God King of the Ten Directions Author: Sleepy Dragon ( [Fantasy Novel])

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God King of the Ten Directions Author: Sleepy Dragon ( [Fantasy Novel])God King of the Ten Directions Author: Sleepy Dragon ( [Fantasy Novel])

Chapter 1368 Xianting Lindixing. Purple Hongmeng light curls around the pagoda. The pagoda is divided into nine layers, interwoven with dense natural divine patterns. Each divine pattern is wrapped with extraordinary breath. The whole pagoda gives people a sense of simplicity and majesty. Lin Tian is very satisfied with this, and he believes that this magic weapon of origin can definitely make his path of practice more exciting. Master, congratulations! Tu Xianxian saw the success of Lin Tian's forging of the original magic weapon, and at this time he stepped over from a distance. She looked at the pagoda on Lin Tian's head at close range, and her eyes were very bright. The nine-fold pagoda made her feel vast and majestic to the extreme. White tiger also crossed over, around Lin Tian, staring at the nine-fold pagoda can not stop admiring, was shocked by the power of the pagoda. At this time, it just looked at the nine-fold pagoda, and involuntarily raised a feeling of trembling. Terrible ah, although it is still only the level of Tianbao, but the power is enough to be compared with the Emperors! His eyes danced. After Huanyuan Tianbao, according to the division of the realm of practice, the weapons are divided into ancestral weapons, soul treasures, eternal weapons, true immortals, golden immortals, Xuanxian weapons, celestial immortals and ancestral immortal weapons. They correspond to the thirteen realms of cultivation, namely, Empty Realm, Immortal Realm, Eternal Realm,x56 line pipe, True Wonderland, Golden Immortal Realm and Xuanxian Realm. The realm of celestial immortals, the realm of celestial immortals, the realm of immortal kings, and the realms of true gods, celestial gods, divine kings, divine emperors and divine emperors. Nowadays, the original magic weapon forged by Lin Tian is only the peak level of Tianbao,x60 line pipe, but its power is far beyond the scope of Tianbao, and it can absolutely compete with the ancestors of the Emperor's empty level, which really makes it a little surprised and shocked. After all, it is forged by Hongmeng Tianjing, which is naturally extraordinary. Lin Tiandao. He completely forged Hongmeng Tianjing into a magic weapon of origin. He could control the terrible strength and pressure of Hongmeng's mother spirit freely. At this time, he looked at the pagoda, and the more he looked at it, the more he liked it. Next to it, Tu Xianxian looked at the nine-fold Hongmeng Pagoda, his eyes shining like lanterns, and he wanted to grab it and play with it. Master, what is the name of this tower? She asked. "Immortal Emperor Tower," said Lin Tian. "It's very domineering, but isn't it forged by Hongmeng Tianjing? Why is it not called Hongmeng Pagoda but Xiandi Pagoda?" White Tiger Road. Tu Xianxian was also a little curious. Before she asked the name of the pagoda, the three words Hongmeng Pagoda had already appeared in her mind. After all, the pagoda was forged by Hongmeng Tianjing, but she didn't want to. Lin Tian gave the three words Xiandi Pagoda. Lin Tian looked at the curious expression on their faces. He couldn't help smiling and said, "Didn't I tell you?"? I am the Lord of the Immortal Court, 316 stainless steel plate ,316ti stainless steel, the Immortal Emperor. Therefore, my original magic weapon is naturally called the Immortal Emperor Tower. "What?!" White Tiger and Tu Xianxian both stared when they heard this. Is Lin Tian the master of a great inheritance? "Lord of the Immortal Court?"? Immortal Emperor? Tu Xianxian was surprised and suspicious: "It seems that there is no inheritance of Xianting in this world." "Not in ancient times." The white tiger stared at Lin Tian strangely. Not in this world. Lin Tian said with a smile, "On another ancient star of life, it is infinitely far away from here." "What?!" White Tiger and Tu Xianxian were frightened again. Teacher. Master, you mean, you.. You have walked out of this star, gone to other ancient stars of life in the sky, and then created the inheritance of Xianting on that ancient star of life, as the master of Xianting?! Tu Xianxian was very intelligent and understood Lin Tian's meaning at once. Something like that. Lin Tian laughed. Listening to his affirmative answer, Tu Xianxian and White Tiger could not help shaking, their eyes staring more round. Lin Tian has actually walked out of the earth, in another source of life to create the inheritance of Xianting, for a generation of immortal emperors! "This.." Both of them were stunned. With Lin Tian's present cultivation, there is no problem to go out of the earth and travel in the stars, but at this time they are still surprised to hear that Lin Tian has gone out of the earth, entered other ancient stars, and created the inheritance of Xianting. After that, it was not until dozens of breaths had passed that the two of them calmed down a little, and then they were very excited about the old star that Lin Tian had been to, and asked about the situation of the big star. "The ten celestial regions are divided into ten celestial regions, each of which is a vast world. After breaking through the tenth celestial region, it is the vast and boundless starry sky." Lin Tian did not hide anything and introduced the two men: "There is a real world of practitioners, where all kinds of clans stand in great numbers, all kinds of sects coexist, and the struggle between monks is extremely fierce." "Ten heavens, ten heavens, the world of practitioners, this is really.." Bai Hu and Tu Xianxian both had twinkling eyes. What Lin Tian said is not very detailed, but they are also enough to feel the extraordinary of the ancient star of life. So, master, what about the fairy court you created? What is the strength? Tu Xianxian asked, very concerned about this. Just so so, the first inheritance of the ten heavenly realms. Lin Tian said with a smile, simply talking about Xiaxianting for the two of them. Suddenly, the white tiger and Tu Xianxian could not help but shiver, and their startled eyes almost did not come out. More than one million immortal soldiers and immortal generals, thunder God body, Taiyin body, fairy spirit body, Tianmo body, barbarian king body, true dragon blood and sun God eye, a group of geniuses who have realized the vision of the sea, and other gods besides you, this.. White tiger gasps cold air, such line-ups, is to dominate the world in the future?! "Too.." That's awesome! Tu Hsien-hsien was stunned and startled. Then, the next moment, she suddenly became very excited. She said to Lin Tien, "Master, hurry up and set up a fairy court in this world!" Listening to Lin Tian's brief account of the celestial court in the next ten directions, she was very yearning and excited at this time, dragging a pair of pink fists, more positive about the creation and preaching in this world, and her eyes were full of bright light. Lin Tian nodded: "Good." He originally planned to establish a religion in this world after forging the original magic weapon,x70 line pipe, and preach to gather the beliefs of the believers. He brought the immortal emperor tower into the sea of divine consciousness, beckoned the white tiger and Tu Xianxian to leave the barren mountain, and soon walked far away. lksteelpipe.com

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