The complete works of Gibran's prose poems

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The complete works of Gibran's prose poemsThe complete works of Gibran's prose poems

Every hundred years, Jesus of Nazareth and Jesus of the Christians meet in a garden in the mountains of Lebanon. They had a long talk; and each time when Jesus of Nazareth said good-bye to Jesus of the Christians, he said, "My friend, I am afraid we will never, never agree." Pray for God to feed those who have extravagant desires! A great man has two hearts: one bleeds, the other forgives. If a man tells a lie that doesn't hurt you or anyone else, why don't you say in your heart that his house of facts is too small to hold his dreams, and that he must leave his dreams in a bigger place. Behind every closed door, there is a secret sealed with seven covers. Waiting is the sieve of time. What would you do if the difficulty were a new window on your east pond? You may forget the one who laughs with you, but you will never forget the one who cries with you. There must be something strangely sacred in the salt. It is also in our tears and in the sea. Our God, in his merciful thirst, will drink us all, the dewdrops and the tears. You are but a fragment of your larger self, a mouth seeking bread, a blind hand holding a cup for a thirsty mouth. As long as you raise a bowl of feet from race,Small Dc Gear Motor, country and yourself, you will really become a god-like person. If I were you, I would never complain about the sea when the tide is low. The boat is a good boat, and our owner is smart; it's just that your stomach doesn't fit. What we want but cannot get is always more precious than what we have got. If you could sit on a cloud, you could not see the boundary between the two countries, nor could you see the boundary stone between the manors. Too bad you can't sit on a cloud. Seven hundred years ago,small geared motors, seven white doves flew from the valley to the snowy peak of the mountain. One of the seven who saw the flight of the dove said, "I see a black spot on the wing of the seventh dove." Today, people in this valley say that it is seven black pigeons that fly to the top of the snow mountain. In the autumn, I collect all my troubles and bury them in my garden. April is here again, and spring has come to marry the earth, and in my garden there are beautiful flowers that are different from all the others. My neighbors all came to admire the flowers. They said to me, "When autumn comes again, when it is time to plant seeds, will you give us these flowers so that we can have them in our gardens?" If I stretch out an empty hand to someone and fail to get something, it is distress, of course, High Torque 12v Dc Motor ,24v Gear Motor, but if I stretch out a full hand and find no one to accept it, it is despair. I long for the next life, because there I will get my unwritten poems and my unpainted pictures. Art is a step from nature to infinity. A work of art is an image sculpted from a cloud. Even the hands that weave thorns into a crown are better than idle hands. Our most sacred tears never seek our eyes. Every man is the descendant of every king and every slave that ever lived. If Jesus' great-grandfather knew what was hidden in him, wouldn't he be awestruck by himself? Would the mother of Judas love her son any less than Mary loved Jesus? Our brother Jesus had three more miracles not recorded in the Scriptures: the first was that he was a man like you and me; the second was that he had a sense of humor; and the third was that he knew that though he was conquered, he was a conqueror. Crucified one, you are nailed to my heart; the nail that pierces my hands pierces the walls of my heart. Tomorrow, when a distant man passes by Golgotha, he will not know that two people have shed blood here. He thought it was a man's blood. He may have heard of the Fukuyama. It is the highest mountain in our world. Once you reach the top, you have only one wish, and that is to go down into the deepest valley and live with the people there. That's why the mountain is called Fukuyama. Every thought of mine that is locked in my expression, I must release it with my actions. www.xiaoshuotxt。 com Pioneers Xiao _ Shuo txt Tian/Tang Inscription You are your own forerunner, and the tower you built is only the foundation of your "greater self", and your "I" will become a new foundation. I am also my forerunner. The shadow stretched out before me at sunrise will gather at my feet at noon. The next sunrise will spread out a new shadow, which will gather at the next noon. We have often been, and always will be, our own pioneers. What we have gathered in the past and what we will gather in the future are only seeds to be sown on the uncultivated fields. We are the field, the ploughman, the gatherer, and the gatherer. When you are a wish wandering in the fog, I am also wandering in it. We look for each other, and our dreams grow out of our desires, and the dreams are endless, and the dreams are boundless. When you are a whisper on the trembling lips of life, I am another whisper on those lips. Then life speaks to us, and we are born and grow up in the tremor of remembering yesterday and yearning for tomorrow. Yesterday is the death of submission, tomorrow is the new life of hope. Now we are in the hand of God, and you are the sun in his right hand, and I am the earth in his left hand; but you, who shine, do not shine more brightly than I am. We, the Sun and the Earth, are only the beginning of the larger Sun and Earth. We are always the beginning. Strangers who pass by my garden gate, you are the forerunner of yourself. I am also my pioneer, though I seem to be motionless, sitting quietly in the shade of my tree. God's clown Once a dreamer came from the desert to the great city of Sheriah; all he had was the clothes he wore and a stick in his hand. Walking in the street, he was awed and amazed by the halls,Planetary Gear Motor, minarets and palaces in front of him. How magnificent the city of Shelia was! From time to time, he grabbed the pedestrians and asked them about the city, but neither he nor the pedestrians could understand each other's language.

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