respectfully answered "yes", but her heart was bitter. The eldest princess left happily. Huang Xianying was ordered by the empress to ask her to speak.

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