Mr. Fail (Blame you for being too dazzling)

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Mr. Fail (Blame you for being too dazzling)Mr. Fail (Blame you for being too dazzling)

Joch did not wait and kissed her. Sizhen had no room to refuse and was forced to hold his head high and bear his fierce words. He was obviously more experienced than the previous ones, licking and biting her lips a few times, and then skillfully pried her teeth open. She subconsciously followed his movements, breathing and swallowing, and the breath of the two people exchanged back and forth between their lips and teeth, eventually merging into each other, regardless of each other. Kissing is a physical activity. After kissing for a while, Josh stopped and loosened the slightly swollen lips he had ground. Si Zhen panted, his face was hot, his body was hot, and his right hand, which he held in his hand and clung to his palm, was also hot. After a long time, the eyes can slowly adapt to the darkness and distinguish his outline. Si Zhen saw him lower his head slightly, staring at her, and the wolf light in his eyes was faint and dark. The look made her feel like a delicious prey, and combined with the current situation, it was obviously a prey with no power to fight back. Fear of being eaten forced her to reach out and touch the switch on the wall,juice filling machine, but suddenly she didn't have the courage to turn it on. After a second's hesitation, Josh grabbed her hand and pulled it back. Si Zhen seemed to have done something bad and was caught on the spot. His face was burning, his heart was flustered, and his hands and feet were weak. Not knowing what to say, he quietly raised his eyes and looked at him. The darkness emboldened her a little, and her eyes carefully described his face close at hand. She didn't know how to describe how she felt at the moment. He was ashamed,plastic bottle making machine, and then he wanted to be embraced by those arms and leaned into his arms. Moments later, Josh raised his hand and pressed the switch. The light suddenly came on, and the two people's close posture was invisible. His facial features appeared in the bright light, and his eyebrows and eyes did not seem so cold. Si Zhen looked into his eyes, and the shyness that he could not help but want to escape slowly disappeared, like something soft fermenting in the bottom of his heart, and small transparent and bright bubbles appeared. Joh released her. The two men stood quietly in the silent room for a moment, and Sizhen saw him open the door and go out. The heat that had hovered around her and made her blush was taken away. Joch closed the door and looked at Lu Yi, who was blocking the door like a door God. He had just woken up without washing his face. He spread his legs and arms around his chest and stared at him seriously with dull hair. In fact, Josh's face can not see anything strange, is still calm and restrained elite appearance, but lonely men and widows hide in the dressing room, what else can they do! Lu Yi felt bitter and put his hand on the wall: "Brother, Beverage packing machine ,liquid bottle filling machine, I can understand that you can't hold it in the morning, but at least don't stay in my shop, OK?" Josh glanced lightly at him. Lu Yi somehow tasted a kind of pleasure from his eyes. He choked and asked in all earnestness, "Brother, have you confessed to your sister?" "Mind your own business." Josh pushed his hand out of the way. You'll regret it. Lu Yi's voice ran after him from behind, and it was rare for a young man to be serious. A meal of Qiao He. In the end, it was the liar who regretted it. 19 Nineteen minutes Si Zhen changed his work clothes, came out of the dressing room, and instinctively searched for Josh's figure with his eyes. I didn't see him, but I saw Lu Yi sitting solemnly in front of the production bar with his arms folded. A freshly baked cup of coffee was put on the table, Lu Yi picked it up, opened it, drank it, and grinned. The barista broke down patiently and said, "I'm busy now. The guests are in a hurry. Can you go and wait for a while?" Lu Yi is not happy: "I can not drink a cup of coffee?" One by one do not put him in the eye, the boss has no authority! As if deliberately angry with each other, he took another sip of coffee and grinned for the second time. Si Zhen walked over to the grumpy boss Lu and said, "I've left you some Shaomai. Go and eat first. Don't drink coffee on an empty stomach." "Look at the others!" Lu Yi glanced reproachfully at the barista and hummed to his feet to look for food. He occupied a table for breakfast, and when Si Zhen was busy, he passed by and saw that Shaomai was empty, a bowl of porridge was clean, and he was eating pickles. Aren't you full? Si Zhen asked. Today, Shaomai did not do enough, more than half of her was eaten by Qiao He, watching Lu Yi eat cucumbers one mouthful at a time, a little guilty. "I'll cook you a bowl of noodles?" Lu Yi shook his head and continued to eat the cucumber: "My brother also ate this?" "Mmm." Si really thought he found himself partial and felt a little guilty. His mouth is very picky, and he doesn't like red beans and peanuts. He didn't like two-thirds of the ingredients in a bowl of porridge, but he drank it. Lu Yi sighed faintly and said in a low voice with some emotion: "No one has cooked for him personally for a long time." In fact, he is the same. When a person is used to eating delicacies in high-end restaurants, sometimes home-cooked dishes become a luxury. Si Zhen thought of the mean stepmother and felt a little distressed. The senior's cold sex was forced out by the indifferent family relationship. I'll do it for him every day. She said. Hearing this, Lu Yi raised his big eyes and looked at her. "Sister, why don't you adopt me?" “……” Si Zhen smiled and patted him on the top of his head. Qiao's maintained good relations with the local bureaus, and the Planning Bureau quickly cooperated with the work after a little trouble, and the project of Jiangzhou Road Business Circle was progressing smoothly. Construction drawings have entered the evaluation stage, and the bidding of the supervision unit has been completed. Recently, it is important to prepare for the bidding of the general contracting of civil engineering. Joch, as the direct person in charge, was busy every day and came to pick up Sizhen from work. When he didn't come in, the car was parked outside. Si Zhen quickly packed up his things and went out. When he got into the car, he saw that his face was really not very good. He reached out and touched his forehead. The palms were hot against his skin,juice filling machine, but there was no fever. Joch turned to look at her, and the worry in Si Zhen's eyes was obvious: "Is the work very hard?"? You look tired. She was about to withdraw her hand when Josh caught her. Don't worry He has a deep voice. Don't work too hard. Take good care of your body. It's easy to get sick if you are overworked. Now many diseases have the trend of younger age, you should pay attention to one point. 。

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