Soul refining in war prison

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Soul refining in war prisonSoul refining in war prisonSoul refining in war prisonSoul refining in war prison

But the fire cloud boy's great genius prestige is not his own boast, but a solid fight out, just as the God meteorite gold ball began to slowly squeeze inward, a very dangerous signal sounded in the fire cloud boy's mind, usually this time is usually the signal of the people who met the peak of the third order. However, although I don't know how to look at this person who is only in the middle of the third order at most, how can he give himself this kind of signal that only the top strong people have, the Fire Cloud Boy is still alert in an instant, his two hands are changing rapidly in front of his chest, and one after another handprints are formed in the hands of the Fire Cloud Boy, as the Fire Cloud boy's knot is faster and faster. Huoyun boy's face became more and more red, and one handprint after another flew out of Huoyun boy's hand and hit the wall of the stove, making the fire in the stove more and more vigorous. This set of handprints is also famous in the monastic world, although the fire religion has been lonely in the last few hundred years, but in ancient times when a hundred schools of thought contend, the fire religion is relying on this set of evil king thousand handprints to frighten the whole evil way,Agate Slabs For Sale, legend says that this set of handprints to the top, can instantly form tens of millions of handprints, just like tens of millions of hands in And each handprint is not easy to form, each handprint represents an attack method or defense method, you can imagine, at the same time there are tens of millions of different means of attack on you,Marble Projects, even if the attack of these handprints is not strong, want to resolve one by one is also a very troublesome thing, not to mention the attack of these handprints is not easy to resist, When the power of the Fire Sect was at its peak, the handprints formed by the great gods, and the handprints with the lowest power also had one percent of their own strength, not to mention the power of the soul seals that needed to be pushed by the whole body. One handprint after another kept appearing on the furnace wall. When the Fire Cloud Boy knocked the last handprint into the furnace wall, all the handprints suddenly shone with a strong light. The soft flame in the furnace tripod became violent in an instant, forming a flame vortex in the furnace tripod. The pressure brought by the golden ball was weakened by this vortex. Although the two men were playing quietly inside, the people outside were looking at different looks, and when Chen Chen used the golden ball, Pietra Gray Marble ,Granite Slab Supplier, the demon Hu Qingyun's eyes, which had been slightly closed, suddenly opened and looked at the corner of the flame hell, and the bright and dazzling golden ball emitted more than just the power shown on the surface. It was like taking Pangu's axe as a firewood knife, but not long ago he had personally examined his body, could it be said that there was anything in his body that even he could not detect? Hu Qingyun touched his chin and thought thoughtfully. And the fire cloud evil God there is another scene, in the fire cloud boy using the evil king thousand handprints, the fire cloud evil God's forehead has emerged a bucket of big sweat, others may not know the power of the evil king thousand handprints, but the Fire Cloud Evil God knows clearly, this set of handprints handed down from ancient times in the fire religion can be said to be the treasure of the town religion. It can also be said that it is not worth a penny. The main reason is that people with non-pure fire constitution cannot practice, and only those who have reached the beginning of the third level can start to practice this skill. This is also a heart disease of the Fire Cloud Evil God. Anyone who has hundreds of millions of dollars in the bank, but can not withdraw a penny, will not feel better. However, although the Fire Cloud Evil God can not practice this evil king thousand handprints, but the power of the evil king thousand handprints, the Fire Cloud Evil God can be exactly remembered in his mind, not to mention the legendary strength of the earth-shaking sea, that is, the most elementary handprint, although the fire cloud evil God is a whole step higher than the strength of the fire cloud boy. But when the Fire Cloud Boy used it, the Fire Cloud Evil God had to temporarily avoid its edge. However, although the Evil King's Thousand Handprints were very powerful, the consumption was not small. With the strength of the Fire Cloud Boy at the beginning of the third stage, most of the True yuan would be consumed once. That is to say, if the Evil King's Thousand Handprints used by the Fire Yun Boy could not defeat the man called Golden Sword with Laojun Furnace, Then it is failure that greets the Fire Cloud Boy. And the decent and evil people sitting around were also watching the first match that they met the soonest. Most people did not expect that the two people who were not favored had the same strength as those who were in the top ten. At this critical moment, all of them stared at the round ball with faint red light in the golden light without blinking, fearing that they would miss a good show. The golden light gradually closed inward, and the furnace tripod seemed to be unable to stand the pressure and began to tremble violently, and a violent collision was about to take place between the two. This book is first published on Zongheng Chinese Network. Readers are welcome to visit the to view more excellent works. Chapter 10 Monarch and Minister Just as the golden ball was about to come into contact with the Laojun furnace, a hot breath gushed out from the furnace tripod, and the temperature of the white flame was approaching the level of the true fire of three flavors, and the golden ball that was being compressed inward was also expanded out of thin air. And by the impact of the hot flame, Chen's body also began to shake up, the left hand that was about to be clenched as if it had been opened by something, only to see Chen suddenly shouted,grey marble slab, the whole left arm suddenly turned red, a trace of red mist floating on Chen's left arm, like the mist formed by the evaporation of blood.

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