Demon Law _ Dancing _ txt Novel Paradise

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Demon Law _ Dancing _ txt Novel ParadiseDemon Law _ Dancing _ txt Novel ParadiseDemon Law _ Dancing _ txt Novel Paradise

The name alone is enough to make people awe. For this kind of person, although Du Wei is not willing to deal with more, but also do not want to offend. So he thought about it and promised the mayor, "Well, I'm on the boat anyway." There are still many vacancies. When will the Bishop arrive? "It should be by tomorrow morning." The mayor breathed a sigh of relief and quickly replied, "After Archbishop Maximos' ship broke down, they have abandoned the ship and are going ashore." Come here by carriage, and I'm sure it will arrive here tomorrow morning. "Then I will stay here for a day until the archbishop arrives." Du Wei sighed when he sent the mayor away. After all, the mayor asked himself that if he refused, the matter would surely reach the ears of the archbishop. It's not worth offending people. Besides, although he was afraid of the temple, now at least Hussein, the most wanted man, was not around, and he had no reason to be afraid. Just. Du Wei touched his head. He was used to having long hair, long thick hair,facial recognization camera, covering the small devil's horn on his head, and Du Wei specially designed a hair for himself. Type, making the hair on the head even thicker. Besides, at the worst, I'll wear a wizard's robe and a wizard's hat tomorrow! Why, an archbishop can't come and pull off my hat and examine my hair. Chapter two hundred and eighty of the main text Maximus. The carriage and horses of the archbishop of the Central North Diocese did not keep Du Wei waiting too long and arrived early the next morning. The arrival of an archbishop in charge of the religious affairs of several provinces on one side naturally caused an earthquake among local officials. The identity of an archbishop is better than that of the Duke of Dewey. It is said that it is only high but not low. What's more,Interactive digital signage, he controlled the religious affairs of several provinces, had a large amount of financial revenue in his hands every year, and was also in charge of a holy order of knights, millions of parishes. Believers may also become future popes. Such a person, however, does not seem to be as arrogant as Du Wei imagined. It's not what the mayor said before. The archbishop's entourage is not large. Actually, Dewey I thought there would be a motorcade, but in the morning, there was only one carriage on the dock. Surrounded by local officials, the archbishop and several members of his entourage boarded the ship and met with Dewey. The first meeting was friendly, and Archbishop Maximos was a very graceful old man, facial recognition thermometer ,thermal imaging camera, wearing a black clerical robe, as could be seen. He was simply dressed, and the robe was old, and there seemed to be some signs of wear and tear in the corners. And his silver hair was erect and clean, and his face was white. Warm smile, kind eyes. From any point of view, he did not look like an archbishop who was in charge of the religious affairs of several provinces, but rather like a God in a small local religion. Father, one looks ordinary. A kindly smiling old man. The only difference, I'm afraid, is his eyes. His eyes were clear and deep, flashing with the wisdom and shrewdness of an old man of his age. My Lord Duke. Archbishop Maximus bowed slightly to Du Wei. "First of all, I would like to thank you.". Thank you for allowing me to take your boat back to the emperor. Thank you for waiting for me here all night. Du Wei returned the courtesy with a smile: "You are too polite.". Your Eminence. It is my great honor to have such a distinguished guest as you aboard my ship. And. Stay here for an extra night and Nothing, you see. The scenery on the river bank is very good. After a few pleasantries, the archbishop introduced his entourage. In fact, being the archbishop of a diocese makes Dewey strangely. The Archbishop Maximus had too few attendants. When he came on board, except him. Outside of yourself. There are only three people. A coachman, an old man in clerical robes. Probably something like an archdeacon. There was also a knight in armor. It's just that the knight helped the driver to carry the luggage. Later, Du Wei dismissed the local officials who saw him off. He welcomed Maximos into his cabin. Have a seat. My Archbishop. "Du Wei smiled and asked his men to bring the tea.". Then he said, "To tell you the truth, you are the highest cleric I have ever seen." "Oh?" Maximus's expression moved. "My Lord Duke.". You were born in the imperial capital. In your position, have you never seen His Holiness before? Although His Holiness has rarely appeared in public in recent years, he personally presides over the annual temple ceremony. Du Wei shook his head: No. Oh, I'm sorry. I'm not a temple believer. So I didn't attend the ceremony of the Temple of Light. Maximus was really graceful, and after listening to it, he did not show any strange expression, but smiled casually: "I hope the Duke can enter soon." The embrace of God. In the future, if you change your mind one day. I would like to baptize you myself. Then Maximos introduced the other old man beside him to Du Wei: "This is my close assistant and my most loyal friend.". Father Ramsay, we, too. One of the archdeacons of the Diocese of North Central. There was a pause. "We're going back to the imperial capital this time," he said with a smile. For the annual shrine pageant. At the same time, it is traditional to meet the Pope. Your Majesty, report to him personally on your work in the parish during the past year. It is a pity. Our boat broke down and we had to go ashore temporarily. I wish I had brought dozens of followers with me, but because of the large fleet of vehicles. The horses were so slow that I had to leave the horse-carriage and come alone in a light carriage in order to get here. Du Wei nodded, thought: "You are anxious to go back to report work, but also to please the Pope, in the future can succeed in the Pope's position in the competition for a little more weight,digital whiteboard price, no wonder." In such a hurry. "Don't worry, Archbishop," he said with a smile. "I have many servants on board. You will be treated like the most distinguished guest here. I've already let someone.

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