Lotus Treasure Mirror

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Lotus Treasure MirrorLotus Treasure MirrorLotus Treasure MirrorLotus Treasure Mirror

Marguerite exclaimed, "The essence of the earth!"? And you are The way she speaks. The vines of the tree of life suddenly spread out, enclosing both old Woma and Du Chen! Old Woma came to Du Chen with a lonely face and a lonely smile. Once upon a time, I had a name called Berenguer! Grandpa? Old Womar is Francis's grandfather!? But old Woma smiled sadly at Marguerite and said, "But all the generations of Jesuits have inherited part of Wolf's memory and spiritual realm. It's half a copy of Wolf!" This situation is similar to the relationship between peeling and Steve! Marguerite's eyes turned red and she gnashed her teeth! Killing half of Wolf can get rid of my hatred. Can you two win together? I have the four powers of the Force! Old Woma shook his head. "I don't want to fight you.". I just want to say three words to you, okay? No matter how stupid Marguerite was, she would not have allowed such a long night and many dreams, but old Woma followed closely and said, "I'll tell you from Wolf's memory!" "The tree of life," Marguerite said excitedly. Trap them! Wolf, what face do you have to talk to me, you heartbreaker!? Old Woma said with a wry smile, "First, I was sorry for you. I shouldn't have left you and the child!" Marguerite burst into tears. 'It's too late. You're a thousand years too late! Old Woma shook his head. "The second paragraph is very long," he continued. In the past year, I divined the disaster of the world and warned the marshals. But no one believed me. Many years later, I went to Wanliu Mountain according to the tips of astrology, trying to find a way to solve the disaster, but I found nothing! But at this time,interactive whiteboard prices, all the nine marshals had an accident, but only you were safe and sound, so I suspected that the disaster was related to you, and formed the Holy Church of Jesus, and took away the tears of grief from you.. At this point, old Woma also cried, "but I was wounded by your molten heart when I seized the place of lament and tears,digital signage screen, and soon I passed on my fighting spirit to future generations and died, which is your hand!" Marguerite was stupefied. "You were the one who entered Qinshui Lake. I killed you with my own hands. You have died in my hands!" She burst out laughing! Old Woma continued: "My descendants carry on my two behest, one is to find a way to solve the disaster, to the generation of Berengar, the descendants have made a major discovery!"! Among them, Phyl is responsible for dealing with the Red Army in the underground front with the sacred vessel furnace, while Berengar uses the essence of the earth to make secret visits on the ground, while examining the conduct and mood of Francis, the successor of the Holy Church of Jesus. In fact, this is half said to Du Chen, to explain to Du Chen why he always inexplicably appeared in front of him, and told Du Chen that Phyl did have something to hide from you, but she did not harm you, smart interactive whiteboard ,temperature check kiosk, but did not want you to know that you are actually being inspected! Du Chen naturally understood these words, but he did not take them to heart, but looked coldly at the four forces that had trapped him and old Woma! Old Woma's words have not finished, "but, but not long ago my descendants found that Margaret actually had a problem, actually took refuge in the Red Army, became an accomplice in the destruction of the world, I am sorry for you, but you are sorry for the world!" Marguerite snorted forlornly. "I didn't do anything wrong!"! Say the third word and die! Old Woma smiled bitterly. "The third sentence is." How are our children? I want to apologize to him myself! In Du Chen's heart, sure enough, Marguerite shouted like a crazy woman, "What's good?"? Dead, already dead! Suddenly, with a bitter look on her face, Margaret said, "I killed him with my own hands!" Old Woma was shocked. "You." That bastard looks so much like you that I think of you when I see him. So I killed him! "Does it hurt?" Marguerite laughed wildly? And I also want to make you more heartache your son left a pair of twins, I, after my Qingshan Qinshui split to them, and used the symbiotic inheritance technology of the Red Army to attach to the secret method. I will let them and their descendants kill each other forever, and let you Wolf die in your grave! Margaret had some mental problems and could not speak clearly. Old Woma was confused, but Du Chen understood all about Brockman and Adams. A victim of Marguerite's hatred! Marguerite lost her mind and said another word, pointing to Du Chen, "and the two brothers and their descendants were also dedicated by me to the Red Army Supreme as an experiment.". To study the mystery of symbiosis and inheritance for the Red Army Supreme, now. Although I didn't find Adams in the Emerald Sea, and the useless Constantine didn't bring back Brockman. But not anymore. Francis and Arthur, the other pair of symbionts, have been a great success, and I have the final experimental body! Du Chen frowned, and in the first half of Margaret's words he understood that Margaret had gone to the vicinity of the Emerald Sea to recycle the experimental Adams Land! And he deliberately let himself go in the battle of Dou Shen Island, also because he is an experiment, but what is the so-called symbiosis? What kind of experiment are you and Arthur? Marguerite gave him no time to think. 'Have you finished? I'll tell you one thing first, Phyl is in my hands, and then.. Die! "" The four forces strike again! Du Chen was not shocked and immediately fought. When he saw the sacristy, he knew something had happened to Phyl! Staring at the first attack of Molten Heart, he was about to make a move when Old Volma suddenly pressed his shoulder with one hand and pushed it back. The world is tied to the emperor. You can't go all out! As he spoke, he greeted Margaret alone. "Wolf detonated the essence of the earth on Borg Island, a thousand years later.". The essence of the earth is almost restored. Margaret. See if the four forces that you can't give full play to are stronger, or if I detonate the essence of the earth with all my strength! Old Woma's body burst into a khaki glow. One by one, breaking through the blockade of the four forces, enveloping the whole Wanliu Mountain! Du Chen has already flown into the sky, see this scene frowned, he followed the sudden emergence of the grandfather no feelings,interactive kiosk price, but after all, the old Wo Ma is desperately to save himself, then he can not leave such an old man to escape alone. hsdtouch.com

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