Voice of the World Group: 425560652.

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Voice of the World Group: 425560652.Voice of the World Group: 425560652.Voice of the World Group: 425560652.

"This competition is unfair to Xia Anning." The superior immortals said in private: "Xia Anning is an extremely rare all-rounder, whether it is immortal method or force, but it is too disadvantageous to compare force." Su Zhuo once described Xia Anning in this biography. When it comes to immortals, he can't compare with An Yiyin. When it comes to force, he can't compare with Fu Qianwen. But Xia Anning is an all-rounder and has the perseverance to never admit defeat. An Yiyin and Fu Qianwen are no match for him if he fights alone. Fu Qianwen hates Xia Anning. Xia Anning hates Fu Qianwen. For they are each other's rivals, vying for the eyes of the one they desire. Enemy. The author has something to say: everyone complains that Big Brother has no part in the play. Let me just say that this volume is modest and peaceful, the next volume is Big Brother's home court, and the next volume is Miantang's home court. It was because I was afraid of this that I didn't decide on the CP. Later, when I saw that you were all worried about who the CP was, I said it. Now I really feel sad that there is no sense of existence in the voice of Tucao An. It seems that I have to find a way to add drama to Big Brother!!! And except big brother, all people's feelings are not love! Not love! Not love! Please believe me, QAQ. As for the origin of the name of Silly Master, it is impossible for you to search for the word "longevity". And don't guess, you can't say it until the end, it's a spoiler. Tomorrow, we will resume updating at 8 o'clock every morning. If we work overtime, we will work 3000 hours. If we don't work overtime,interactive whiteboard for schools, we will work 6000 hours. Recently, the hand speed has come up a little. 6000 hours can be guaranteed in about four hours. Please love me _ (: _) _ Chapter 77 leaning on the bed at night, the heart is hard to communicate 2. The final result, as expected by Emperor Qingzhuo, was that Fu Qianwen won. After all, compared with pure force, whether now or in the future,electronic board for classroom, Xia Anning is really no match for Fu Qianwen. He stood on the high platform and looked at the Sendai below, and an Yiyin stood quietly beside him as usual to protect and accompany him. Although Fu Qianwen and Xia Anning's current strength is still not enough to see his face, but as the immortal emperor of Qingzhuo, he can naturally. Looking at Fu Qianwen's scars but smiling like a fool, Su Zhuo could not help but raise the corners of his mouth. But when his eyes turned to Xia Anning, the despair in his eyes made him sad. Perhaps it should be said that children who can call have milk to eat. Whether it is the Qingzhuo Immortal Emperor or the immortals in the Heavenly Palace, compared with Fu Qianwen, who can't make a sound with a stick and abides by the law and discipline, Xia Anning, who is lively and active and always likes to cause trouble, naturally attracts more attention from them, and also has some preference. Although no one was surprised by the result of the competition, interactive flat panel display ,interactive digital whiteboard, anyone could not help feeling sorry for him when he saw the proud and arrogant troublemaker with tears streaming down his face. After all, he is so good-looking! Even in the fairy world where beauties are everywhere, Xia Anning's stunning appearance is extremely rare, not to mention that as a man, he is more masculine and heroic, which makes this attractive beauty more beautiful. People always prefer beautiful things. This is no exception even for immortals. But now everyone's eyes are on Fu Qianwen's body, even if his appearance is so ordinary that no one in the fairy world intends to take a look, even if he can't attract too much attention from those immortals, at this moment everyone's eyes are removed from Xia Anning's body, on Fu Qianwen here. Because people admire the strong more than the beautiful. This is no exception even for immortals. The natural immortals in the audience angrily rebuked Xia Anning's disgrace, forgetting how many times they had praised the powerful young man with peerless appearance; the acquired immortals in the audience strongly praised Fu Qianwen's victory, forgetting how many times they had laughed at the helpless down-and-out immortal. When the Nine Immortals announced the results, the two men saw through the "truth" in a short moment. The winner is Fu Qianwen! The innate immortal is scolding. The acquired immortals are cheering. Emperor Qingzhuo wanted to do something, because the proud and arrogant young man was crying silently. He did not care about the abuse from the audience, but looked up at him. Obviously can not see anything clearly, but always stubbornly look in his direction. Not just to brush the good feeling of Laoshizi, just because he also likes this proud young man with different hearts, this simple-minded and intuitive pure child. But an Yiyin grabbed him and shook his head gently. For no other reason, the Red Lotus Immortal Emperor has come. The immortal emperor, dressed in red like fire and blooming like a red lotus, walked out of the bead curtain, and the powerful pressure enveloped the four fields in an instant. All the voices disappeared, and the immortals watched the noble and beautiful empress step by step down from the throne and close to the Victor. She arrogantly raised her slender white neck and asked, "Did you win?" Fu Qianwen's hands trembled with excitement. He knelt down respectfully according to the etiquette taught by the immortals and said in a trembling voice, "Yes!" "Look up." Fu Qianwen raised his head according to the words. What comes into view is a gorgeous and solemn face like peony makeup, which is another kind of peerless beauty. If Xia Anning represents the indisputable relationship between men and women, then the beauty of the Red Lotus Immortal Emperor is completely feminine, enough to make any man obsessed and any woman jealous, but whether it is her character, strength or status, it can only deter people. How beautiful. This is the mother of that man, perhaps. Will it be as gentle and warm as him? Are her hands warm, too? Really want to hold ah, that must be the same as what he saw, is different from that person, belongs to the mother's warmth and softness? He won. He is no longer a puppet, no longer a puppet, no longer a work. He is a man, an immortal. He doesn't have to wander alone forever. He will have two brothers, maybe one brother and one brother,digital touch screen board, and a master like his mother. He has a family, and he is no longer alone and helpless. He can always stay with those warm hands. Thinking so, he heard the cold voice of the noble woman in front of him. hsdsmartboard.com

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