Quick-wear female companion: villain boss poison v1703

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Quick-wear female companion: villain boss poison v1703Quick-wear female companion: villain boss poison v1703

Who can afford this level of prodigal? "Ding-" The computer interface suddenly popped up a pop-up box, when Sheng put down his mobile phone, slid his chair to the front of the computer, swept the pop-up box ten lines at a glance, and his fingers jumped up quickly on the keyboard. When Sheng's eyes were fixed on the screen, about a few minutes later, her mouth was slightly hooked, "I found you." When Sheng quickly went out, Gui Yue seemed not to be there, she called twice, no sound after going directly outside the villa. As soon as Shi Sheng looked at the door, he saw Qu Miao standing outside, and when he saw her coming out, he immediately stood upright. Ji Liu Ying.. When Sheng closed the door and strode out, he didn't mean to make a wonderful song. Ji Liuying, you wait. Qu Miao blocked Shi Sheng. Shi Sheng passed directly by her and quickly disappeared into Qu Miao's line of sight. Leaving Qu Miao's line of sight, Shi Sheng flew directly with an iron sword, crossing more than half of Z City and reaching the edge of Z City. The neighborhood is under planning and development, and the local residents have moved away, so there is no human habitation. Some houses were torn to pieces, all kinds of waste were piled up all over the floor, and the pungent smell was everywhere. Shi Sheng followed the red dot on his mobile phone and went straight to a house somewhere. The house is still intact, there are people outside, there is no light inside, it seems that no one looks. When Sheng solved the two gatekeepers, he broke into the door directly, and the loud noise alarmed the people around him, and quickly surrounded him toward the gate. When Mu Bai received the news, the whole person was not good. Why does she haunt us! Haunting.. Don't leave.. Scatter. How can a man live when a woman is so awesome? This gentleman is not convinced! Someone nearby called him, "Mr. Mu?" "Continue." Mu Bai gritted his teeth. Yes Mubai pulled his clothes, took a deep breath, and lifted his feet to leave the basement. It was quiet above, and Mubai pushed open the old door, and the sound of creaking came far away. There was a smell of blood in the air, a strong smell of blood. All his men should be dead. Is he running or running now? Just as Mubai was thinking about whether he could run away, there was a sudden cold behind him, and his body fell uncontrollably toward the front, with something cold running through his body. Mu Bai steadied his body and looked down at an extra hole in his abdomen. She actually started directly and was not afraid to kill the wrong person? "Puff-" Another sword pierced the body. Mu Bai was still able to stabilize his body, and he turned his head in a difficult position to look at the people behind him. When Sheng was pulling the iron sword out of his body, with a strange smile on his face, his eyes were as calm as water. You Nothing to ask? He didn't expect her to do it directly. Well, she never plays by the rules, and he doesn't expect a lot. It's all nonsense anyway. In the end, I have to guess one by one. Mu Bai: "… …" When Mu Bai saw that Sheng was coming over, he immediately made up for himself and lost his breath in an instant. If you want to die, White Marble Mosaic ,Marble Granite Price, you can only die in your own hands, not in others' hands. What the fuck In this way, you can still commit suicide, which is awesome for my Mu Bai. Mu Bai here, must want to do things, when Sheng down from the basement, the first thing to see is some strange equipment, which shows some data. Several people are busy, heard the noise, someone looked back, saw a strange girl from the ladder down, shouted, "who are you?" The sound alarmed the others. Everyone looked at Shi Sheng. Someone recognized Shi Sheng. "It's the intruder. Where is Mr. Mu?" They quickly switched monitoring, saw the scene outside, a strange silence, Mr. Mu actually died. "Don't kill me." Someone raised his hands and surrendered. Others followed suit, raising their hands to their chests. When Sheng's line of sight swept over them, it fell in the middle of the instruments, and in one direction, in the glass cabinet, the man's figure was looming. Li Chengyun didn't die? I Day! What does Mu Bai, a mentally retarded man, want to do? It's just right if you don't die. If you go up and make up a sword, you may die. When Sheng tried to cut the glass with his sword, the tip of the sword almost touched the glass. She stopped again and looked at the men. "You guys, if you don't get him, I'll let you go." "Get.." Did you get it? What does that mean? "Disappear completely.". ” …… When Sheng left the villa for a long time, she pushed the villa in, a cold current poured out of the house, the whole room was covered with ice flowers, as if into the world of ice and snow. A figure rolled up the cold wind and hugged her directly into her arms. The cold rushed into her body, and the speed of blood flow slowed down in an instant. It's freezing. When Sheng struggled to squeeze out a few words. Gui Yue was startled for a moment and loosened Shi Sheng. The ice flowers in the room disappeared quickly. He looked at Shi Sheng with grievance. "I thought you didn't want me." No, your uncle! “……” So I'm going to freeze to death? Shi Sheng took a deep breath. "I left you a note. Didn't you see it?" Gui Yue shook his head confusedly. He found that when Sheng disappeared, he did not go to see if there was anything in the room, where did he know that when Sheng left something for him. Where did you go before? Shit, if you weren't running around, wouldn't I tell you? "I have something to deal with in the underworld." "I wanted to tell you," said Gui Yue, "but seeing that you were busy, I thought it wouldn't take long, so.." When Sheng found that since that time, Gui Yue always had nothing to do to leave, although he said he had something to deal with, but when Sheng always felt strange. Especially every time he comes back, he feels very weak. When Sheng felt more and more that Gui Yue was not right, when he came back from a trip, he pressed him directly on the sofa, "What are you doing?" Gui Yue blinked and looked at Shi Sheng innocently, "I didn't." When Sheng put his palm on Gui Yue's chest,Porcelain Marble Slabs, "You dare to tell a lie. You can't see me again in this world. Don't doubt that I have that ability." 946. No Chapter 946 long live the Ghost King (end). Gui Yue's face changed slightly, but she still bit her lip and shook her head. "I didn't." Shi Sheng let go of his hand and came down from him. "Gui Yue, this is your own choice." 。 forustone.com

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