The sound of the palace all night

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Although she had vaguely heard of the news of the instability of Zhenbei Army, she did not know much about it because this channel had always been grasped by Tian Jing.

The master who had given her the greatest opportunity in her life had gone, and Li Mingze, the king of Chu, had taken her to northern Xinjiang, but he did not know whether the trip would go smoothly. When she was a child at home, she had deliberately practiced martial arts. Although there was no guidance from a famous teacher at the beginning, she made rapid progress after meeting Tian Jing, so she was able to take charge of her own side in a short time. Now that I think of it, her father in the sense of blood is not even as good as Tian Jing, although the latter has only taught her for more than a year. From a humble maid of honor to today's iron guard, she has fulfilled the greatest wish of that year, but why instead feel more and more lonely and difficult to understand? She is just a little power has been so, then Cui Wei so power in the world, is not always feel a chill in the bones? She could not help laughing, driving these confused thoughts out of her mind, and was about to leave the palace from the other direction when she heard a shout behind her. Miss Su! A maid of honor rushed up hurriedly and shouted out of breath, "Princess Chang has something urgent to do. Let you hurry over!" . The third volume wants to go to Qingyun Road. Chapter 60 is both happy and sad. "Why so fast?" When the car arrived at the long princess mansion, Cui Wei almost jumped out of the car and asked Xiao Fu. Seeing that the former straightforward female manager also had no sense of propriety, she had to sigh and go directly to the courtyard of Chen Xiang. Being forced to pull the element is not very clear what is going on, had to take a few iron guards hurried to follow, until the yard door heard that a burst of groans,ceramic bobbin element, just know that someone is going to give birth. However, what is the long princess mansion who want to produce, actually make such a big battle? Xiao Fu first ordered someone to bring a rattan chair for Cui Wei to sit down. Seeing that the other party insisted on refusing, she had to explain, "Princess Chang, I have already ordered someone to invite a few women. Even there are four or five experienced healthy women inside.". However, this woman is always the first difficult thing to give birth, so it is inevitably more difficult. In addition,ceramic igniter electrodes, Chen Xiang's body was too weak at the beginning, but later, although he tried his best to make up for it, he still couldn't take care of it for a while. "Princess Chang can rest assured that the midwives here are all the best in the capital, and there should not be any mistakes." "I hope so!" Cui Wei had no choice but to answer, and then sat down on the rattan chair. Chen Xiang's life and death is nothing in the eyes of others, but after all, it is a person who has been with her for three years, not an object. Watching a girl who used to be smart and beautiful become haggard now, how could she bear it? Besides, the north side of the matter, but to this day there is no accurate letter! The courtyard was already guarded by iron guards, and when Su heard the name of Chen Xiang, her heart could not help but move-of course, she knew that there was a personal maid named Chen Xiang beside Cui Wei in the past, 3500mg Ozone ceramic Plate ,steatite c221, but this person did not go out with the bodyguard Qin Da, and then there was no news? How can now be here to give birth to a child, and Cui Wei is still anxious to look like this? See Cui Wei's face is not good. She did not ask much and stood silently waiting for news. However, there was a loud sound inside, but the baby was never born. Cui Kui had already been unable to resist getting up and pacing back and forth, and as for Xiao Fu, his face was also pale. Not to mention those who rarely have such experiences. When a woman gives birth to a child, it is always a big pass. How many golden branches, jade leaves and pink beauties have all died here? Who can say for sure that they will be safe and sound? I don't know how long it took, but suddenly there was a loud baby crying inside. Immediately afterwards, the door was pulled open, and a smiling woman jumped out in twos and threes, without any sign of the influence of her fat body. She didn't know Cui Wei either. She went straight forward and saluted Xiao Fu. "Congratulations, Miss Xiao. She's a daughter. Mother and daughter are safe!" Thank God! Xiao Fu, who had never believed in gods and Buddhas, said Amitabha for the first time, and did not even notice that the woman had come to congratulate herself on what was wrong. When she was ready to reward, she found that all the people in the long princess mansion had been stopped outside. I feel a little embarrassed. After much thought, she reached out to remove the gold bracelet from her arm. But before she could move. Su hurried ahead and put a bag of tricks in the woman's hand. "Here are twenty golden melon seeds," he said lightly. You take it back and divide it. Be sure to keep your mouth shut about what happened today, or don't blame me for being heartless in the future! The woman took the heavy bag of tricks. Originally in the heart a happy, but heard the last sentence, unexpectedly instinctively hit a shiver, no longer dare to look down upon in front of this seemingly young girl. Until she turned around and went in, she did not notice Cui Wei, who was dressed in gorgeous clothes. Cui Wei nodded appreciatively to Su, and then remembered that he had not mentioned Chen Xiang to Su. Thinking that Chen Xiang, who had just finished giving birth, still had to rest, she said hello to Xiao Fu and went to the study with Su first. Does Princess Chang mean that it is possible that the vice-governor of the Qin Dynasty in Zhenbei Army is a Khitan? Although she had vaguely heard of the news of the instability of Zhenbei Army, she did not know much about it because this channel had always been grasped by Tian Jing. At this moment, when she thought of the master who was in danger, she could not help but lose her usual calmness. Long princess, since you know the town north army is unstable, why not send an army? Let the master and the king of Chu go together, can you subdue those proud soldiers? "Send an army?"? When the Khitan army invaded the border, there was an internal struggle first. Cui Wei's words made her speechless. She took a deep breath and stood up: "Aunt Jing is your master, and she is not my relative, that is.." I don't want to see them take risks, but in today's situation, not taking risks means that the whole of northern Xinjiang will be involved in the war, a little carelessness will lead to disaster! What we can do is to make the most complete preparations, establish a series of buffers between the capital and the northern border, and then make a complete deployment of military forces and hoarding of grain and grass, that's all. By this time, Su had awakened to his slip of the tongue, and when he wanted to remedy it, he heard such words again,Ceramic Bobbin, and was silent at the moment. Two people sat in silence for a while, the door of the study was suddenly pushed open, and it was Xiao Fu who came in.

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